How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 3

If you’ve missed Part 1  or Part 2 of using the laws of persuasion to help your business, I recommend you get familiar with them to understand some of the principles behind people’s decision making. While this is the final post of that information series, it will not fall short of sharing what you need to see improvements.  By evaluating and applying these next few laws of persuasion, you will be well equipped to see great changes in the present and future. 


Law #7 – The Law of Power

This law suggests that individuals that are perceived to have greater expertise, strength or authority, have power over people who accept this perception of them.

An expert in carpentry usually has the power over an average homeowner (requesting woodwork) due to the extensive training, knowledge and experience in that area of work. Having the ability to share your level of expertise is a strength that outweighs the competition. Time, passion and the desire to be the best in your field will grant you the power to command the authority of others and boost your business exponentially.

Do you command power in your industry that customers depend on?


Law #8 – The Law of Friends

This law suggests that when someone you trust or like requests something of you, you are highly motivated to fulfill that request. 

This is a law that dates back to childhood. When you become someone’s friend, you’re more accepting to requests, assistance and recommendations that you sometimes wouldn’t have completed on your own. If your business or service develops these relationships with your customers, it’s more likely that they will be motivated to share your business and ideas to others on your behalf.

Are you building genuine relationships with your customers?


Law #9 – The Law of Conformity

This law suggests that an individual is more likely to agree to proposals or requests if the majority of the group has already received it in a good way. 

This law can be combined with the Law of Friends and taken to new heights to market your business. If you have developed friendships with your customers and they are sharing with others (with the added bonus that additional clients are conversing about your great work), word of mouth can spread. Majority will have already provided their consensus on how excellent your service can be, making it highly likely that newcomers will start using your business.

How has your company made people conform to the services or products you offer?


We’ve covered a wealth of information to help with marketing, building relationships and growing your business. By using the Laws of Power, Friends and Conformity, you will be able to cover enormous ground with your customers in mind. Apply it endlessly and witness the potential you will create for yourself and your business.

For more information about any of the previous laws, please review Part 1  and Part 2 of the series and learn how the Laws of Persuasion can work for your business.