How Cleaning Up Your Job Site Can Help Your Business

Sweeping The Floor

After a long day on the job, you stand back and look at the work accomplished. But, it’s not time to leave quite yet. Part of ending the day’s work should always be cleaning up the job site. Of course, this is the last thing any of us want to do, but it’s essential to your business.

Here are three reasons why keeping the job site clean can improve your business and a few tips to help.

Keeping The Job Site Clean

1. A Productive & Safe Work Environment

First, you and your employee’s safety is top priority. If you’re working on a big job, like a remodel or a small installation, you’ll likely have materials and tools around. It’s tempting to leave items where they land as you work to save time, however, imagine what could happen if someone trips over a cord or wood debris? Or, the damage that could be done if someone steps on a loose nail? This is not only an injury waiting to happen, but a liability as well. By keeping a clean and clear work area, you can provide a safe one as well.

A clean workspace has productivity and efficiency benefits as well. By keeping a clean workspace, you become more focused on the task at hand, freeing yourself of the distractions other messes may bring. It also allows you and other workers to find tools quicker without having to search under and over things to find what they’re looking for.

Vacuum Cleaner

2. Customer Loyalty & Referrals

Even if a work is in progress, if a customer sees a messy job site, they can’t see the work you’re doing. This is especially true in remodels or additions, where the customer is making a large sacrifice for the work done on their home. If they see a mess spreading into the livable part of their house, they may react poorly. In addition, people often associate cleanliness with quality. If they see a job site that is a mess, they might think less of the quality of work you’re providing.

A clean workspace will result in happy customers, who are likely to call you next time they need work done or will be happy to refer you to others. Part of your job is not just the hands-on labor, but providing a great customer experience. Taking a few minutes could result in more leads from referrals.

3. Better Reviews

Customer reviews are valuable. Ninety percent of consumers read online reviews before calling a contractor, according to Zuberance.

Be sure to thoroughly clean up the job site when the job is completely done, so the customer can fully see the home improvement. A messy job site will leave the work looking unfinished and leaving a mess behind won’t reflect well on your services. Customers will likely share their displeasure during their review. The reviews that are left about your work can help or hurt your business. Don’t let a messy job site be the reason you don’t win the job.

Cleaning Supplies

Job Site Cleaning Tips

Now that we understand the importance of a clean jobs site, how can you put it into practice? Being diligent about keeping a clean and organized job site will help you in the long run.

Scheduled Cleaning Times

Pick two times during the workday to stop and straighten up. At the end of the day, this will make cleaning less of a burden and easier to manage. If you’re able, make a checklist of the things that need to be cleaned up so you don’t miss a thing.

Lead by Example

Employees making a mess? Show them that keeping a clean area is important to you by following the standards you have set and reminding them of it. Many younger workers may not understand the value in keeping a clean space. Inform them that it’s an important part of the job and set the standard for them.

Have A Place for Everything

One of the things contractors lack on the job is proper organization. Invest in proper tool storage and utility buckets. More importantly, be sure to use them!

For bigger jobs, a job box is a good investment, especially if there’re multiple trades working on-site. This helps everyone keep track of their own tools. Always remember to mark what tools are yours so there is no confusion.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Available

Provide garbage cans and bags for workers to have a place to throw their scraps and garbage. For bigger jobs, renting a dumpster is a smart idea. If you work on big jobs regularly, consider investing in a dump trailer to haul your own garbage. This may seem like a large cost, but will save money over time.

At the end of the job, you’ll feel less inclined to make the space look spotless if you don’t have the proper materials. Invest in some window cleaner, a vacuum and a broom to help leave the area how you’d like it to be seen by the customer.


At the end of the day or job, the work isn’t finished. By taking the time to clean up your work, you can promote safety, increase productivity and impress the customer. Use some of these tips to stay tidy on the job.

Are there any other cleaning tips you use on the job? Share with us in the comments below!