5 Ways Service Projects Can Help Your Contracting Business

Volunteer Repair

Contractors have valuable skills that are needed by many, regardless of trade. There are many home projects that truly take an expert, which means people call you as a pro to find and fix problems. You’ve worked hard to develop your skills and are running a successful business because of it.

Would you ever consider donating your skills and time to a worthy cause? Some contractors may think this idea is crazy, but there are many benefits volunteering has to you and your business. Here are five ways volunteering can help your business.

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Volunteers WIth Wall

1. Grow Your Skills

When you volunteer your time and ability, you have much to gain. You are making an investment in your career by further developing your skills. If you’re a roofing pro and you’re helping roof a home, you’ll get to work on your skills and maybe try some new techniques you learn from others on the job. If you’re teaching others about the work, you may also have the opportunity to learn from them and reinforce what you already know about your industry.

Additionally, you could also learn leadership skills. If you’re a pro, there may be people who are also helping and have less experience. They will likely look to you for direction on how to get the job done. This will help you develop your leadership and interpersonal skills for not only the volunteer project, but for when you are working with future employees.

2. Invest In Your Community

For some projects, you can choose to travel to another state or even another country and volunteer. These projects usually take the dedication of at least a week to make sure the job is done right. If you are not able to sacrifice that much time in your schedule right now, look for service projects in your community that may take a smaller commitment to complete.

After all, as a local pro, this will help you connect with potential customers within your community who may remember you when a project comes up in the future. Your community service work is reflective of who your company is and at the core, you’re willing to take time to help.

3. Network With Others

Regardless of where you decide to volunteer, you may be working alongside other contractors. This is a great way to make connections and work together for a common cause. You can learn a lot from other contractors, regardless of trade, about their business and maybe make a new friend in the process.

The long-term benefit here is they might remember you in the future if they know someone looking for work that they can’t take on. This can help boost your referrals and new jobs.


4. Brand Building

Not only does community service boost your relationships with others, but it also reflects on your brand. Potential customers will notice when you take time to do good for others and are more likely to remember that when it comes to finding a pro to work with. It helps them associate your brand with care and kindness, which are all great things to have in the contractor industry, especially when it comes to relating to your customers.

5. Do Good

Finally, and most importantly, by volunteering your time and skills, you are working to benefit other people who need it. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding ways to spend your time, especially if you have a special skill that is needed. There are many families and community members who may be going through a tough time, who would welcome a helping hand in their home. It can be as little or as much as you can, it all makes a difference.

Service Project Volunteers

Where To Find Service Project Opportunities

If you’re ready to get to work in your community, or elsewhere in the world, don’t wait! Start by researching where there are needs. Check with your local government, community centers or religious organizations to see where your area could use an extra hand. There are also plenty of online resources you can utilize. Here are a few to help:


Some contractors may see this and have no clue where they can fit another item on their to-do list. If you’re schedule is full and you can’t add more to your plate, consider donating or becoming a sponsor of a project. While you may not see some of the above benefits like gaining experience and leadership knowledge, there are still many perks to making a donation. You can gain brand recognition and grow your local network by joining with a sponsorship. Ultimately, you gain the benefit of knowing you made a difference in your community. A few places you can consider donating:

  • A local rebuilding fund
  • A children’s sports team
  • A local food pantry


Though community service projects require valuable time, you are given a rewarding experience in return. There is value in the connections you will make, the skills you will grow and the help you provide to others.

Have you ever volunteered your expertise before? Let us know what your experience was like in the comments below!