Limitless Possibilities For Revenue Growth

Limitless Possibilities For Revenue Growth

When you receive a lead, it’s more than just a job opportunity. A lead is the potential to grow, not just with one won job, but with the power of referrals and reviews, one job can turn into many. Thinking about lead generation as a key to many doors, rather than just one, can help to open your business up to brand new opportunities.

One lead provides limitless possibilities to grow your revenue, meet new customers and become even more successful. Here at CraftJack, we’re not only here to help you find new jobs, but we provide you with a system to request reviews easily, making sure you have every opportunity you need.

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What Is ROI?

Understanding ROI is important when it comes to generating revenue. A return on investment, or ROI, will help you understand the ratio of how much money you spent upfront to make more money later. However, ROI in lead generation is not as simple as cost spent minus the job payout. There are many factors that determine the ROI of a lead.

Leads are rarely free. Consider social media marketing. While it is cost-effective to do, think about the cost of your time spent acquiring leads. Or, the costs accrued if you need to hire someone to manage and promote your business pages. That should be factored in when calculating your total ROI, and could become a costly way to grow business over time.

Lead generation services like CraftJack make it easy and take the guesswork out of ROI.  You only pay for the leads you receive and nothing else. We know that limitless revenue is a possibility and want to help you on your journey to get there.

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The Power Of One Job

When calculating ROI, you’ll also want to consider referrals from jobs won. This can make leads more valuable. A small job can turn into a few larger jobs by providing great customer service and asking for reviews when the work is done.

When you get a CraftJack lead, there really are no limits to what you can do. Use your best sales techniques to turn the lead into a job won, and offer exceptional customer service for a returning customer.

Some contractors also like to offer referral incentives, like a certain percentage off of a service. Or, some collect word-of-mouth testimonials to include on their website. The possibilities to turn one job into many are endless.

Best Practices For Turning A Lead Into A Job

What are the best ways to turn a lead into a job? We asked Alex G., CraftJack Account Manager, what his tips were for contractors.

“Speed is of the essence when trying to contact your lead,” he says. “Being respectful of the timeframe that’s needed for the project but reaching out to them as soon as possible. Don’t just call! Use all of the resources available. Being consistent will allow you to close your leads at a higher rate.”

No Limits To Revenue Growth

For CraftJack contractors, the opportunities to grow their small business are endless. From a simple pay-per-lead model to maximize your ROI to more opportunities to connect with homeowners, there really are limitless possibilities with CraftJack.

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