Digital Marketing Trends For 2015

Digital marketing is here to stay and, in fact, it’s gaining momentum. The majority of people are using the Internet and their smartphones to share, retrieve and exchange information. This means businesses need to get on-board. Your audience is using digital to read reviews, search for products and services and share what they like with their friends. See what digital marketing trends are going to be big in 2015 so you can plan accordingly.

Content Marketing

You may have heard this term thrown around lately, or maybe it’s completely new to you and you aren’t sure what it is. Either way, it’s important for any business professional to know what’s trending in content marketing. Whether it’s retaining them or gaining them, we all want and need customers. Without them we don’t have a business. Essentially, content marketing is any marketing that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire and retain customers.

In 2015, the most important way businesses are distributing their content is through online channels and social media sharing. You’ve probably played with some of the social media tools out there, or maybe you’re already an expert, but either way, it’s important to stay on top of the trends. Businesses are increasing their digital marketing spend, for example running ads, on platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Email marketing will still be big, but business owners and marketing teams need to be more creative. The challenge will be to create relevant, compelling email content that your subscribers will actually want to read and engage with.

Mobile Marketing

Everyone owns a phone, and in most cases, a pretty fancy one. Smartphones have become the gateway to a flood of information at your fingertips. Think about when you receive a marketing email from a company that sparks your interest, but the message doesn’t show up correctly and you delete it. This happens all too often with businesses who don’t optimize their content for mobile. In fact, it’s so important that Google even caters to mobile-friendly sites by giving them a boost in search ranking.

In addition to your email and social media marketing, make sure your website is mobile friendly. Mobile Marketing Watch reports that even a one-second delay in a mobile website’s response time can reduce conversions by as much as 7%. Launch and Hustle, digital marketing strategy experts, report that brands and publishers spent 83% more on mobile marketing this year than the previous year, representing an increase of $8.4 billion. CMO goes on to point out that the average consumer now spends approximately three hours per day on a mobile device. The facts are in and mobile marketing is critical to your business success.

Online Communities

Online communities are going to continue to be big in 2015. This year, it’s all about online engagement and customer service. Building a network of customers and potential customers is a great way to get informal feedback, solve customer issues and get new business. It’s about going beyond friending and liking and taking the next step to form relationships, build trust and share ideas.

Online communities help customers stay connected to your brand. The brand advocates (ambassadors) you create will spread the word for you to their family and friends. These days, it’s common practice for customers to visit a company website prior to purchasing a product or service. They’re looking for ratings, reviews and answers to their questions (Q&A page). The more information you provide, the better chance you have to keep customers engaged. Use social media to engage with your customers and have a conversation with them. Online communities are also a great way to collect informal feedback about your products and services.

Lead Manager

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Engaging content, mobile optimization, online communities and growing your business through Lead Manager are just a few ways you can utilize digital marketing to grow your business. We live in a digital world and so do your customers. Take time to learn all you can about digital marketing and start optimizing your presence through online marketing and social media.

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