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Money-Saving Methods For All Contractors


The economy isn’t always on our side and that makes it tough to function and prosper as an individual remodeling contractor or small business owner. Some pros are feeling the pinch from homeowners who are hesitant to spend money fixing up their homes or experiencing the beginning of the slow season.

With winter coming up, it literally pays to have some cost saving options. See practical money-saving methods for all contractors below. Then, when you’re ready to get more homeowner leads, give us a call at 866-456-6977.

Shop Smart

Purchasing items like cabinets, windows, doors and flooring at wholesale puts you in the proverbial driver’s seat in terms of earning a profit. This will save you money in the long run compared to buying materials per job. You’ll receive your products at a great discounted rate, with the ability for you to charge full market value, plus the price of installation, with your clients.

Many suppliers offer a builder’s discount, but you need to ask for it. When you begin shopping, ask the lumberyard, the electrical supply store or the plumbing supply house if they offer this particular discount. Another important cost-saving option you should confirm with your supplier is if they offer free shipping. Establish their shipping policy up front, and if it’s not free, confirm the exact charges ahead of time. The timing of your delivery is also important to your wallet because if materials are delivered too early, they’re subject to theft and if delivered too late, the project will be delayed.

Buy Used & Refurbish

Use Social Media For Networking, Promotion & Customer Service

Social media is a free tool small businesses should take advantage of to promote their business, network and answer customer questions. Sure, you always have the option of paid advertising, but why not participate in this free option too?

Doing business online is a smart move because it’s efficient and convenient. It’s a great way to connect with consumers and get your name out there. If your marketing budget is tight or non-existent, definitely start building out your business pages on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. If you can get customer questions or issues resolved before they escalate, this will also save you money over time.

Buy Used & Refurbish

There’s nothing wrong with a used or revamped tool, as long as it still gets the job done. It may take you a little more time finding exactly what you need, but the cost savings will be worth it. Be honest with yourself about what items you need new and what you can buy reused or refurbish.

You should be concerned and aware of what tools are going in and out of your building, as well as on the job site. Put identifying marks on major tools and keep accurate records. Other money-saving ideas include, centralizing tool storage, installing a check-out system and cutting the number of tools owned by the company.

Shop Smart for Tools

Go Green To Save Green

As a contractor, I’m sure you look for ways to help your customers save money and implement green construction solutions when possible. You should do the same with your business. Are you paying a lot in rent for a large building that accumulates expensive energy bills? Consider moving to a smaller space or doing an energy audit on your office building and fixing any water leaks.

Instead of purchasing new equipment, overhaul what already exists. Switch to energy-efficient lighting, plug electronics into power strips, use paperless billing and invoicing and carpool to job sites. Rent, borrow and reuse too. Reusing items helps us make the best use of resources to create those products, whether it’s energy, wood, metals or other raw materials. These are all great ways to go green and save green.

Actively Manage Your Finances

No matter how small, review all of your expenses thoroughly and regularly. See the many benefits of hiring an accountant and why working with one has the potential to save you a lot of money, including on your taxes. As far as insurance goes, get quotes with comparable specifications and review your policies annually. It’s also good practice to check for areas in which you are over-insured, because it does happen. Instead of waiting for bills to come to you, become an active player in the review process, analyze where you can cut costs and implement saving strategies.

Actively Manage Your Finances


At the end of the day it’s up to you to how you want to run your business, but I think we all agree that saving money is a top priority for most businesses. Hopefully, this article at least motivated you to start thinking about your own business plan and policies and identify areas where you can improve. These money-saving methods for all contractors have the potential to not only keep you in business longer, but to stabilize and grow your business for the future too!

Contractors Need Internet Leads

Contractors Need Internet Leads

Homeowners are looking for contractors online. It’s no longer opinion; it’s fact. According to a recent marketing survey, 97% of consumers use the Internet when researching local services, such as contractors. As such, if you’re not online and using lead generation services, you’re missing out on potential business.

Continue reading to see why you must be using Internet leads to stay ahead of the competition. Then, give us a call at 866-456-6977 to start receiving more qualified homeowner leads today.

Referrals Only Go So Far

We know that referrals are more than likely your bread and butter when it comes to winning new jobs. After all, if you did good work for one client, you can certainly do it again, right?

But what happens when you hit a dry spell? Do you call past customers and ask them if they have any family or friends who need work? Probably not.

