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¿Qué es la Gestión de Reputación?

La Gestión de Reputación es el esfuerzo para influir en el “cómo” y “que” es lo que las personas piensan sobre una empresa o contratista cuando es visto en línea. Dicho de otra manera, el carácter es quién es usted, y la reputación es quien otras personas piensan que es, y hoy en día la reputación se basa principalmente en lo que sistemas de inteligencia artificial, tales como Google y otros, muestran sobre usted en lugar de la experiencia personal de primera mano.

Este artículo contestará algunas de las preguntas más frecuentes sobre la gestión de reputación y su utilidad para los contratistas y sus empresas.

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The Importance Of NAP For Contractors

The number one must-have and do for your contractor business to thrive is to make sure that your contact information is accurate, consistent, and prominent; it’s all part of search engine optimization that everyone is always talking about. It’s imperative that your name, address, and phone number, or NAP, are exactly the same in spelling and format every place it appears on the web; from Bing, Google Maps, Yahoo, and near me searches to contractor review sites and your website.

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SEO For Contractors

You have likely heard the acronym SEO, and maybe you have even read about search engine optimization, but still, its meaning and relevance elude you. Don’t feel bad; by definition, it seems rather simple but understanding the intricacies and implementation are much more complex and ever-changing which is likely what you have found out.

In today’s dominant online landscape, SEO for contractors is as important as a contractor’s ability to do their trade well; so, fortunately, there are a lot of resources and SEO tips at CraftJack to help you wade in the SEO waters.

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Online Reputation Management For Contractors

It’s almost impossible to get through life as a contractor without someone being dissatisfied with some aspect of service at one point or another. Even the best and most successful professionals get negative reviews every once in a while. But when you’re in this industry, your reputation depends on reviews.

The internet is your friend and can make generating new business a whole lot easier, but if you’re not careful, it can quickly turn into a foe. This is why it’s so important for contractors to understand why online reputation management matters and how to successfully engage with others online.

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Your Marketing Strategy: Intro

From getting the job done right to generating more construction leads, successful contractors must know how to manage their business effectively. Marketing is a key element in getting your name out there and finding more work; however, it can often seem overwhelming if you’re just starting out. CONTINUE READING