Best Forms Of Advertising For Home Improvement Contractors

Marketing is not a one size fits all idea. Just because one marketing idea worked for Company A does not mean it will work for Company B. As such, different companies need flexibility when it comes to advertising. If banners are not working, try social media. If SEO is not working, try lead generation. The list of advertising tactics goes on and on.

Nonetheless, there are five forms of advertising that have worked time and time again for home improvement contractors. As such, these five methods are the most effective when it comes to contractor marketing. CONTINUE READING

The Benefits Of Employing An Accountant

There are many challenges to running a small business, including finances, legal matters and bookkeeping. While small business owners are often experts in their own field or industry, rarely are they either accounting, tax or legal experts.

You don’t have to necessarily hire an accountant full-time or have them on constant standby to reap the benefits of hiring an accountant. You have the option of hiring someone to help you out during certain times of the year or on individual projects. See several benefits of employing an account that may have you reconsidering your decision not to work with one. CONTINUE READING

Video: Who Is Representing Your Business?

Just as a homeowner interviews you before hiring your company for that expansive roofing job, you as a contractor need to know everyone representing your business. Whether it’s a new hire, a subcontractor or even a referral you made, you must know and approve everyone representing your business. CONTINUE READING

Get Discounted Contractor Leads With CraftJack

Lead generation companies have gotten it wrong for years. While the industry has been around for decades, many lead generation services have not done all they could for their pros. After all, why should you pay the same amount for a shared lead versus an exclusive lead? It just doesn’t make sense.

Back in 2013, as a new lead gen company on the block, we decided to be the exception rather than the rule. CraftJack introduced our speed-to-call discounts for our loyal CraftJack contractors. Since then, our service professionals have saved over $1.2 Million. When a contractor receives a discount from a CraftJack lead, our pros average a 17% savings. CONTINUE READING

CraftJack Updates & New Pricing

A lot has happened in the 4½ years since launching CraftJack. We’ve brought some new ideas as a fresh approach to the home services industry that have changed the way home improvement contractors benefit from lead generation. Our commitment to providing the absolute best experience with positive results, has been the number one goal continually driving us toward great new ideas.

4 Ways Green Construction Is Saving the Planet

Construction is slowly becoming a greener and more sustainable industry due to advances in technology and an adaption toward more eco-friendly building practices. All buildings and homes have an impact on their surrounding location, so it’s important to keep moving in a direction that decreases the environmental impact of these structures.

Creating awareness for environmentally-friendly processes is half the battle toward cleaning up and saving our planet. The more service professionals who support green construction, the better chance it’ll have at becoming an industry best practice. Fortunately, there are four ways green construction is already making its way into homes everywhere. CONTINUE READING

Video: Streaming Your Business

Customers today want more than just a good contractor. They want to see behind those closed doors. They want to see how you work before they hire you. They want to envision what it’s like to work with you before they sign on that dotted line.

Well, there are two terrific mobile phone apps that are perfect for streaming behind the scenes of your business: Meerkat and Periscope. Watch below as Noah explains exactly how you can use these simple apps. CONTINUE READING

Video: Learn From 2015

December is always the slow season, but that doesn’t mean the work stops. The end of the year is the perfect time to go back, learn and evaluate your business from the past year. What new aspects of your business worked? What new ventures did not work? These are just a few of the many questions you should ask yourself every December. CONTINUE READING

Social Media Don’ts

Social Media. The go-to when it comes to marketing. I know what you’re thinking. “Why do I need to market my small home improvement business?” Well, it’s simple. No matter how small your business is, your audience is using some type of social media, whether it be Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. With all of the different social media platforms out there, it’s an easy tool to use right? Well, not entirely. Social media is a complex marketing tactic if used properly, and a lot of people don’t know how to fully utilize social channels to the fullest. There’s a lot to learn, and it can be overwhelming. Here are some common problems that arise when a company doesn’t use social media properly. CONTINUE READING

Video: The Customer Is NOT Always Right

We hear the term that “the customer is always right,” but I am willing to bet many of our pros can agree that is simply not the case. Whether it’s an abusive homeowner or a landlord who thinks he knows everything about home remodeling, there are plenty of instances where the customer is not right. CONTINUE READING