This is where Internet leads come into play. As you saw above, more homeowners are using the Internet to connect with local contractors. Furthermore, homeowners find contractors online and if they like them, refer those pros to their friends. Thus, the whole circle is started with a quick online search for local businesses. If you’re not there, you won’t have a chance at new business.

Referrals Only Go So Far

Homeowners Trust Online Reviews

Before hiring any contractor, potential homeowners look up your reviews, online! In fact, according to the same marketing survey, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they trust personal recommendations (AKA word of mouth referrals). Therefore, you need a website or lead generation profile to host your terrific reviews and stand out from the crowd. Luckily, with CraftJack, all reviews are free. When you mark a project as “job won” via the CraftJack Lead Manager, we automatically send a review request to that homeowner.

No other lead generation service makes it as easy to request reviews and build out your online profile. In fact, you don’t have to invest in a website (even though we recommend that you do). You can use our custom CraftJack profiles as your online profile to send to prospective clients.

Almost Everyone Uses Google & Facebook

Google and Facebook are two of the biggest players in the online world. Don’t believe me? Over 5.5 Billion Google searches are made every day. Facebook accounts for one in every six minutes spent online. By investing in lead generation, CraftJack profiles, website and social media, you’re helping your chances of showing up on Google and Facebook when prospective clients are searching for local contractors.

Beyond CraftJack, create a Facebook page for your business. Create a simple website where users can see your work, reviews and most importantly, how to contact you. All this will greatly help users find your company online.

Homeowners Trust Online Reviews


Homeowners are using the Internet to find contractors like you. If you’re not online or using a lead generation service, you’re surely missing out on potential business. Don’t let your competitors take away those valuable jobs.

Call us today at 866-456-6977 and start taking advantage of those profitable Internet leads.

What A Lead Is & What It Is Not

Purpose Of A Lead

A lead can take on many different meanings, largely depending on what industry you’re in. Below, we will cover what an online lead is and what it is not in relation to the home remodeling industry.

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What A Lead Is & What It Is Not

Defining A Lead

A lead is an individual that expresses interest in a specific service. In this sense, a lead is the initiation of homeowner interest or an inquiry into your services through digital channels. Compare the experience to someone who’s shopping around in your store, collecting information and gauging prices. They’re curious, open to buying and can be convinced or sold to if the interaction goes well. Of course, there’ll be times when a homeowner is ready to complete a project or has an urgent matter, but even so, that doesn’t mean they just want to throw their money at anyone.

This is where your sales tactics come into play. The trouble is that many contractors give up after the first attempt at trying to contact a homeowner because they assumed it was a done deal. They get upset when they find out the homeowner isn’t ready to commit immediately. If you do call and the lead isn’t ready to pull the trigger, it misrepresents the notion that lead generation doesn’t work. As a result, leads get lost, ignored or snatched up by your competitors. This is the step that separates those who have great success with lead generation and those who fail to see the value.

The initial contact with a lead is the first stage in the bigger picture of a well-rounded and holistic sales approach. You need to have a solid process for turning leads into sales. Lead nurturing, relationship building and understanding lead generation will help you build trust and close more jobs.

Purpose Of A Lead

As a business owner, your sales techniques and skills better be sharp. It’s not worth investing your time and money in advertising if you aren’t prepared to go through the full sales cycle. Leads exist for the purpose of the chance to sell and are part of developing a strong sales pipeline. Be attentive to the fact that the very nature of an online buyer is different than the homeowner who reaches out to you. Leads need to be called quickly, often and with an approachable tone.

Defining A Lead

What A Lead Is

1. Information

A lead is an introduction to a contact or prospect who has proactively shown interest in your services. This information is as valuable as you make it. Calling right away is a winning formula to following up to leads. How quickly you contact the lead after receiving the information can make or break the sale. It’s paramount that contractors have a system in place for calling leads multiple times and tracking progress. This is the only way to ensure you’re getting the maximum benefit from each lead.

2. Targeted Data

All homeowners have taken an action or multiple actions to get their information to our contractors, largely through a network of home improvement websites and a seasoned marketing program. The homeowner will select the specific project, timing and location for the requested work. The data collected is optimized for each contractor based on your trade, territory and when you want to receive leads. Leads are vetted and designed to provide you with information unique to you.

