Announcing CraftJack Lead Manager Updates: Now Offering Electrical Services

CraftJack is pleased to announce the addition of another new service to the CraftJack Lead Manager. As of today, contractors can sign up for electrical services. CONTINUE READING

What Customers Are Looking For On Your Website

With technology at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to have a functioning website for your business. We know how important this is for contractors. Having a website can help generate leads and awareness of your services. But how do you know your website is functioning how your customer needs it to? By knowing what customers are looking for, you can better assist them to the information they need and get leads faster. CONTINUE READING

Today’s Tough, Rugged Devices for Construction

When technology and the construction industry collide, there’s no telling what can happen. The latest discoveries include hot new devices that are both changing and disrupting the business as we know it.

If you fear technology or have been slow to accept it, then I suggest you change your outlook because it’s not going away. It’s time you consider learning more about today’s tech developments and how they can help you do your job better. See the latest tough and rugged devices for construction and how they’re aiding in safety, efficiency and workflow. CONTINUE READING

Credit Safety First

As a contractor, you’ve likely heard a lot about safety. You remember the 4-to-1 ladder rule and to wear protective gear on the job site. But as a business owner, it’s important that you think beyond just physical safety. Financial safety is just as vital for all contractors. CONTINUE READING

Video: The Next Generation Of Craftsman

In a recent study by HomeAdvisor, 76% of construction business owners anticipate difficulties finding new employees, even though jobs are available. This is due to a new generation, the millennials, entering the workforce and not desiring to work in construction. CONTINUE READING

What You Should Know About The Skilled Labor Shortage

As a new generation enters the workforce, another begins to leave. For the construction industry, this can present challenges for contractors. The industry is struggling to retain new, young workers as an older generation of skilled craftsman start to leave the field. CONTINUE READING

The Power Of Customer Reviews For Small Businesses

The fact is that consumers are putting more faith in fellow consumers and less faith in actual companies. What this means is customer reviews and referrals are more powerful than ever before, including their ability to serve as a marketing tool for small businesses.

The ability of customer reviews to persuade another isn’t fabricated, there are hard facts behind the influence they have on purchasing habits. In this article, I’ll discuss why you need customer reviews, how they affect the bottom line and best practices for managing them. CONTINUE READING

5 Sales Tips That Will Help Win The Job

Your sales strategy is just as important as the actual hands-on work you do. Why? Because the way you communicate what you can do for the customer is the way you’ll land the job. Sales are incredibly important for any business owner. Knowing your best approach will help you win new jobs and gain referrals.

However, not everyone is great at selling. But, with a few easy tips and techniques, you can gain new business in no time at all. CONTINUE READING

Video: Not The Only, But The Best

The Goose Island Beer Company has a great slogan, “Not The Only, But The Best.” The company recognizes that you are likely to drink and choose from more than one beer. However, among all the options, they want to be the best one you drink.

In the video below, Noah explains how this slogan can translate into business. It’s likely other contractors will be bidding for a job, but how can you go above and beyond to be the best? CONTINUE READING

The Do’s & Don’ts Of Estimates

Though every job is different, contractors should be willing and ready to provide estimates to their customers. Knowing what to present and how to present them can be tricky, especially when you’re trying to land the job. CONTINUE READING