3 Reason to Attend Your Next Local Trade Show

I recently attending a tech conference on using social media and other tools to reach one’s audience.  What I learned from attending the event was incredibly valuable to the future of my business and got me thinking in more creative ways.  As a contractor you should consider attending more trade shows.  Here are 3 reasons why:

Learn the trades.  Trade shows often pop up around many cities and can range from a single room of thirty people to a convention center of thousands.  Consider attending the next trade show that passes through town – even if the topic does not exactly match what you do.  You will find that you come away having learned something new, whether it’s directly related to your trade or other marketing tips in general.  Staying on top of the latest and greatest applications in your field will really set you apart from other contractors.  It shows the homeowner that you are the master of your domain while providing them with the latest in what is on the market.  And what homeowner doesn’t want to let the neighbors know their home is equipped with the latest in tuck-pointing?!

It is easy being green.  Getting to know the advancements in your industry could also help lower your carbon footprint by going green while often affording your company opportunities to save money on overall material costs.  Plus, homeowner these days are more and more turning towards green options, so it pays be up to date on the latest trends should a homeowner ask. It will help put you ahead of the competition.

Set goals for yourself.  After you’ve scoured the internet and local paper and have arranged to attend the next trade show, make sure you set yourself some goals before you walk out the door on what you hope to gain by attending.  This could mean listing a series of questions you anticipate asking vendors, researching specific products you have heard about, finding ways to promote your trade online, or even as simple as networking with other professionals.  Having goals is important and keeps your eye on the prize.

Tools of the trade (show).  Remember to bring enough business cards or promotional flyers with you. Also make sure to check out what other people have.  Consider attending home improvement shows for homeowners so you can see the latest trends and what the competition is doing.  Get inspired by other professionals in your line of work and see how you might adopt some of their proven wisdom into your business.

Now go get ’em!

(Flickr photo by The Library of Congress)