3 Steps To Complete Before Requesting A Credit

3 Steps To Complete Before Requesting A Credit

The credit process is part of every lead generation company. The CraftJack Lead Manager is one of the most accurate in the industry, but sometimes, fake numbers or renters do fall through the cracks. Afterwards, you as a contractor have a right to request a credit on your account. Depending on your situation, the credit may or may not be granted, but there are three simple steps you can take before you request a credit that will certainly help your chances.

Before you request a credit, make sure you complete the following three tasks:

Call Lead Within 30 Minutes

The most important factor in closing leads is call time. As soon as you receive the lead from your CraftJack Lead Manager, you should contact that lead. In fact, the numbers back up this claim. According to our data, 88% of converted leads are contacted in first 24 hours. On top of that, as our loyal CraftJack contractors know, if you call your lead within 30 minutes, you receive a 20% discount on that lead. Aside from the data and discount, calling a lead within the first 30 minutes will increase your odds of obtaining a credit.

Follow Up That Week

Often times, homeowners are busy aren’t able to answer the phone on your first call. Even if you call within the first 30 minutes, other things come up and they can’t answer your call. Therefore, it’s imperative that you follow up with the homeowner throughout the week. Don’t hound the homeowner every day, but three calls throughout the week should do the trick.

Need some data to prove how important following up is? Four out of five leads do NOT close on the first call. If you do close the lead on the first call, congratulations. However, if you fall into the other 80%, you better make sure you follow up the same week.

Send An Email

Less people are picking up the phone and more homeowners are choosing to go with email as their primary form of communication. Therefore, don’t leave any stone unturned by emailing the lead once or twice that same week.

Many homeowners don’t have time call you back or may listen to your message too late. They prefer to follow up via email late at night because they know you will see it first thing in the morning. But, our leads don’t receive your email. You need to reach out to them so they have your email.

Need help writing an email? See our 6 Steps to Closing More Jobs With Better Emails.


It’s your right to request a credit. If your lead falls into one of these four categories, than you should request a credit. Otherwise, we highly recommend you complete the above three tasks before requesting a credit. It will undoubtedly help your odds and ensure that you’re getting the biggest bang for your buck with the CraftJack Lead Manager.

If you ever feel like a credit is deserved, feel free to request one online or give your account manager a call at 866-332-7134.