Contractor Spotlight: Zeb Borynack, Zeb's Plumbing

After 12 years of working for other companies, Zeb Borynack decided it was time to start his own business. This decision was one of the most fulfilling decisions of his life. Now Zeb's business, Zeb's Plumbing, is flourishing in the southern California area. Zeb explains how reaching his company goals is a critical part in expanding and growing his already established business. Read about how Zeb's Plumbing partnered with CraftJack on their journey to success.

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Zeb's Plumbing

CraftJack: Tell me about the services you offer and how you got into this business?

Zeb Borynack, Zeb's Plumbing: When I was 16 I was just finding work under the table doing plumbing jobs. After 12 years of working with other companies and working for other other people, I finally decided to get out there on my own and try to see if i could wear my big boy pants and do it myself. I think this was the most fulfilling decision I've made so far. Our specialties are tankless water treatment re-pipes. I've noticed we kind of lean towards that side of things mostly, because i went to school for a lot of that. So I'm certified and I'm very knowledgeable about it, but we can and will do any plumbing.

CraftJack: What approach do you take in order to achieve your company's goals?

Zeb Borynack, Zeb's Plumbing: I take the next ceiling approach. I have my quota which is what I think I should be able to do by the end of the month and then I have my goal. My goal is what I think is right outside my reach, but I'd like to hit. Each time I hit that goal, that goal becomes my new quota and then I set a new goal. So it kind of takes me to that next level where I'm reaching for the next ceiling, which then becomes the next floor to the next ceiling, and it kind of keeps you pushing forward at the fastest pace. I wanted to be pushing outside my comfort zone, pushing myself, and holding myself accountable to challenging myself and so far it's been great.

CraftJack: What are the benefits for your business by using CraftJack?

Zeb Borynack, Zeb's Plumbing: The obvious one is lead generation. As a startup company your name's not out there, you're not getting any leads. Without a lead generator like CraftJack, it's almost impossible to get your name in front of customers. I think the other way that CraftJack is really helping me out is the fact that they call the customer first to make sure that the customer is actually looking for a plumber. Another thing is that with other lead generating companies you don't have the discount for calling them faster. Those two main keys are are my benefits from CraftJack so far.

CraftJack: What advice do you have for others who are looking to get into the business?

Zeb Borynack, Zeb's Plumbing: Maintain positivity. Whether you're working for someone else or for yourself in the construction industry regardless of what trade you're specifically doing, they all have the same thing in common. It's a roller coaster. You'll have some high points, some low points, some bad weeks, some good weeks, some great months, and some months that sweep you off your feet and you just feel like quitting and that's where to be successful you have to take that hit and get back up.