3. More than A Name

Thinking of a lead as just another name will only hurt you in the long run. A narrow definition of a lead will deliver narrow results. Challenge yourself to expand your mindset to view the lead as a way to build your contact list and secure future repeat business. If you do win the job and perform quality work, there’s a very good chance the homeowner will be letting their friends and family know through word of mouth.

4. A Way to Advertise & Grow Your Business

There’s no shame in using advertising as way to generate more business and reach new prospects. Make sure your website is updated, informational and attractive. This is one place you can guarantee any lead will go to check out your business. Ask your customers to write reviews about you online. Reviews lead to more generated sales, an increase in conversions and a greater number of return visitors.

5. A Step in the Right Direction

A lead is a step in the right direction. You’re taking action to move your business forward and gain new customers. Growing your business is all part of owning your own shop. Your consumers are online searching, requesting and reviewing. Make sure you’re there to answer their call.

What A Lead Is

What A Lead Is Not

Now that we know what a lead is, let’s clarify what a lead is not so there’s no confusion. A lead is not a sale, a guaranteed job or a done deal. Using a lead generation service is a form of advertising for your business. While the leads that are sent to service professionals are interested customers, it’s up to the contractors to sell their services.

Most homeowners will seek out multiple quotes, regardless if they submitted their request online or not, so don’t be surprised if you encounter competition during the estimate and bidding process. This is where the contractor needs to implement their sales skills and differentiate themselves from the other contenders.

CraftJack’s Terrific Credit Policy

Despite elite technology, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. While we do not credit you if you do not talk to the homeowner, we do have other scenarios where a credit will always be granted:

  • Fake Phone Numbers
  • Wrong Phone Numbers
  • Renters Submit Lead
  • Mismatched Service

What A Lead Is Not


Educating yourself on what a lead is will be your quickest way to finding success with a lead generation service like CraftJack. There are no guarantees in life and the same goes for business. That’s why it’s up to you to learn how to use this information to your advantage and take all the necessary steps to turn each lead into a sale.

Start turning more leads into jobs by signing with CraftJack at 866-456-6977.

What To Include In Your Roofing Estimate

What To Include In Your Roofing Estimate

Estimates are an important part of the job. They help the customer better understand what they should expect from your services and how to best budget for their project. Of course, there’s a lot to be included to ensure you’re communicating properly.

From materials needed to time spent on the job, roofers have plenty to include when it comes to preparing a proper estimate. Here’s why you need and what to include in your roofing estimate.

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What Is An Estimate?

If you’re a roofing contractor, you’re likely familiar with estimates. They help a customer better understand the scope of the project, budget and anything that makes your business stand out. A well-written estimate can help to better explain the project in full to the customer and avoid any surprises, making them more likely to hire you.

It’s important to note that providing an estimate is not a favor to the customer. An estimate will help to clarify communication with the customer and should always be provided.

What Is An Estimate

Understand The Job

One of the first things you should do, before even putting pen to paper and preparing the estimate, is see the job and meet the customer. While you could certainly receive some information over the phone, it’s likely things may change once you see the scope of the project. After all, being the expert, you may see some things that the customer had overlooked when it comes to their roofing project. Ask the customer questions to clarify the work they want done and about any details that may be involved.

Set up a time with the customer to come out and observe the roofing project. It’s a good time to take measurements for yourself and get the specs you’ll need to create the most accurate estimate for the work. Once you’ve met with the customer, you can begin preparing your written estimate.

What To Include In Your Roofing Estimate

Now that you’ve seen the job, you can begin to write your estimate. It’s a good idea to work with a template to easily plug information in where you need it. Here are a few items you’ll want to include in your roofing estimate:

  • Your Contact Information: An easy way for the customer to contact you if they have questions.
  • Summary of the Project: This helps to give both you and the customer a clear understanding of what the roofing job will look like. You may also want to include any relevant dates here.
  • Costs: Be sure to line item the estimated charges for the project.
  • Payment Schedule: Outline the way you’d like to be paid and when the funds are due.
  • Guarantee of Work: If there is an issue with the project once the job is complete, outline your company policy on how things might be fixed.
  • License, Insurance & Other Information: If you’re a part of any trade organizations or want to outline what license your roofing business has, be sure to list it in your estimate.

