How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 2

We’ve seen from Part 1 of using the persuasion laws that it could greatly assist in people’s decision making process. As I will discuss more thoroughly in this post, we tap into a few that can make more of an impact in receiving a quality business turn around with clients. Could this work for you? You may seem a bit skeptical, but by applying these next few laws of persuasion to your business methods, you can yield some pretty incredible results in the long run. 


Law #4 – The Law of Contrast

This law suggests that when two people or items that are different are placed in close proximity of one another, we see them as standing out.

This law has a wealth of information that can be interpreted by the word alone. Being able to stand out from the crowd of many is a huge feat which comes with great rewards. If your business or service was placed in a market with the exact same industry players, its value and position should be in contrast to other competitors.

So you can now ask yourself; how is my business or service standing out from the rest?


Law #5 – The Law of Expectancy

This law suggests that when a person and/or people anticipate a certain result out of respect or admiration, you will tend to work toward fulfilling that request whether it’s positive or negative.

Definitely a concept that stands the test of time in business. If you were to provide a quality product or service to someone and met what they have perceived to be the value of quality, you have done your job. Even better are those who can exceed the expectation of someone’s request or need. Customers tend to talk and share their experiences with others when they are blown away by great results.

Has your company or services met and/or exceeded your customers expectations?


Law #6 – The Law of Consistency

This law suggests that when a person or business takes a position or provides a service, they will work tirelessly to provide the same quality of service or product every time. 

Business operations and consumer products often fall short of patrons expectations for the same service each time out. Many times, businesses don’t place emphasis on a product being the exact same to every single customer at any given time. Majority of the people requesting these services or products want exactly what they paid for, every time they pay for it. To be the best in your field, strive for a level of consistency that keeps your customers coming back for more. They depend on it more than you may think.

What level of consistency is your company providing?


We’ve touch on a few new laws that could boost the levels of your business dealings. By using the Laws of Contrast, Expectancy and Consistency, you can make an impact with the existing and new customers you serve. Use it in your next endeavor and reap the benefits that will come as a result of its application.

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