2022 Marketing Trends You Should Know

2022 Marketing Trends

It’s a new year, so it’s time to shake up your marketing strategy. There are some new trends on the horizon to go along with the old but effective way of doing things.

Marketing trends seem to change quickly. This change and growth may instantly make you feel anxious and stressed, but that needn’t be the case for you and your 2022 marketing plan. Instead, consider it a challenge and an opportunity to take some baby steps towards using new tools and strategies to potentially grow your business little by little.

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Contractor Marketing In 2022

As contractors, your 2022 marketing efforts need to serve these purposes:

  1. Promote your brand as a local household name.
  2. Help you build a loyal fanbase.
  3. Generate solid leads that turn into clients.
  4. Make your website and content come up more frequently in web searches. Here are some ways you can do that using 2022 trends in marketing.

Change Up Your Marketing Channels In 2022

One thing that will not change in 2022 is that marketing on social media will remain as powerful and important as ever. It should continue to be a big part of any business’ marketing efforts in 2022. Most of you likely have a presence on Facebook, but what about Instagram and TikTok?  If you haven’t yet tapped into Instagram or TikTok, you should! Both continue to grow exponentially and you can target a wide range of demographics with both platforms from Gen X to Gen Z.

Voice Search SEO

In 2022, businesses will continue to see growth in the number of customers who are using artificial intelligence-powered software like that used for Alexa and Google Assistant. Similar to making sure your content is mobile-friendly, you can consider a voice activation platform that will help your potential customers find you when they are looking for a contractor. A Google study showed that nearly 20% of consumers are using voice activation for searches and likely some of those searches are for you and your business.

Create Relevant Content & Ads

In an article from Forbes Magazine, they presented a study showing “almost half of consumers will reject brands sending irrelevant or too many ads.” What this means is that more than ever, users and potential clients don’t want to be bombarded with information and ads they didn’t ask for. Sites that shower customers with ads, especially irrelevant ads, maybe inadvertently sending signals of mistrust and turning customers away. Stick to relevant content.

On the flip side, they do want content that is tailored to them and their needs! Consumers like having the digital world work for them. They like it, even more, when they don’t have to search for what they want because the technology seems to know what they want before they do. In 2022, finding ways to make the consumer experience more personal to each individual will make your business stand out in a crowd.

As a contractor who is busy out in the field, you are probably asking yourself how you could possibly market to each individual. Well, you can’t address them all, but you can target groups. Use your feedback from social media sites, client reviews, conversations online to address a larger market more personally. If you know some clients or potential clients who are wondering about the best way to finish out a basement in high moisture climates, then make sure that you address the issue in some of the content you are creating whether it is in videos, how to’s, email blasts, or your blog. Personalize your content to meet your customers where their needs are and through channels, they are using to get their information such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

SEO Is Getting Harder

Now Google is pulling up a “snippet”(a short and sweet answer to the search question) on the first page of search results. What this means for businesses is that many times potential customers rarely make it to the paid ad sites let alone to the organic sites like your site where you have worked hard to optimize your content. This is where an agency may need to be called in to optimize your content so your customers can find you when they do a search. In other words, staying up on current optimization strategies or hiring someone to stay up on it for you is probably the best marketing strategy out there for 2022.

Local Directories Stay Popular

Another 2022 marketing trend that isn’t going away anytime soon is directories. More than ever, people are relying on directories, like CraftJack, to guide them towards contractors and service providers who have a proven track record. These directories take the guesswork, research, and legwork of finding a reliable business/tradesperson to hire for important projects.

One thing is for sure, marketing is incessantly evolving especially with minute-by-minute growth in technology which leads to continuous changes in consumer habits. Keeping up can be a bit overwhelming, but on the positive side, it is doable and it exciting. The great news also is that you are evolving right now too, and if you choose, you have the people at CraftJack to help you continue to grow and manage some of the work.