5 Ways To Find Electrical Work

Find more electrical technician job leads for your contractor business with these insider tips from CraftJack. Learn how to boost your internet reputation and attract quality clients.   

5 Ways to Find Electrical Work

Whether you're looking for electrical jobs in Colorado, Illinois, California, Texas, or anywhere else in America, we've got techniques to help you grow your customer database. Find out how to scoop up web users searching locally for "residential electrical jobs near me" and fine-tune your online reputation, plus additional ways of generating leads for your electrician business.

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1. Network, Network, Network

Many of the tips in this article revolve around digital marketing and online methods of getting your electrical company's name out there. However, it's just as important as ever than you network and meet as many relevant people face-to-face as possible. What's more, referrals from fellow contractors and business owners are still a major source of revenue for many electrical contractors. 

Although there's no doubt you're busy making sure day-to-day operations run as smoothly as possible, you still need to make time to build and maintain a solid network. Having a good relationship with fellow decision-makers makes the entire project run like clockwork, so strong relationships with local project managers, facilities managers, and procurement teams are highly recommended.  

Subcontractors and Vendors

Every appointment and site you visit provides an opportunity to meet new contacts, so always be on the lookout and put your best face forward. Be charming, get people's contact details, and make sure you've always got a business card on hand to exchange. 

Events And Conferences

There are tons of events and conferences taking place in the world of construction, renovation, and home improvements. What's more, local planning meetings and city council events could provide the perfect opportunity to find big electrical jobs.

Attend as many of these types of events as possible and make meaningful connections with the right people. Always have a plan in place and a clear idea of what you're going to say so you come across as confident and composed.  


Sponsorships are an excellent means of getting your name out there and attracting people to your electrical business. You can sponsor awards ceremonies, trade shows, and exhibitions, or you could sponsor a local sports team. Whatever you choose to do, it's a great way to connect with locals and get exposure to your brand name.  

2. Reputation Management

In the modern age of search engines, consumers have the ability to conduct thorough research before committing to hiring an electrical contractor. If you're not actively managing your online reputation, you risk losing out on electrical jobs hiring other electricians.

Don't Forget Referrals 

One of the best ways of managing your reputation is by asking happy customers who are enthusiastic about your services to pass the good word along. Consumers trust word of mouth from someone they know above marketing or even social media recommendations.

Doing a great job and asking for referrals or offering incentives in return for referrals guarantees you get a pipeline of customers who already have a positive bias towards your electrical company.   

Manage Online Reviews

When potential customers are researching local electrical companies, online reviews are probably going to be their main source of information. There's a big difference between managed and unmanaged reviews, with the latter often looking much more negative than the former.

By responding to unhappy customers and offering an email address for them to contact you, you demonstrate commitment to your customers. Also, thanking happy customers and making remarks that show you remember specific clients shows readers you're genuinely invested in customer experience.    

Follow-Up Calls And Emails 

Even the best electricians are faced with unhappy customers from time to time, However, it's possible to transform the unhappiest customer into the most loyal customer with the right mix of service and a genuine desire to fix anything that's gone wrong. 

In fact, you can mitigate bad reviews online by making quality control calls and sending out follow-up emails. A customer might be too polite to mention something they're unhappy with to your face. But, if you give them an opportunity to express dissatisfaction by phone or in writing, they're more likely to give honest feedback. 

Follow-up correspondence from your electrical company gives customers the chance to let you know about any problems before they post them online. The better you get at catching unhappy clients before they write reviews online, the higher your rating will be and the more new business you'll attract.    

Embrace Customer Feedback

While actively seeking feedback might sound like it's asking for trouble, it's more than worth it. A few minutes of discomfort because you've heard some criticism is more desirable than losing out on new customers because of bad reviews online.

Seek honest customer feedback at every opportunity, and go out of your way to demonstrate that you've attempted to fix any problems. When customers feel listened to, they're more likely to be loyal to your company and recommend you to others.

Consultancy is expensive, but customer feedback is free. It's not smart to act in a rash manner by instantly reacting to criticism. However, if you hear the same complaint from several sources, it's probably worth paying attention to. Listening and responding to feedback can help you improve your electrical contractor business and attract and retain more customers long-term.   

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3. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a buzzword in electrical contractor marketing at the moment, and with good reason. With most people using Google to conduct research about which services and products to spend money on, it's vital that you're discoverable and your site is optimized for search engines.

It's a highly specialized field, but there are some basic steps you can take to make sure search engines can discover your website as easily as possible.   

Electrical Contractor Website Design

Not many people realize that web design is a key component of SEO. Search engines expect websites to be easy to navigate, with a clean design and fast-loading pages that are optimized for desktop and mobile devices. You should include unique landing pages for every city and state you operate in, with targeted keywords and topics included.   

Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO includes the elements on your website that make it possible for web users to convert to customers. You'll need to make sure your calls to action are on point, ensure there are no unnecessary form fields or distractions, and include reviews, testimonials and clear branding.

Pop-ups and live chat are excellent tools for capturing data from visitors in view of converting them from leads to paying customers.    

Local SEO

Local SEO is crucial in today's highly competitive marketplace, and it seems to deliver the best results to small, local businesses. Your electrical contractor company should have an optimized Google My Business page with all the necessary information filled in.

Geotargeted pictures, posts, applicable attributes, and Google reviews all contribute to your local rankings for searches such as "residential electrical jobs near me."  

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing is technically part of SEO, but it's such a great long-term strategy that we've given it its own category. Populating your website with relevant content, including just the right number of keywords, is the best way to climb up the search engine rankings. You can also use external content marketing, such as email, social media, and magazines. 

Below is an explanation of some of the most effective ways electrical contractors can attract customers using content marketing. 


Every electrical contractor's website should contain a blog with helpful tips and advice for local potential and current clients. Not only does this provide an opportunity for your website to climb up the search engine results pages, it also offers genuine value to readers. People might use your website as a resource, consistently reinforcing your business as a solution to electrical problems and making a perfect brand association.  


If you're really committed to developing a global online presence for your electrical company, consider using YouTube. You can create how-to videos for DIY electrical projects and simple electrical fixes, add fun videos introducing your team, and host regular live Q&As to answer questions and interact with your core customer base.

5. Sign Up With CraftJack

If you're super-busy focusing on what you do best — electrical work — then you should consider signing up with a lead generation website. This type of site has tons of tools and features to help you generate as many electrical leads as possible and manage job requests from a central hub. 

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Residential Electrical Jobs Near Me

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