Get Discounted Contractor Leads With CraftJack

Get Discounted Contractor Leads With CraftJack

Back in 2013, as a new lead gen company on the block, we decided to be the exception rather than the rule. CraftJack introduced our speed-to-call discounts for our loyal CraftJack contractors. Since then, our service professionals have saved over $1.2 Million. When a contractor receives a discount from a CraftJack lead, our pros average a 17% savings.

While I can not speak for other lead generation companies, CraftJack opens your doors to lead discounts, no matter the types of leads you are receiving.

Speed-To-Call Discounts

How quickly you contact the lead after receiving our custom notification can make or break the sale. After all, if you call two days later, chances are, another pro will have already contacted the homeowner and chatted about their upcoming remodeling project.

Nonetheless, CraftJack took it one step further. In addition to the competition discounts above, we offer all pros another 10% discount if they call the lead within the first 30 minutes. You are not only greatly increasing your odds of closing the sale, but also saving money in the process. In fact, thanks to our patent-pending speed-to-call technology, you could just dial the number, hang up and still receive the discount.

Need More Proof?

According to historical data from MarketSharp, HomeAdvisor and CraftJack…

  • Responding to leads in the first minute can improve your conversion by as much as 391%.
  • 88% of converted leads are contacted in the first 24 hours.
  • 78% of homeowners choose the first party to make contact.
  • The first party to contact a prospect has a 238% higher rate of conversion than the 2nd.

The stats and incentives are there. On top of all that, don’t forget that additional 10% discount.


Lead generation works, but all pros need a thorough follow up process and a fair shot at closing the business. This discount, which again have amounted to over $1.2MM since 2013, ensure you have a fair and equal chance of closing every lead you receive from the CraftJack service.

If you want to start receiving leads for plumbing, roofing or any of our other 20 trades, click here and get the ball rolling.