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  • “I like the way the service works. Easy for me and customers to use.”

    - Debbie Lyden, Hannah The Electrician

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CraftJack locates demolition job leads and delivers them right to you in real-time. That means you can contact prospective customers within minutes of when they submitted their project information to our website.

Our comprehensive residential and commercial demolition leads cost between $40 and $75 per lead*. The price fluctuates depending on the service for which you signed up, as well as how fast you reach out to the lead. We will never sell the same lead to more than four professionals in the same field. To learn more about how we determine our pricing, fill out the form above, or get in touch at 866-332-7134. 


We stand out among other lead generation companies because you gain numerous advantages. For example, we offer special discounts for calling quickly, we give each pro a dedicated account manager, provide credits for bad phone numbers, and more. These and other benefits we provide not only decrease your lead price, but they also make it more likely that you will land the job.


Whatever type of market you serve, lead generation is all about how fast you get in touch with a potential client and how consistently you can do so. The faster you reach out to a lead, the better chance you have at winning the job. That is why CraftJack created our speed-to-call discount. All of our contractors can receive a 20% discount when they call a lead within 30 minutes of receiving it. As of July 2020, our pros have saved more than $5 million through this feature.

We have the data to help back our claim that speed matters. Professional contractors who respond to leads within the first minute can improve their conversion rates by as much as 391%. In addition, 88% of all converted leads are contacted within 24 hours. We understand that speed is crucial, and you won’t find this type of discount with any other lead generation company.


We started in 2011 by offering only residential leads. The commercial sector has grown significantly since then, which is why we now offer commercial leads alongside those from homeowners. We provide these leads across all of our service categories — including demolition. If you don’t serve businesses or industrial facilities, you are of course free to sign up to receive only residential leads.


All of our contractors are assigned dedicated account managers. Every time you call us, you will be speaking with the same person. This representative will know your customer base and schedule — inside and out — making it easier to connect you with leads that work. Larger lead generation companies can’t or won’t offer this level of personalization.


Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool for contractors. That is why CraftJack offers all of our professionals with free reviews. Whenever you receive a lead, you can request a review in your Lead Manager. If the homeowner or company agrees to provide a review through email, it will appear on your profile and encourage more business.


Even with the best technology, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. If you get a lead with a fake or bad number, we will provide you with a credit for that lead. You can even request a credit through your profile without having to contact your account manager.


We operate websites where homeowners and businesses can find resources about demolition pricing and other articles. Many of them will fill out our project form, giving us the information we need to send to you. You should never receive a lead for a service you do not provide or that originates from outside your service area.

To see how the process takes place, we invite you to watch the video below:


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If you have questions or want more information about us, call CraftJack at 866-332-7134. 

*Prices are subject to change.

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