Limitless Possibilities: Lead Generation

Every opportunity counts when it comes to landing new jobs in your area. From the smallest jobs to complete remodels, you never know when these leads can turn in to more work for you, either from homeowners calling on you for additional projects or referring you to a friend., Either way, this means more money for your business.

At CraftJack, our goal is to bring you the most qualified leads in real-time, so you can have all possibilities to win the job. We want to prepare you for the most success so that when it comes time to speak with a homeowner, you’re prepared, knowledgeable, and ready to sell your business. Let us do the hard work of finding leads in your area so you can focus on winning the job.

If you’ve wanted more jobs in your area, now is the time to take advantage of our services to help you reach your goals.  Sign up today to take advantage of all the great benefits of being a CraftJack pro. Use promo code “NOLIMITS” for 5 free leads with a $300 deposit.

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Set Your Service Area To Increase Leads

One of the great benefits of a lead generation service is that it helps you reach beyond your personal network to neighboring communities with new customers. One way to increase the number of leads you receive is by expanding your service area to include more zip codes. A willingness to travel beyond your zip code allows you to find more jobs. There are no limits to how many zip codes you can include on your CraftJack account, providing you with more opportunities to win more jobs.

Select All Services Provided To Increase Leads

We believe that your unique skill set provides you with limitless possibilities to find new jobs. CraftJack gives all of our contractors the opportunity to expand their reach by offering many services within their trade. For example, do you want to expand your painting business? Try adding on staining services or exterior tasks. The more services you provide, the more leads you will get.

You can also expand your reach by branching out.  Are you a landscaper? Consider taking on snow removal in the winter. Here at CraftJack, we offer over 40 trades you can select from, each with its own unique sets of tasks,  giving you countless possibilities to use our service to take your business to new heights.

Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring new opportunities in other areas. Sign up with CraftJack today.

Or, if you’ve already spoken to our Membership team, schedule a call today.

Increase Your Budget For More Leads

In addition to adjusting your services and service areas, you’re also in control of your budget. Because of our Pay-Per-Lead model, you only pay for the leads you receive. Increasing your budget will increase the number of CraftJack leads you can receive. 

However, we know planning ahead for your budget can be a challenge to overcome. Your CraftJack account manager is here to help. They can share their tips on the best budget to set for the maximum ROI. 

Referrals & Reviews

Once the job is done, the work to grow your business is just beginning. Referrals and reviews are great ways to gain more word-of-mouth leads. Referrals and reviews don’t cost anything; they are a great way to connect with homeowners who are familiar with your work.

In fact, here at CraftJack, we encourage our pros to ask for a review at the end of every job, to help build a portfolio of work that homeowners will be able to reference when choosing a pro for their job. We never charge for reviews, allowing you limitless possibilities to increase your reach.

These are just a few ways you can have limitless possibilities with lead generation. Want to learn more? Sign up today, or schedule a call to get back in touch with our membership team.