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¿Qué es un “lead” (cliente potencial)?

La palabra “lead”, en referencia a una estrategia de mercadeo o publicidad, es una palabra del inglés que no se puede traducir fácilmente al español, pero sin embargo hace referencia a un cliente potencial. Lo interesante de esta traducción no literal es que no se trata de cualquier cliente en potencia, sino de uno que ya ha mostrado cierto grado de interés en un producto o servicio ofertado por un contratista, por lo que se puede convertir, con el trabajo adecuado, en una venta sólida y hasta un cliente permanente. Es por esto que la principal meta de cualquier contratista debe de ser generar  cuantos “leads” o clientes potenciales le sea posible, manteniendo su interés con contenido relevante y ofertas específicas que pueden ser aplicadas a su compra. El hacerlo coadyuvará al crecimiento de la empresa y la generación de más y más contratos a mediano y largo plazo.  Si usted busca generar un alto número de “leads” o clientes potenciales, en CraftJack tenemos un equipo especializado que podrá ayudarle a alcanzar sus metas, así que no lo dude más y ¡póngase en contacto con nosotros hoy mismo!


Going Permanently Remote

Over the past year, the pandemic has forced a lot of reflection, and given how much time we’ve spent trapped in our homes, much of that reflection has centered on how and where we live, work and play.

As the prospect of long-term remote work emerges and grows in so many industries, millions of Americans are dreaming of new ways to live and new places to move. Plenty of people are hiring contractors and improving the home they’ve already got—making it better serve their evolving needs—but many more are considering a full change of scenery.


Contractor Spotlight: Tanks Roofing & Contracting

Unlike many of us, Danny Harding pretty much knew what he was going to be when he grew up at the age of 13. He started working on roofs and other home improvement jobs in Philadelphia with his father as a teenager and has stuck with it ever since.

Thanks to years of experience, Danny took the big step and started his own business, Tanks Roofing & Contracting, back in 2012. I recently chatted with Danny to hear how he got started, what he thinks of CraftJack and some of his most memorable projects he got from some of our roofing leads.


Contractor Spotlight: MCS Painting & Decorating

As a lead generation company, we have a chance to work with both contractors and homeowners. As time has evolved, more and more homeowners are choosing to get more involved with their home remodeling projects. As such, they want to hire a pro that will not only get the job done efficiently, but teach them along the way.

Marco Salvino of MCS Painting and Decorating, enjoys teaching the homeowner rather than taking over and as a result, has never had one bad experience. See how Marco is garnering both leads and new jobs in this month’s contractor spotlight.


Cómo Generar Más Clientes Potenciales Para Trabajos De Pintura

Todos los contratistas desean un flujo constante de clientes potenciales para su negocio de pintura, y la era digital ofrece nuevas formas de generación de clientes potenciales todos los días. Aunque algunas de estas nuevas oportunidades son dignas de su atención, la mayoría simplemente le distraen de los métodos de mercadeo y ventas que son más eficientes y más redituables.

Si quiere tener acceso a un excelente listado de clientes potenciales para trabajos de pintura en su área, CraftJack le puede ayudar. ¡Aquí le decimos como! 



You’ve opened the door to a world where there are no limits to the success you can achieve when using CraftJack lead generation services.

At CraftJack, we push boundaries and make sure our members get the most value possible out of our service. With CraftJack lead generation, there are no limits when it comes to:

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Check out the testimonials below to find out how our customers are using CraftJack to take their business to new heights.


Contractor Spotlight: Universal Windows Direct

As many of you know, long hours are part of the job. When it comes to windows, 15-hour days are nothing new. Nevertheless, when John Lacognata got into the windows, doors and siding business 10 years ago, he knew what he was getting into.

Now serving a majority of Northern Illinois, John and his company, Universal Windows Direct of Chicago, have expanded their services and met the growing demand. See how he did it in this month’s contractor’s spotlight.


Contractor Spotlight: Paul Peterson LLC

Being in the home improvement arena, we have a chance to work with many terrific contractors across the country and now, we want to showcase a few of the men and women building and transforming dream homes.

Paul Peterson has been in the home improvement industry for 25 years. While his company, Paul Peterson LLC, mainly focuses on roofing in Western Washington and Canada, they do offer other services ranging from flooring, decking, painting and more. He shared with us his success stories and what he’s learned over the years.


Money-Saving Methods For All Contractors

The economy isn’t always on our side and that makes it tough to function and prosper as an individual remodeling contractor or small business owner. Some pros are feeling the pinch from homeowners who are hesitant to spend money fixing up their homes or experiencing the beginning of the slow season.

With winter coming up, it literally pays to have some cost saving options. See practical money-saving methods for all contractors below. Then, when you’re ready to get more homeowner leads, give us a call at 866-456-6977.


Contractors Need Internet Leads

Homeowners are looking for contractors online. It’s no longer opinion; it’s fact. According to a recent marketing survey, 97% of consumers use the Internet when researching local services, such as contractors. As such, if you’re not online and using lead generation services, you’re missing out on potential business.

Continue reading to see why you must be using Internet leads to stay ahead of the competition. Then, give us a call at 866-456-6977 to start receiving more qualified homeowner leads today.