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Homeowners are waiting! CraftJack provides real-time flooring leads for contractors looking to get connected with homeowners searching for your flooring skills and services. Find the flooring jobs you’ve been searching for by selecting the area you want to service.

  • All leads phone-verified & screened for quality
  • Dedicated account managers & an online profile
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Flooring Lead Pricing

CraftJack’s flooring leads cost between $11 and $51 per lead.* The price changes based on what flooring service you signed up for and how quickly you call the homeowner.

Fortunately, unlike other contactor referral services, CraftJack will never sell you a flooring job from a third party. We find each and every flooring lead ourselves and send them off to you in real time. As we will get to later, that quick turnaround is key in turning a flooring lead into a flooring contract.

What Makes CraftJack’s Flooring Leads Unique?

In addition to real-time leads, CraftJack’s lead generation software offers many benefits you won’t see anywhere else. These benefits not only help bring down your average cost per flooring lead, but also vastly improve your odds of securing the flooring business.

CraftJack Never Buys Leads from Other Sources

We already mentioned our high quality leads, but it merits repeating. Many lead generation companies sell flooring professionals leads that they bought from other parties. Essentially, that lead you paid good money for could be going through a few hands before landing in your inbox. Sadly, this not only devalues the lead, but also decreases your odds of closing the deal. “Why” you ask. By going through so many steps, you can not call the lead as fast as you could if you were dealing with a real-time lead.

That is why CraftJack only finds and sells real-time leads to our valuable flooring contractors. Few other lead generation companies can claim the same. High quality leads landing in your inbox right away greatly increase your chances of closing the deal. Actually, we have data to back it up. While we never promise a 100% close rate, we have seen many flooring companies, both large and small, garner a very good return on investment if you call all your leads quickly and consistently.

Speed to Call Discounts

As we said earlier, speed is key when it comes to lead generation. The faster you call, the better chance you have at turning your flooring lead into a flooring job. In fact, flooring contractors who respond to leads within the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.

Therefore, all CraftJack pros who call a homeowner within 30 minutes of receiving that lead receive a 20% discount on that lead.

Once again, we are proud to say that CraftJack is the only lead generation company offering speed to call discounts.

Terrific Credit Policy & Credit Request Process

We know bad phone numbers fall through the cracks. If you receive a lead with a fake number or end up talking to a renter, we will always credit you back for that individual lead. In fact, you can even request a credit via your CraftJack profile without ever calling your account manager.

Dedicated Account Managers

Speaking of your account managers, each flooring pro that signs up for CraftJack flooring leads gets a dedicated account manager. Unlike larger lead gen services, your dedicated account manager will always be the one updating your profile, altering your service areas and most importantly, helping you close more flooring jobs. They will get to know your business and understand exactly what you hope to get from our lead generation service.

Additionally, if you prefer to handle your account yourself, all CraftJack pros can make any and all adjustments via their CraftJack profile. You can pause your account, increase your budget, widen your service areas and do plenty more without your account manager. As long as you have a computer, tablet or smartphone, you are good to go.

Free Reviews

Our leads have the ability to go to as many as four total contractors. Therefore, homeowners more than likely have a choice to make. When deciding between Flooring Company A and Flooring Company B, they will undoubtedly look at your homeowner reviews. Fortunately, all CraftJack pros can receive free reviews.

In addition to all the adjustments we mentioned above, CraftJack flooring contractors can also tell CraftJack to send review requests to all your leads. If the homeowner submits a review, that review will show up on your profile and encourage future homeowners to choose you as opposed to another flooring company.

How Does CraftJack Find Your Flooring Leads?

As a dedicated CraftJack contractor, you have a right to know how we accumulate your tile installation, carpet cleaning, laminate repair and the rest of your flooring leads.

CraftJack operates two websites called Local Flooring Quotes and ImproveNet. On ImproveNet, we write and research flooring costs and articles. Eventually, many homeowners seek out a flooring pro to complete their next floor install, repair or refinish project. Once they jump to our flooring form, we start gathering information to ensure we connect you with homeowners you want to be connected with. As such, you should never receive a lead for a service you do not provide or a lead outside your service area.

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