Video: How Make High-Quality Videos

Many of your consumers are visual learners and as such, you and your company should be producing high-quality videos showcasing your best work. Nonetheless, many small business owners like yourselves assume that creating high-quality videos is easier said than done. Time to debunk the myth.

Watch below as Noah explains how to make high-quality videos that are perfect for your CraftJack profile, your website, social media pages and more. CONTINUE READING

A Paint Contractor’s Guide to Hiring, Firing & Training

There are several things to consider when you think about what type of work you want to do. Generally speaking, it’s better to do a few things well rather than trying to do it all. Consider what types of work are available in your area, what you are best equipped to do and what it is that you do well. This will help you to determine what niche you want to aim for and, in turn, the makeup of the crew you will need. CONTINUE READING

Instagram Benefits For Home Improvement Contractors

Instagram can be a great tool for your business. Learning the basics of Instagram will allow you to share with your audience/customers a personal look into how your business operates. Sharing photos of a current job or a before and after can give them a behind the scenes look, which some customers really appreciate because it shows that you care to include them in the process. These Instagram benefits can prove very beneficial for business. CONTINUE READING

Video: Personalize Your Recommendations

Gone are the days when you could throw estimates at the wall and hope one or two stick. Nowadays, customers demand personalized estimates and recommendations fitting to their needs. Customers need to know that you are listening to their feedback and taking it into consideration when determining a fair and accurate estimate. CONTINUE READING

Successful Sales Tips for Small Business Owners

When you’re a one-man shop, it’s hard to make time for everything, especially when you’re busy out on jobs. Sales should be your number one priority because without it, you don’t have a business to run. Customers are very in tune with what they do and don’t want when spending their hard earned money. Why not take some time to brush up on your sales skills and become the person they do want to hire? CONTINUE READING

Contractor Spotlight: Universal Windows Direct

As many of you know, long hours are part of the job. When it comes to windows, 15-hour days are nothing new. Nevertheless, when John Lacognata got into the windows, doors and siding business 10 years ago, he knew what he was getting into.

Now serving a majority of Northern Illinois, John and his company, Universal Windows Direct of Chicago, have expanded their services and met the growing demand. See how he did it in this month’s contractor’s spotlight. CONTINUE READING

Tracking Production Rates

Maintaining a clear understanding of the performance of your crews is critical to staying profitable. Companies that do not have such procedures in place put themselves at risk. Fortunately, there are tools available that will accomplish this task: A Field Budget, Time Cards and Daily Reports. CONTINUE READING

The Power Of YouTube To Reach Your Customers

Video is the next big marketing tool that businesses are using to engage with customers. In fact, “consumers are more likely to purchase after seeing a video than if there was no video at all,” says Tom Malesic, President & CEO of EZSolution and video marketing guru. “In addition, it shows that you are personal with your customers, that you care about your products and services and are there if they have any questions.” CONTINUE READING

Video: Reconnect With Old Prospects

“Don’t give up, don’t ever give up.” Those aren’t just famous words spoken by the great Jim Valvano, but words to live by in lead generation.

As Noah discusses below, following up, even when someone has shot you down for a current project, can bring new light. Just because a homeowner wasn’t ready for their flooring project in January doesn’t mean they are not interested in redoing their floors this summer. CONTINUE READING

New Products: May 2015

More often than not, a contractor relies on his or her tools to get the job done as efficiently and timely as possible. As such, it’s important to stay up to date on newest home remodeling tools hitting the market.

To see the hottest tools released earlier this year, please see New Products: March 2015. CONTINUE READING