CraftJack Updates & New Discount Policy

Updates And Discount Policy

Since CraftJack started 5½ years ago, our goal has never changed; provide the highest quality leads and the best possible service for our loyal contractors. As the CraftJack Lead Manager is never a final product, we are making three positive changes revolving around new lead tasks and CraftJack discounts.

New Tasks

CraftJack is pleased to announce the addition of 11 new tasks in the CraftJack Lead Manager. The 11 new tasks are:

  1. Cleaning – Clean Carpets or Rugs in a Home
  2. Cleaning – Clean and Inspect a Chimney or Fireplace
  3. Roofing – Clean a Roof
  4. Roofing – Apply Roof Sealant
  5. Roofing – Install Roof Heating Cable to Melt Snow
  6. Fencing – Install Electronic Pet Fence
  7. Fencing – Electronic Pet Fence – Repair or Adjust
  8. Fencing – Install or Replace a Driveway or Security Gate
  9. Painting – Sandblast Surfaces
  10. Painting – Paint Metal Roofing
  11. Windows – Clean Windows

All new tasks are currently available in your CraftJack Lead Manager. You can go in and add the service yourself or give your account manager a call at 866-332-7134 to add the service for you.

Note: As always, we expect to release additional trades and tasks later in the year including handyman leads, pest control leads and much more!

Tool Belt

Speed-To-Call Discount Increasing To 20%

In an effort to reward our contractors for being the most responsive in the business, we are doubling our speed-to-call discount to 20%! That’s right, just by calling the homeowner within 30 minutes of receiving the lead, you get a 20% discount on that lead!

Contractors have saved over $650,000 with our speed-to-call discount!

In addition to saving money, the speed-to-call discount should encourage all contractors to call their leads as quickly as possible. After all, the number one way to turn leads into jobs is by calling quickly. The facts below prove it:

  • Responding to leads in the first minute can improve conversion as much as 391%.
  • 88% of converted leads are contacted in first 24 hours.
  • 78% of homeowners choose the first party to make contact and the first party to contact a prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the 2nd.

Eliminating Competition Discount

Finally, we have eliminated the competition discount. Through extensive lead generation and home remodeling research, CraftJack determined that competition beyond the first two contractors does not meaningfully cut down on win rate. Plus, this changes enables us to make the aforementioned increase to the speed-to-call discount, which has indisputable benefits for both the homeowner and the pro.

Nevertheless, CraftJack will never sell the same lead to more than four contractors. As such, it’s more important than ever to call as quickly as possible. Remember, 78% of homeowners choose the first party that makes contact.


We wholeheartedly believe that the preceding three changes will not only improve your CraftJack experience, but also help you grow your business to new heights.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the 2017 CraftJack updates. Feel free to give us a call at 866-332-7134 or email us at

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