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Bookkeeping Tips For A Home Service Company

Learn everything you need to know about bookkeeping services for a home service company. Discover tips and advice about daily operations and common challenges and whether to perform duties in-house, outsource, or use automated software.

Thinking about bookkeeping services can seem intimidating for a new small business owner. However, it's easier than you might think. There are several approaches to consider, such as hiring a bookkeeper, outsourcing, or managing daily financial accounts yourself. 


How To Start A Home Service Business

Starting a home service business is a great way to use your knowledge and skills to make a living. Keep reading to learn about some of the most popular business types and find out what you need to do to get started.

If you have experience with carpentry, painting, landscaping, or another home service, it may be time to start your own business rather than working for someone else. Running a business gives you a tremendous amount of flexibility, but it also requires good organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage your time effectively. 


10 Ways To Increase Your Contractor Business Revenue

To maintain a profitable business, you need to generate as much small business revenue as possible. Here are 10 tips for increasing your revenue as a home services professional.

No matter what type of service you provide, you want to run a profitable business. One of the first steps in generating a profit is bringing in as much revenue as possible. The following guide explains the difference between revenue versus profit and provides 10 tips for increasing small business revenue as a contractor.


How To Grow Your Remodeling Company

Learn how to reach more potential customers by getting high-quality remodeling leads in real time. Discover more top tips on how to grow your remodeling company.

A growing company is every remodeling contractor's dream. But with so much competition on the horizon, it can be difficult to know how to attract clients. Luckily, with so many digital channels at your fingertips, reaching potential customers is easier than ever. You just need to have a stellar online presence and know how to generate leads.


4 Roadblocks To Profit For Home Service Professionals

For home service contractors, a few common roadblocks can make it more difficult to run a profitable business. Read on to learn more about these roadblocks and find out what home service professionals can do to overcome them.

You took the leap and opened your own home service business. Now you’re giving estimates, completing projects, and building your reputation as a reliable professional. But what should you do if all your hard work isn’t leaving much profit available at the end of the year? This guide explains some of the most common roadblocks to running a profitable business and offers tips to help home service professionals overcome them.


2022 Marketing Trends You Should Know

It’s a new year, so it’s time to shake up your marketing strategy. There are some new trends on the horizon to go along with the old but effective way of doing things.

Marketing trends seem to change quickly. This change and growth may instantly make you feel anxious and stressed, but that needn’t be the case for you and your 2022 marketing plan. Instead, consider it a challenge and an opportunity to take some baby steps towards using new tools and strategies to potentially grow your business little by little.


How To Price Your Services

How to price services is one of the most talked-about topics in the home service industry. Learn how to set just the right prices to satisfy customers and make your business profitable.

Many home service professionals struggle with how to price services appropriately. You don't want to set them too low and shortchange yourself, but you don't want to set them so high that people can't afford to hire you. Many factors go into determining just the right price for cleaning, painting, staining, roofing, and more. Keep reading to learn more about them and find out how to maximize your return on investment.


10 Consejos Útiles Para Contratistas De Jardinería

Para sobresalir en cualquier negocio, se debe apuntar al crecimiento tanto físico como financiero de la empresa. Esto es especialmente cierto cuando se trata de la industria de la jardinería. Ya sea que lleve algún tiempo en el negocio o apenas comienza a dar sus primeros pasos en la industria de la jardinería, el seguir estos consejos útiles le ayudarán a crecer y prosperar.

En CraftJack entendemos su deseo de hacer crecer su empresa de jardinería. Es por eso que ponemos todos nuestros recursos a su disposición para que pueda atraer nuevos clientes y comenzar a invertir en el crecimiento de su compañía. De clic aquí para ponerse en contacto con nosotros para ver como le podemos ayudar mejor.


Cómo Leer e Interpretar Un Plano

Un plano es un dibujo bidimensional que proporciona una representación virtual detallada sobre cómo debe verse y hacerse una construcción. Estos generalmente incluyen las medidas de los diferentes elementos constructivos, los materiales, y el sitio exacto de todos los componentes necesarios para lograr el resultado deseado. Para los contratistas de todos los rubros, el poder leer e interpretar es algo esencial para el desarrollo de su trabajo. Continúe leyendo para averiguar como. 


Can A Handyman Do Plumbing & Other Specialized Tasks?

A handyman typically has a diverse skill set and can offer clients a wide range of services, but there are legal limitations to the jobs a jack-of-all-trades may accept. Learn what jobs a handyman can legally do in most states.

Often, homeowners and small businesses like to hire a jack-of-all trades for small jobs, preferring to employ someone who can perform a variety of maintenance and upkeep tasks rather than hiring a different specialty contractor for each job. If you have a diverse skill set and can offer clients a wide range of services, starting your own handyman business can be a great way to earn a living. However, because certain types of projects require additional training, licensing, or certifications, there are limits to what services you can offer as a handyman. This article looks at the types of job a handyman can and can’t legally do so a prospective handyman can better understand the responsibilities that may come with the job.