How Mnemonic Devices Can Help Your Sales Process

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My father, who was in the insurance sales business for 30+ years, used to have this incredible trick he used in sales. Ever since I can remember, he always wore a watch on his wrist. Nothing overly fancy, but a nice watch. And on the crystal face of his watch there was always a very small neon green dot sticker. Now, my father, being the quintessential sales personality that he was, would always address one’s curiosity the same way when asked about the presence of the green dot. It would go something like this:

Client: What is that green dot on your watch?
Dad: Do you have any friends or coworkers in need of long-term disability insurance?


A Homeowner’s Perspective on Choosing a Contractor

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I had an interesting experience this past week that gave me a new perspective on the process homeowners go through when using our service. Ever since moving into our most recent office space this past summer just north of Chicago, we’ve had some phone jack wiring issues that had affected a good portion of the work stations. When we first moved in, more than half of the phone jacks didn’t work. A problem that needed to be solved immediately, as all our phone and internet are connected and we are a 100% online digital communications business.

6 Steps to Closing More Jobs With Better Emails

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Contractors often mistakenly send me emails that were intended for homeowners. Unfortunately, a fair amount of them read like a greeting card my four-year-old  composed at day care. If your follow-up email to a prospective customer sounds like it was written one-handed on your iPhone while stopped at a red light having a side conversation with your buddy in the car, there’s a good chance you will lose out on a lot of potential jobs. Here are six easy tips to help you improve your emails to homeowners.

6 Things Clint Eastwood Movies Can Teach Contractors About Sales

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As the Winter comes into focus, many home improvement companies see a dip in sales, which is to be expected. Here at CraftJack we tend to see a significant drop off in leads and advertising traffic beginning the week before Thanksgiving that extends beyond the New Years holiday. This too is to be expected as many homeowners will likely want to have small projects completed earlier in anticipation of the arrival of Thanksgiving guests in their home, the desire to spend extra cash on holiday gifts, and/or travel. As this is something that occurs annually, it’s a great time to get your ducks in line for the new season that’s just around the bend. This can mean wrapping up and filing recent paperwork, sending out your holiday greeting cards to past customers (see past Toolbox article), or actually cleaning and tiding up your office. Another great opportunity for this down time is to reevaluate your sales pitch and process. Here are some tough guidelines to revising your sales pitch that Clint Eastwood‘s characters could have followed. After all, he called ’em as he saw ’em:

The Benefits of Hiring a Subcontractor

The home improvement industry, like many others, has a wide variety of offerings when it comes to choosing a contractor for one’s project. One of the best pieces of advice for any homeowner making a decision is to allow 3-4 companies to submit an estimate for their work on a project. This allows for  objective comparisons by measuring a company’s history, references, quality of past project, capability of meeting your needs, and most importantly, the ability for the homeowner to make a decision based upon their personal gut feeling when face-to-face.

The variety of contractors submitting bids for the same project can range from small independent contractors working from a van, to large general contracting companies with a dozen crews on both commercial and residential projects. If you fall into the former category and are running a company on a smaller scale, networking with other contractors can allow for greater exposure and revenue through hiring subcontractor. This can help to increase the amount of work you are able to manage simultaneously and allow your company to fulfill specialty requests that you may not currently employ anyone with those skills.

3 Ways Forums Can Generate Leads

Seeing as you are reading this blog post right now, chances are you are savvy enough to navigate the internet and are already using some form of lead generation online. Many contractors and small business owners find helpful information to better improve their own businesses while reading websites, blogs and forums online. These are great sources for finding out the latest innovations and hot topics surrounding your professional field. There are plenty of great forums out there where contractors, like yourself, actively participate in group discussions about anything pertaining to their specific industry and where homeowners can ask for expert advice. Here are 3 ways you can increase inbound leads though online forums:

3 Ways to Stay Passionate About Work

The key to getting business done right is being passionate about what you do and how you do it. While you’re not going to enjoy every little detail of the process, it’s still very important to really like what you do as a whole. Your passion for your work will be obvious to homeowners when you sit down and talk to them about the seemingly infinite possibilities you can deliver to their home improvement project and then again when you step back to gaze at your final product. Here are 3 ways to stay passionate about your work:

Your Handwritten Personal Touch

Every year as we enter the month of June I become giddy, knowing my birthday is approaching. I’m not as openly joyful as, say, when I saw a little boy hoping to receive a bundle of toys, but I take pleasure in the anticipated arrival of birthday cards I’m bound to receive from family and friends. It’s a small joy, but one that makes me feel good inside. In today’s busy and ever evolving digitally advanced world, we tend to see fewer hand written notes, be it a thank you note, birthday card, or even just a simple letter sent from a friend.

5 Steps Toward Planning a Live Seminar

There are many contractors in your area covering similar, if not the same, services that you provide to your customers. Homeowners will likely make a decision as to which contractor to hire based on a combinations of factors: the cost estimate that was provided, the impression of confidence in one’s ability to do a good job, as well as reviews from past customers. Assuming you have all of those factors down to a science, it can be difficult to differentiate your business from others out there like you. You can build a sense of confidence for your company’s reputation while creating awareness within your market by distinguishing yourself as an expert in your field. One way to accomplish this is by hosting a live seminar covering topics with which you have experience and services that your company continues to offer. Here are 5 easy steps to follow when planning your live seminar:

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Salesperson

One topic that seems to pop up often is whether or not contractors should hire salespeople to handle their leads. Contractors often ask themselves if they really need one or can afford one? Sometimes the answers to these questions are sitting right in front of you. If you are unsure when you should hire a salesperson, ask yourself these 5 questions: