Call and Lead Tracking: Helping You Close More Jobs

Schedule Follow Up

More leads equate to more business. Nevertheless, there are always slow seasons for any business and a great way to combat rough times is by tracking the status of your currents leads and following up whenever necessary. Like any good lead manager platform, contractors should always be able to track and mark the status of your current referrals. This tracking system can be the difference between lost and closed leads.

As we will be discussing all month long, CraftJack recently released an array of new updates and many of them are designed to help you track the status of your new and current referrals. Whether you use the CraftJack Lead Manager or not, tracking the status of your leads is imperative. It not only helps you with your follow up calendar, but it also gives you a library of notes to come back to before future projects. There are other benefits in tracking your leads’ status, all of which can be taken advantage of using the CraftJack Lead Manager.

Reminds You to Follow Up

If you are using the CraftJack Lead Manager efficiently, or your sales team is hard at work calling potential clients, then you should have a ton of leads coming in. Tracking the status of all those leads can seem like a daunting task, but it’s a necessary one. No single human can remember offhand which leads were serious, which leads were not interested and which leads were ready to start construction. By tracking the status of all your leads, you easily remember which leads need some fine tuning, like three or four follow up calls, and which ones need a soft sales approach. Either way, tracking its status will surely remind you to follow up with the lead in the best possible manner.

With the new CraftJack updates, our users can now prioritize each new and current referral in their CraftJack Lead Manager. You can move a lead up to the top of the list by marketing the lead as new or by scheduling a follow up reminder to call back at a later date. My good friend Noah Mishkin, the Director of Accounts at CraftJack, explains how below.

Reporting Lead Status Helps Track Overall Progress

Analytics, no matter what industry you are in, have advanced so much these past few years. In the lead generation business alone, we can now track how many times you call each lead and the average time it takes to call each lead. Despite all the advances, you as the contractor still need to track the status of each lead to see the overall status of your business.

Not only will tracking the status of your leads help you stay organized, but it will also help determine the ROI of your sales team and lead generation service. Believe it or not, lead generation is not for everyone. The only way to determine if lead generation is for you and your company is by tracking the status of all your leads.

You Don’t Need Advanced Technology

Tracking the status of your leads does not have to be complicated. Yes, software like the CraftJack Lead Manager makes things easier and more organized, but you can track your leads with Microsoft Excel or just a piece of paper and a pencil.

Some contractors like to keep things simple. Simplicity still requires organization, determination and willingness to stick to a schedule no matter how mundane it may seem. Technology can make life easier, but when it comes to lead generation tracking, it is by no means necessary to succeed.


Tracking every lead keeps a contractor’s life simple and organized. It is the organized contractor who closes new leads every day. It is the determined contractor who follows up because he is tracking each and every lead. It is a proven tracking system that equates to a successful business. Plain and simple if you ask me.