Understand The Job

Calculate Costs

As noted above, you will need to share the approximate costs for the project. This is one of the most important parts of the estimate. However, there’s a lot to account for to ensure you’re presenting the most accurate estimate. Here are a few items you’ll want to include:


Is the roof damaged or will items need replacing? Demolition of these items will cost you and your employees money to complete the work as well as properly dispose of it. Be sure to include this in the total costs.

Materials Needed

The roofing materials may be the largest cost for the homeowner, so it’s important to get this as accurate as possible. Sometimes, the homeowner may provide the measurements for you, but you may also have to measure the roof yourself. This information is important to properly calculate the roof size to get the most accurate estimate for materials needed.


Don’t forget to account for the work you and your employees are doing on the home. Include hourly rates and how long the project will take. If you’re bidding out parts of the roofing job, be sure to factor in these costs as well.

Permit Costs

Often, roofing projects will require local permits. While the homeowner may be aware of these, you should be the expert in your area. Research and know what permits are applicable. Include any costs for those permits in the estimate.

Guarantee Of Work

If you haven’t put a guarantee of work in your estimate, you may find it a helpful benefit to add. This helps put customer fears to rest by ensuring you’ll take care of any issues with the work if problems are discovered once the job is completed.

Calculate Costs

Make Your Business Stand Out

Estimates can help make your business stand out. While including information about your insurance is helpful, you may also want to include any additional ways you’ve gone above and beyond for your customers. Have you completed any certifications? Are you apart of any roofing trade organizations? At the end of your estimate, including some additional info like this will help differentiate your roofing business from the rest.


An estimate is a crucial part to help you win the job. Providing a well-written estimate will benefit your business and potential customers. Use these tips to help prefect your future estimates.

If you’ve been eager to write more estimates, we can help. Call us at 866-456-6977 to get more roofing referrals near you.

Patience Is Key With Lead Generation: Here’s Why

Patience Is Key With Lead Generation

Lead generation is a marathon, not a sprint. It’s not something you can throw $100 at and expect an immediate return of $1,000. While more and more homeowners are remodeling their homes, more and more contractors are entering the arena as well. Therefore, you may not close every single lead you receive from a lead generation service. However, when you take a step back and analyze groups of leads vs. individual referrals, you can see why patience pays off with lead generation.

Ready to receive leads this week? Give us a call at 866-456-6977 to sign up with CraftJack today. Starting July 1, CraftJack will be offering five free leads for pros who prepay $500 (all of which go towards your referrals).

Return On Investment for CraftJack

Return On Investment

Like any marketing initiative, whether it flyers, a new website, Facebook or lead generation, you have to track your return on investment. Therefore, let’s look at a few examples from active CraftJack contractors:

Example 1:

A general remodeling contractor signed up in 2017. In July 2017, he started receiving leads for appliance, kitchen, bathroom and basement remodeling. In his first few months, he had purchased 15 leads for a total of $650. He had closed a few small jobs, but nothing big (still, generating some revenue). Then, in August 2017, he called in to tell us that a $14 lead turned into a $17,000 job! At that point in his CraftJack career, he had spent $2,010 on CraftJack leads. Combined with the revenue for his other jobs, he had made $19,500. Add in time for estimates, calling and following up leads, gas, payroll, labor and materials for the jobs, let’s add $7,000 to his total costs during this time. Let’s add it all up.

  • Revenue = $19,500
  • Total Cost = $9,010 ($2,010 on leads and $7,000 on miscellaneous costs)
  • Net Profit = $10,490
  • ROI = 116%

Not bad for a return on investment, wouldn’t you say?

Example 2:

Let’s look at another contractor who wasn’t happy after signing up with CraftJack. He had been getting remodeling and cabinetry leads for a few months and had not closed a job or two in a few weeks. Before jumping to conclusions, together, we looked at his account.

The contractor bought 42 leads for $1,282 ($31/lead) over four months with CraftJack. In that timeframe, he closed five jobs, bringing in a total of $20,718. Again, let’s add other costs associated with these jobs such as calling and following up with leads, gas, payroll, labor and materials. Let’s make it an additional $10,000 in costs.

  • Revenue = $20,718
  • Total Cost = $11,282 ($1,282 on leads and $10,000 on miscellaneous costs)
  • Net Profit = $9,436
  • ROI = 84%

Do NOT Judge Lead Generation On One Job

Do NOT Judge Lead Generation On One Job

In both of the examples above, the contractor did not close the first job. In fact, one pro did not close any of his first five leads. We understand that every dollar counts and you may only have so much money to spend on lead generation. Nonetheless, when you start looking at lead generation as a marathon and not a sprint, you’ll realize its full potential.

