The CraftJack Way: Speed-To-Call Discount

Speed To Call Discount

For pros, winning jobs is key. While there are multiple methods to do so, getting in contact with the customer as soon as possible has been a proven method to work time and time again.

At CraftJack, we want to help you win the job. That’s why we offer a unique speed-to-call discount, where contractors can receive 20% off a specific lead when calling within 30 minutes. Here’s why we believe in the speed-to-call discount.

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Why Speed-To-Call Matters

If you’re working towards winning more jobs, speed to call should be a part of your lead generation strategy. After all, calling quickly helps the customer to keep your business top of mind and assures them that you’re serious about the project. According to data from MarketSharp, HomeAdvisor and CraftJack, 78% of homeowners choose the first party to make contact with them. If you want to win more jobs, being the first to call your lead is essential to winning that job.

Calling quickly doesn’t only have benefits for your business, but it also benefits the customer. A contractor who calls after receiving the lead provides value to that customer. They know that they take the job seriously and are more likely to trust them with bigger projects. This is an aspect of communication that your customer will appreciate.

However, keep in mind, you may not close on the first call. In fact, our data shows that 80% of leads do not close on the first call. Persistence is key to win the job. Speed-to-call is just as important as continuing to call the customer and express your interest.

CraftJack’s Speed-To-Call Discount

Here at CraftJack, we want to support your business success. Given the data that a prompt call is more likely to win the job, we offer an incentive to our pros. A call within 30 minutes of receiving a lead will earn you a 20% discount on that lead. As of December 2016, contractors have saved over $650,000 with the Speed-To-Call discount.

Our data shows that pros are taking advantage of the speed-to-call discount we offer. 65% of CraftJack contractors are calling leads within the first 30 minutes, with most calling 6 minutes on average from when they receive the lead.

It really is that simple. Contact a lead as soon as you receive it to not only receive this discount but increase your chances of winning the job. If you haven’t yet, sign up with CraftJack to start receiving your speed-to-call discount on leads.

Old Phone

Making The Call

When it comes to making the call, it starts with being prepared. If you’re on the job or stuck in traffic, move to someplace that’s a bit quieter. After all, it will be hard to address the prospective customer’s needs if you can’t hear them. Have a pen and paper ready to take down any notes that may help you better plan the project.

You’ll also want to have a short pitch ready to share about you and your business. This should include your business name, what you do and what makes your company different. Practice this a few times so you’re ready at a moment’s notice when you get a lead. This sales pitch can be helpful in winning the job. It’s also a good idea to have a few general questions prepared in advance such as:

  • “What does your timeline look like?”
  • “Who will my primary contact be during the project.”
  • “Has any of the work been completed already?”
  • “When is the best time to come by to provide an estimate?”

These questions will give you a better idea about the scope of the project and if it’s a job you can take on. It’s likely the customer will have questions for you as well, so be prepared to answer to the best of your ability.


Be Persistent

There’s a good chance, no matter how quickly you call after receiving a lead, the potential customer may not answer. Don’t panic. The good news is that you’ll still receive the speed-to-call discount on this lead.

Leave a voicemail with your pitch and how they can contact you. It’s recommended that voicemails stay under 30 seconds, so you’ll want to only include the most important information.

Following up on that voicemail is important. Considered the time you had called them first. Was it during odd hours of the day? Was it on a weekend? These are times when calls are least answered. Try a different tactic by calling on a different time and day. Schedule and set a reminder for yourself on your phone or on a to-do list so you don’t forget. Be persistent, it will pay off.


CraftJack’s speed-to-call discount is a unique benefit offered to all our contractors. We want to help you succeed in your business with leads that work for you.

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