5 Construction Email Newsletters You’ll Want to Read

Email newsletters are great because they’re filled with content topics that interest you and are delivered to your inbox in seconds. They’re typically free of charge and an easy way to keep up to speed with what’s going on in your industry or trade.

As a business owner and leader, you should be expanding your industry knowledge and challenging yourself daily. There are five construction email newsletters that you should consider subscribing to, based on the content and benefits outlined below. CONTINUE READING

Industry News: April 2016

In any career, it’s important to stay on top of industry news. As the construction industry grows, contractors should observe current trends to foresee how they can best serve their customers. This month, we’re bringing you a few of the top headlines and what it could mean for your business.

Even though we’re already rounding out the first quarter of the new year, additional comparative data is being released about 2015 and what we can expect as we look to the rest of 2016. CONTINUE READING

Video: Guide To Lead Success

Think back to the last time you went to the gym. Did you stand around looking at the equipment? Did you use one machine only to neglect the rest? The answer is likely no. You knew simply signing up for a gym membership was not enough to get fit, you had to use all the resources provided. The same can be true for lead generation. CONTINUE READING

8 Psychological Triggers To Convert Leads Into Customers

As a small business owner and sales person, it’s extremely important to understand the psychology of why people do the things they do and how you can influence this process. Psychological prompts are a tool that’ll help you connect with your customers on a new level and increase sales.

Human behavior and psychology are at the backbone of converting leads into customers and growing your business. See eight psychological triggers that’ll allow you to get the people who are interested in your product to not only test the waters, but to dive in and convert into customers. CONTINUE READING

Video: Learn Something From Everyone

When was the last time you self-evaluated your work and operations? Many times, we can go months without looking inward at what we can learn and where we can improve. It’s important in any industry to always seek ways to continue growing, to better yourself and to better your business.

Construction Forecast 2016

A new year means new opportunities and new challenges. Though we’re already a few months in, it’s important to understand current data, trends and predictions to prepare yourself to best meet your customer’s needs.

We’ve pulled together the most important information in the industry to help you reach your business goals. The good news is that reported data points to continued growth for the construction industry in 2016.

The Importance Of Customer Retention

It’s nice to find new customers who are interested in your product. It makes you feel like you’re doing something right. While gaining new customers is exciting, it doesn’t compare to how good it feels turning customers into loyal buyers.

Customer retention is one area of sales that doesn’t always get the attention it deserves. I would argue that some business owners don’t fully recognize the importance of customer retention and how it impacts the bottom line. See why focusing on customer retention is key to your company’s stability and success. CONTINUE READING

Video: Providing Estimates Is NOT A Favor

Sincerity can go a long way and that starts with your very first sales call. As soon you receive that lead, give the homeowner a call (after all, you receive a 10% discount). As you call, remember that real people are on the other end. They should feel like you’re calling to help them. A consumer should never feel like they are inconveniencing you and that all starts with your tone and sincerity.

How An iPad Can Help You On The Job

Technology is one aspect of business that will always be changing and improving. As a small business owner, you should constantly be thinking about ways technology can help you do your job better and improve efficiency.

An iPad is one tool that has a lot of potential to help you close more sales and get more organized. Service professionals are one of many groups who’ll benefit from using an iPad on the job. See how this piece of technology can help you plan, prepare and win more jobs. CONTINUE READING

Video: People Talking To People

No matter how good a product you can produce or fast you can get the job done, customer service is vital to any and all businesses. While there is a plethora of ways to solve any particular customer service or sales issue, there are few tactics that almost always work.

In the end, we are all people and demand to be treated as such. Watch below as Noah explains how we handle all inquires with service professionals and how you can adopt the same strategies for your business. Believe me, it will greatly help the next time an angry customer gives you a buzz. CONTINUE READING