Start Getting Leads from Homeowners Near You

If you’d like a return on investment like the contractors above, it’s time to give CraftJack a try. Give us a call at 866-456-6977 to sign up today!

What Makes CraftJack’s Roofing Leads Unique

What Makes CraftJacks Roofing Leads Unique

Are you a roofing pro looking for more leads in your area? It’s always a good idea to try multiple tactics when it comes to generating more leads for your business. Social media, referral and networking are a great way to connect to homeowners who may be looking for your services. But, your efforts should not stop there.

What if I told you there’s a way you can easily find and connect with homeowners who are looking for roofing contractors right at this moment? That’s exactly how CraftJack can help you. We’re here to help your business grow! See a few reasons why CraftJack’s roofing leads are unique.

If you’re a roofing pro, we have leads for you! Start receiving roofing leads in your area by calling us at 866-456-6977.

Unique Roofing Leads

Unique Roofing Leads

When it comes to lead generation, we know that you have many companies to choose from. However, CraftJack offers unique benefits to our pros that are unmatched. Here are a few benefits our contractors enjoy:

  • Real-Time Leads
  • Many Roofing Categories
  • Speed-To-Call Discounts
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • CraftJack Pro App
  • Free Reviews

Real-Time Leads

As you may already know, roofing leads can come at any time, day or night. Some roofing projects have a certain sense of urgency, especially if a homeowner has found a leak. That’s why it’s important that our roofing pros get leads in real time. You can easily and quickly contact the potential customer so you can better understand the scope of the roofing project and schedule a time to provide a quote. By providing real-time leads, we’re helping you reach the customer while the roofing project is top-of-mind, giving you the best chance at winning the job.

Many Roofing Categories

While you may be a roofer, there might be some jobs you prefer or have a better expertise in than others. Here at CraftJack, we want to match you with only the leads you want to receive, so you can spend more time doing the work you love. That’s why we offer leads in a variety of roofing categories, such as:

  • General Roofing
  • Gutters
  • Roofing Shingles
  • Roofing Sealant
  • Metal Roofing
  • Roof Heating Cables

Real-Time Leads

Speed-To-Call Discounts

Not only does CraftJack provide real-time roofing leads, but we’re taking it a step further by incentivizing you to call faster. Pros who call their lead within 30 minutes get a 20% discount on that specific lead. Why? Because calling speed matters. In fact, 78% of homeowners choose the first party that contacts them for the job, according to data from Marketsharp, HomeAdvisor and CraftJack. So we want to help you win the job and grow your business by offering this unique discount on roofing leads. This is an exclusive benefit available to only CraftJack contractors that you’ll want to take advantage of as soon as possible.

Dedicated Account Managers

At CraftJack, we’re here when you need us. That’s why we have dedicated account managers here just for you. Our account management team is here to see your business succeed. We want to get to know you and your goals, so you have the best chance at winning more jobs. You’ll be able to speak with your personal account manger when you need them to fix an issue on your account, understand more about our service or simply bounce a business idea off of. CraftJack account managers are here for you!

CraftJack Pro App

CraftJack contractors now have access to our pro mobile app, allowing you to access the many CraftJack Lead Manager features from wherever you are. We know that our roofing contractors are constantly on the go, so you can now access your new leads, reviews, profile and more right from your mobile device.

For roofing pros, you can easily manage your new leads and contact them directly from your phone. You can update your business profile with photos of your recent roofing work and manage reviews from happy customers. Try out the CraftJack app today.

Speed-To-Call Discounts

Free Reviews

Pros know that reviews are essential to your roofing business. It helps prospective customers better understand the services you provide and build trust. Whether it’s from the app or your desktop computer, CraftJack allows you to request and receive reviews for free. Asking for reviews is the best way to build up this section of your portfolio and will help grow your business in the long run.


If you’re a roofing pro, what are you waiting for? CraftJack is here to help you find more leads in your area and help your roofing business grow.

Sign up today to start taking advantage of all these unique benefits by calling us at 866-456-6977.

How To Generate More Painting Leads In California

How To Get More Painting Leads In California

Finding new leads is a vital part of your contracting business. Though, it’s not always easy to do. Maybe you’ve felt stuck lately on where to look for new leads or you’re running out of ideas to try. The good news is that there are still many opportunities for you to find new leads in your area.

