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I know we’ve mentioned the CraftJack profile pages before on our blog, but I wanted to quickly highlight the importance of having a completed profile page and explain why we feel so strongly about them. After all, your public profile page is the first interaction that a potential customer has with your company prior to you speaking with them. Why not make that experience the best it can be?

After a homeowner has completed the request on our site indicating they wish to hear from some contractors, the first thing they are shown are the three contractor’s public profile pages side-by-side (example). Having a profile page that is not filled out, or only partially completed, does not look all that good sitting next to one filled with robust photos, a fantastic marketing video, and raving customer reviews. Your bare profile page leaves the homeowner questioning your skill-set and work experience without ever speaking to you. Let’s take a closer look at what you can do to add significant value to your profile page and ultimately your brand name.

Upload a company logo. This will immediately set you apart from other contractors they have seen before. If you don’t have a logo consider using a photo taken of your business card. Anything to put an image to your company name.

Creating a tag line. This is typically a few words that describes your company’s priorities (Making Dreams Come True, or Servicing All Your Home Improvement Needs, etc.).

About your company. If you have a website already, you should be able to copy some of the information from your About Us page. Try to keep this to just a couple of paragraphs at most. Viewers are generally not going to sit and read this fully if there is too much content, and a lengthy About section will force your photos lower down the page.

YouTube video. Perhaps your company has a marketing video already uploaded onto YouTube. You can add this to your page by pasting the URL link. If you don’t have a video you might consider creating a short one to be uploaded onto YouTube. It can be as simple as you introducing yourself and stating the qualities you bring to a project. It could also be just a video of your crew on a job site showing the work you are currently doing. People really like seeing the process and feeling like they are getting a speak peak behind the scenes. I personally love watching the extra features of the filming process on any DVD.

Add links. If you have your own website, Facebook page, Twitter account, LinkedIn profile, or Better Business Bureau URL, you may add them as well. This will further market yourself as being well versed in various networks and will provide you additional opportunities to showcase some of your past work.

Upload photos. This should be the bread and butter of you profile page. Showing customers stunning images of the work you pride yourself on could be the one thing that a homeowner responds to and leads to them hiring your company for their project. You can find some tips on photographing your work here. If it’s a big project you might find it’s worth the small cost of hiring a photographer to take pictures after the work has been finished. Good pictures are a strong selling point for many customers.

List your services. Even if you are not receiving leads for other services from CraftJack, you should list them on your profile page as well. You never know what other work a homeowner is in need of getting done and seeing that you might also be able to help in those departments are a great way to get additional work or even referral leads.

Get some reviews up. Don’t forget to change the status of any leads you have completed the work for to reflect as Job Won. This will notify CraftJack which leads we should prompt to leave a review on your profile page. Pictures can be worth a thousand words. But a thousand words is also worth…a thousand words, and having great reviews is priceless.

You can watch a full video demonstration on how to set up your profile page here. It only takes ten minutes to do it, but I think you’ll find that what you put into your profile page is what you’ll hopefully get out of it. Taking a few extra minutes to make it better (or a few minutes a month to keep it fresh with your best content) will pay off in having a superb public profile page that you can be excited for any homeowner to see.

What do you think makes the difference that gets you more jobs?

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