The Bidding Process

The Bidding Process

The bidding process is one many of us go through each and every day. While many jobs are similar, each lead or job we receive deserves it own unique bidding process. I am going to break down the bidding process one should go through each time you present a bid. CONTINUE READING

Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is here to stay and, in fact, it’s gaining momentum. The majority of people are using the Internet and their smartphones to share, retrieve and exchange information. This means businesses need to get on-board. Your audience is using digital to read reviews, search for products and services and share what they like with their friends. See what digital marketing trends are going to be big in 2015 so you can plan accordingly. CONTINUE READING

Safety Training Tips To Reduce Job Site Injuries

Safety Training Tips To Reduce Worksite Injuries

Workplace safety should be your number one priority to ensure your job site is safe at all times. Because 60% of construction workplace injuries occur within an employee’s first year of employment (Bureau of Labor Statistics), it’s essential that you enforce proper safety training to all employees. Sometimes workers forget the basics of safety after years on the job, so this post serves as a friendly reminder to reduce worksite injuries.

Industry News: July 2015

Industry News

As the year moves on, we get a clearer picture of the home remodeling landscape for 2015. Early on, signs were positive. Then, certain numbers began to decrease. Fortunately, more experts are starting to agree that 2015 is shaping out to be a very good year for contracting services. CONTINUE READING

Video: How Make A Video With Your iPhone

Video Tip - iPhone Video

Recently, we showed you how to create high-quality videos using smart lighting, a microphone and a computer, but unfortunately, many of you wont have access to such equipment out in the field. That is why Noah is back showing you how to create, edit and upload an excellent video with just your iPhone. CONTINUE READING

How To Read Blueprints

How To Read Blueprints

All new construction projects, and most remodels, normally will have blueprints provided to aid with your estimating process. If you’re involved in these types of opportunities, you will need a solid understanding of how to read blueprints. To demonstrate the typical contents of a set of blueprints, I will walk through the usual components and the basic process. CONTINUE READING

10 Small Business Marketing & Advertising Mistakes

Wrong Way

You’re a one-man shop and often find yourself scrambling just to get through the day. The days are short and the hours long. You’re constantly trying to balance customers, staff, projects and (hopefully) a personal life. This scenario is all too common for many small business owners.

The last thing on your mind is marketing and advertising your business. Or, if it is on your mind, it’s probably low on your priority list. Contractors know that time is money and securing new projects and customers is vital to business.

See below for common small business marketing mistakes you don’t want to make. CONTINUE READING

Video: How Make High-Quality Videos

Video Tip - Video Production

Many of your consumers are visual learners and as such, you and your company should be producing high-quality videos showcasing your best work. Nonetheless, many small business owners like yourselves assume that creating high-quality videos is easier said than done. Time to debunk the myth.

Watch below as Noah explains how to make high-quality videos that are perfect for your CraftJack profile, your website, social media pages and more. CONTINUE READING

A Paint Contractor’s Guide to Hiring, Firing & Training

A Paint Contractor's Guide to Hiring, Firing and Training

There are several things to consider when you think about what type of work you want to do. Generally speaking, it’s better to do a few things well rather than trying to do it all. Consider what types of work are available in your area, what you are best equipped to do and what it is that you do well. This will help you to determine what niche you want to aim for and, in turn, the makeup of the crew you will need. CONTINUE READING