Residents in California are looking for painters to give their houses a custom look. Make your information available so they’re able to find you! Here are a few tips on how to find more painting leads in California.

Lead generation services can help you find new leads in your area. Call us at 866-456-6977 and start connecting with homeowners near you!

Make Sure Your License Is Up-To-Date

If you’re a painting contractor working in the state of California, a license is required. If you don’t have a license or your license has expired, update it before looking for any new leads. The California C33 painting license requires a business name, Tax ID, as well as an exam you must pass. The application fee is $330 and the license fee is $200.

Though it’s required, having and displaying your California licensure will help potential customers know they can trust you. You can search for new leads, but without meeting the state requirements to work, homeowners will be less likely to speak with you.

How To Generate More Painting Leads In California

Use A Lead Generation Service

One of the best ways to easily find new leads in California is with a lead generation service. By signing up for the service, you’ll get painting leads sent directly to you. It will save you time and help to grow your business among customers you may not have otherwise reached.

CraftJack offers painting and staining leads in many cities throughout the State of California. Not only will you receive jobs near you, but you’ll also have a dedicated account manager and an opportunity to earn the Speed-To-Call discount (20% off leads you call within 30 minutes).

Use Social Media

Social media is a great way to connect with those in your community. Facebook specifically has many resources that can help you grow your California painting business right from your computer. If you don’t have one yet, start by creating a Facebook page for your business. Be sure to fill it out thoroughly and try to post regularly. Ask questions to your audience and share valuable information they might find helpful.

Additionally, use Facebook groups to advertise your services, if allowed. You can connect with people there who are looking for painting service recommendations and more. Some Facebook groups are closed, so you have to ask to join. Only join groups near the area you’d like to look in. Otherwise, they might consider you to be spam.

California Painters

Network In Your Area

Connecting with other local business owners can be one of the best ways to gain new business. If there’s any community networking events, consider attending and bringing a few business cards with you. While connecting with other contractors can be a great source of leads, it’s a good idea to also be open to meeting business owners in your neighborhood. Relators, for example, are great to connect with and can possibly give your name as a referral to those just moving in. Even local coffee shop owners might be willing to hang your flier on a community board. Be open to these opportunities to find new leads.


Would you ever offer up your services for a good cause? Not only is volunteering a great thing to give back to your community, but it can also help you connect with others in your area who are looking for painting pros. Volunteering shows those in your area that you’re investing in your community and that speaks volumes about your business. Here are some California organizations where your painting pro skills are needed:

Painting California

Look For Opportunities

Lead opportunities could be right in front of you, quite literally. If you’re walking around your area, notice what homes might have construction crews outside or if there’s a moving sign out front. You can send a flier to their address with your information. A letter is always a nice touch. However, most towns have restrictions on door hangings and leaflets in mailboxes. Don’t leave any promotional material behind without checking.


From volunteering to utilizing lead generation services, there are many opportunities for you to find painting leads in your city and state. By trying just a few of these tips, you’ll see more leads coming your way in no time!

Where To Find Contractor Jobs

Find Contractor Jobs

As a contractor, you’re always on the lookout for new jobs. During peak season, this may be easy, but other times, perhaps it’s a little difficult. Regardless of season, you might be wondering where you can find contractor jobs. The truth is, you can easily find leads near you. Here are a few ideas on where you can find contractor jobs.

Are you looking for more jobs in your area today? Call us at 866-456-6977 and start receiving more leads from homeowners near you.

Finding Contractor Jobs

When looking for contractor jobs, it can be tricky to put yourself out there and find jobs. You need to have a well-crafted sales pitch, an engaging website and reasons why a customer should hire you over the rest of the contractors out there.

On top of the skilled work you do, having a great sales pitch will be key to landing jobs. Your overall sales presentation is important to help you win the job, regardless of where you find it. Take some time and freshen up your sales skills.

Once you’ve taken some time to work on your sales pitch, it’s time to find new contractor jobs. Here are a few areas to consider:

  • Lead Generation Services (Like CraftJack!)
  • Local Message Boards
  • Social Media
  • Fliers & Brochures
  • Local Events
  • Referral Discounts

Finding Contractor Jobs

1. Lead Generation Service

One of the best ways to find contractor jobs near you is by joining a lead generation service. They will help you easily connect with homeowners in your area. CraftJack offers a range of benefits for contractors. Not only will you get leads from homeowners ready to start their projects, but you’ll also be able to use our mobile app to help manage all your leads and have access our proprietary Speed-To-Call discount, saving you money on each lead!

