Best Apps For Contractors

Best Apps For Contractors

Mobile apps make it easier for construction professionals to track their time, prepare estimates, and stay organized. With one of the best apps for contractors, you’ll save time on administrative activities, leaving you with more time to talk to potential customers and win more jobs. Check out the top apps for contractors to determine which one’s right for you.

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CraftJack Pro Apps

CraftJack Pro App

The CraftJack Pro app takes the guesswork out of managing leads, making it easy to connect with clients and request reviews, all from your favorite mobile device. The app gives you a cost-effective way to build your business with no monthly membership fees. When home and business owners submit their project requirements, CraftJack verifies every phone number, ensuring you have access to high-quality leads for commercial and residential projects. When you sign up with CraftJack, you get immediate access to our app as well. Start getting leads today.


LetsBuild is one of the best apps for independent contractors because it syncs automatically across all devices, ensuring you’re alerted to project changes as soon as they occur. The app also enhances collaboration by making it easier to get in touch with customers, subcontractors, and other stakeholders, preventing communication delays that can cause your projects to run over schedule. With LetsBuild, you can even document inspection issues by importing images, adding comments, and sharing the information with everyone on your team.


Raken has a variety of features to help professional contractors manage their day-to-day activities. Help your business stand out by using the Raken app to create custom-branded activity reports, complete with time-stamped photos and videos to document your progress. Streamline your administrative processes with construction time cards and contractor checklists, which help you with time tracking, safety management, project reporting, estimating, and other activities. Raken also has a production tracking module to help you determine the materials and equipment used on each job.

Contractor Foreman

Contractor Foreman is an all-in-one solution for professional contractors. The app accommodates an unlimited number of employees or subcontractors, so it grows along with your business. User access controls also give you the ability to control what each user creates, edits, and accesses. Free online training, support from construction experts, and detailed reports are just a few of the reasons why Contractor Foreman is one of the best independent contractor apps for professionals in the construction industry.


Canvas makes it easy to collect information from project stakeholders and turn it into professionally formatted reports that help you stand out from competitors. Once you enter the data, it’s easy to use the mobile form builder to turn it into an estimate, an inspection report, an invoice, a work order, or another document. Canvas also gives you the ability to add photos to your reports, capture GPS locations, scan barcodes, and collect signatures from clients, among other features. Automatic calculations are also available to help you avoid mathematical errors that could hurt your reputation. The cloud-based software makes it easy to document the progress of every project without creating extra paperwork for you to file.


PlanGrid is built to be used on a construction site, making it one of the best apps for contractors in 2021. The app has several features to help you track project progress, including punch lists, tasks, and a centralized project hub that makes it easier to manage risk. With standardized data collection, there’s no need to fill out paper forms or keep track of every unfinished task on paper. After you answer a series of questions, the app creates corresponding issues to ensure someone follows up on anything that’s missing or incomplete. PlanGrid also gives you the flexibility needed to produce custom reports and smart drawings.

Construction Manager

Construction Manager is ideal for contractors who handle multiple jobs at once and need an easy way to keep everything organized. The purpose of the app is to keep information flowing between your office and each of your active construction sites. With Construction Manager, it’s easy to send inspection reports, estimates, time sheets, maintenance logs, and other documents to your subcontractors, ensuring everyone is on the same page with every project. The app also helps you provide better service by reducing the amount of time it takes to prepare an estimate or update clients on construction issues.


Procore gives you access to a suite of tools that can make your team more productive, increasing efficiency and making your business more profitable. Daily logs make it easy to keep track of every project detail, from how many labor hours you used to what happened at the job site during each shift. The app also makes it possible to take photos and link them to project drawings, keep your RFIs organized, view multiple versions of project drawings, and access project plans from anywhere you have an internet connection. You can even create stand-alone tickets for time and materials, ensuring you get paid for work that falls outside the original scope of the project.

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