What Licenses Do Roofing Pros Need In Texas?

If you’re a roofing pro, you know the risks associated with your work, like physical injury or damages. It’s important to mitigate as many risks as possible. One risk you may not have considered before is your licensing, specifically for Texas roofing pros. CONTINUE READING

Video: Where Do Leads Come From?

As a contractor, you’re always looking for new business. Whether it’s through a referral or a lead generation service, like CraftJack, you hope to connect with homeowners who have a project you can help them with. CONTINUE READING

Industry News: August 2016

It’s been a hot summer season for pros in many parts of the country. Projects like HVAC repair, pool installation and landscaping are keeping contractors. While pros have seen a busy summer season, they should begin to plan ahead for the fall and winter as work slows down. One of the best ways to do so is keeping up with industry trends. CONTINUE READING

What A Lead Is & What It Is Not

There are many strategic ways to go about generating new business and contacts, one of them being with lead generation. While a lead can take on many different meanings depending on what industry you’re in, this particular article will cover what an online lead is and is not in relation to the home remodeling industry.

A lead is an individual that expresses interest in a specific service and acts as a sales contact. These type of leads are obtained through a network of sites or advertisements that refers them to the right contractors for the job. See what specific attributes make up a lead and the most common assumptions about leads that may be getting in your way of finding success with such a service. CONTINUE READING

What To Include In Your Cleaning Estimate

There are many skills and tactics you need to utilize when you’re bidding for a cleaning job. Sales skills are essential to show why you’re the right choice for the job. Superior communication with the potential client helps them to really understand more about your work. Preparing a perfect cleaning estimate is the final touch to show them just what they can expect from your work. CONTINUE READING

Video: What To Include In Your Estimate

When you’re bidding for a job, there are many factors that can make you stand apart from the rest. One of those factors is an estimate, to help the customer clearly understand what services you’ll be providing and what they are paying for. CONTINUE READING

How To Set Up A Google Business Profile

How many times have you heard the term “google it” when someone asks a question? Probably a lot! According to Business Insider, there are 2.3 Million Google searches per day. It’s no surprise that Google is the most powerful way to find information quickly, making it a place to be for any and all businesses. CONTINUE READING

5 Interpersonal Skills Every Business Owner Should Possess

Interpersonal skills are critical for any business owner or entrepreneur to possess because the job involves communicating, interacting and selling to customers. Effectively conversing with other people is the backbone of your company and what will set you apart from the competition. These are skills you should be continuously polishing and improving upon.

Besides having the physical and technical skillset to do your job, contractors and business owners also need to possess advanced communication skills for negotiating, closing sales and conveying abstract ideas. Brushing up on the following five interpersonal skills will help you be a better business owner and more effective communicator. CONTINUE READING

Summer Construction Trends

This time of year tends to bring more than just hot weather; it also sends more leads and jobs your way. For homeowners, summer means the ability to get more projects done before the cool weather hits. As such, business is good for many pros. CONTINUE READING

Video: The Benefits Of Joining An Organization

Have you considered becoming a member of a trade organization or association? Now might be the right time to do so. By joining an organization, you open yourself up to new opportunities for you and your business that you may not have had otherwise. CONTINUE READING