If you’re considering a lead generation service to find contractor jobs near you, call us at 866-456-6977 today!

2. Local Message Boards

Another great place to look for contractor work is local message boards. Unlike 20 years ago, many of those message boards can be found online through sites such as Everyblock and NextDoor. Here, you’ll also find homeowners who are reaching out to neighbors online looking for a range of services. It’s a great place to start the conversation with homeowners in your area, without leaving your desk.

Before advertising your service on any online message board, be sure to check with the rules or code of conduct to see what is allowed. Every service is different, and some don’t allow advertising.

Try Lead Generation Services

3. Social Media

You might be tired of hearing this one already, but social media can be used to find new jobs. Now with the new “recommendations” feature on Facebook, you can easily find homeowners in your area who are looking to connect with pros. You can also engage with people on various Facebook groups from your area or trade.

4. Fliers & Brochures

As a tried and true method, fliers and brochures are a great way to find new business. The key is having a flier or brochure that stands out. Make sure it’s well designed and has a great call-to-action so customers are eager to call you when they receive it. For an interesting way to get your name out, try using a magnet that shares your contact info and what you do. That way, homeowners will be reminded of your services when they need it!

Contractor Jobs

5. Local Events

By attending local events, you can put your business out there and get to know members of your community. Host a booth at a local farmers market where you can directly meet people and tell them about your services. Get involved in local activities and meet your neighbors.

If you enjoy the in-person introductions, connect with your local chamber of commerce. They are helping small businesses just like yours network in the area. Most host regular events to connect with other business owners and homeowners in your town. Research where your chamber of commerce is located and get plugged in.

6. Referral Discounts

Most often, pros can find new contractor jobs though referrals. Offering a referral discount to these customers might not only generate new business, but also business in the future. It’s a great way to generate new leads and find more contractor jobs near you.


Finding contractor jobs might take a little bit of innovative thinking, but try more than one tactic to see where you can find new business. You may have to go out of your comfort zone a bit, but you’ll be finding new business in no time.

2018 Email Marketing Trends For Contractors

2018 Email Marketing Trends For Contractors

Email is a great marketing tool to keep in touch with both current and prospective customers. It provides an opportunity for your business to stay top-of-mind when a homeowner needs a contractor.

Like any digital marketing tool, things change quickly. Even as a contractor, it’s a good idea to stay up-to-date on the latest marketing trends. Here’s what you need to know about email marketing to make 2018 your best year yet.

Email is one way to start finding new leads, but you should always be using more than one tactic. Call us at 866-456-6977 to start receiving leads from homeowners in your area.

Why Email Marketing?

Why Email Marketing?

If you’re a contractor and small business owner, you must be utilizing email marketing to help your business grow. There are approximately 3.7 billion email users worldwide. That means your audience is reachable and available.

It’s an easy and affordable way to get in front of your customers. While it may take some time to set up, you can send marketing messages and promotions to your loyal customers, reminding them of your services.

From regular newsletters to promotions, there are many ways you can go about keeping your customers in the loop when it comes to your business. Small email improvements can make a big difference in your marketing efforts and bottom line. Here are a few email trends you can look into this year to help your business grow:

  • Email Automation
  • Personalization
  • Conversational Voice
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails

1. Email Automation

Email automation might be something you’ve seen before, but not yet recognized it. If you sign up for an email list and soon after, receive a welcome email, that’s an automated email response. It’s a technique that can work for you too. If you’re using a tool such as MailChimp or Constant Contact, there are plenty of settings where you can automate email such as welcome emails or even an email asking for a review after the job is completed.

2. Personalization

If you’re thinking about email automation, you might want to think about the benefits email personalization has too. In fact, 52% of customers are likely to switch brands if emails aren’t giving them a personalized experience, according to SalesForce. This could be as simple as including someone’s name in the email or a birthday greeting.

What information you’re gathering on your customers will affect what personalization tactics you can implement. This article from Kissmetrics explains all the ways you can personalize your emails beyond just the customer’s name.

Email Automation

3. Keep It Conversational

In 2018, consumers want a relationship with their preferred brand, service or product. It’s no longer just as simple as creating a beautiful advertisement. Customers want to know the brand they’re working with. With the rise of social media, it’s no wonder this is true. Within a few minutes, customers can connect to their favorite brand to see what they have to say.

That’s why its more important than ever to keep the tone of your email conversational. Although you are the expert in your field, you can use email to build a relationship with your customer that in result, will grow trust with the homeowner.

4. Mobile-Friendly Emails

Email has the ability to reach people where they are, wherever that might be. No longer do we have email only on our desktop computer, but carried on our smartphones and tablets as well. According to Campaign Monitor, 60% of adults in the US and UK use at least two types of devices a day. Making sure your emails are mobile-friendly has never been more important.

If you have a premade template through your email service, make sure its mobile-friendly before sending. If not, this is the year to change the design of your email to ensure it is.


As a pro, you’re likely always looking for new ways to market your business. The current trends can help you direct your marketing efforts in a way that is effective. If you’re not using email to market your business, now is the time. Use some of these trends to make this year the best yet.

The CraftJack Way: Pro App

The CraftJack Way Pro App

Our phones are always on us, day and night. Mobile device usage continues to grow as new innovations are made. As of 2015, 68% of adults have smartphones and 45% own a tablet, according to Pew Research Center. These mobile devices make it easier to connect with each other online and get the information we need.

This is what CraftJack had in mind when we developed the app for our pros; getting the information needed to get the job done, fast. If you haven’t tried it yet, here’s a little bit about our mobile Pro App, exclusively for CraftJack contractors.

The Pro App is just one of many benefits that our contractors get! Call us at 866-456-6977 to sign up with CraftJack and start receiving leads in your area and taking advantage of the Speed-To-Call discount.

What Is The CraftJack Way

What Is The CraftJack Way?

At CraftJack, we are always thinking about ways we can help you have the most successful business. From writing articles focused on small businesses to being focused exclusively on your trades, the CraftJack Way means that we’re thinking of what’s important to you. We know there are many lead generation companies, but CraftJack offers a variety of unique benefits for our contractors. In addition to access to the Pro App, CraftJack contractors also get:

  • Speed-To-Call Discounts
  • Real-Time Leads
  • Dedicated Account Managers
  • Free Reviews
  • Leads Focused On Your Trades

CraftJack Pro App

In late 2017, we released our Pro App, to meet the needs of many customers who are on the go. Access to the app means you have access to lead manager wherever you are. You can easily organize jobs and respond to leads quickly.

The CraftJack Pro App is available for both iPhone and Android devices.

CraftJack Pro App

Benefits Of The App

Space on your mobile device is valuable, but there are many benefits to having the app you’ll love! Here are just a few:

1. Leads In Real Time

Never worry about missing a lead again! Our app will alert you in real time when you have a new lead. You can go in, view the homeowner information and contact them right from the app. It’s never been this easy!

2. Speed-To-Call Discount

As I mentioned above, once you receive the lead alert through the app, you’ll want to give them a call quickly. As an added incentive, CraftJack offers a 20% discount on a lead you call within 30 minutes or less. With an alert from the app, you can quickly make that call and receive the Speed-To-Call Discount.

Another feature you’ll want to note is the app will track the time you have left to call a lead, in order to receive your discount. You will see an alert on your screen showing how much time you have left to make that call. This is a feature we truly believe will help you win the job!

Benefits Of The CraftJack App

3. Request Reviews

The CraftJack Pro App makes it easy to request reviews from homeowners you’ve worked with. As you already know, reviews are an important part of any small business. The app makes it easy to ask for reviews of your work by sending an email to the homeowner though the platform.

As you already know, reviews are what will help your business grow. By asking the homeowner directly for a review, you can help to build up a rapport with your customers and gather important feedback on your work. This could mean more jobs in the future.

4. Manage Your Account

If you need to make a change on the go, the CraftJack Pro App makes it easier than ever. If you can’t get in front of a computer, you can manage your account directly from the app. You can manage your billing information, pause your account and activate it again all from the app. You can also easily connect to your dedicated account manager, another feature that’s unique to CraftJack.


So what are you waiting for? The CraftJack Pro App is available for download on your device and is sure to help you find the leads you want and get to work. Of course, you need to be a CraftJack contractor first.

Give us a call at 866-456-6977 to get started!