Tool Review: DeWalt Compressor

When you buy a compressor, chances are, you’re gonna have it for awhile.

With no external moving parts or whirring blades or fine adjustments to speak of, the work a compressor does is inside its body so there are few moving parts to fool with or break.

I’m not saying you can’t break one—I’ve mangled several— but what I am saying is that they just don’t take the same kind of relentless abuse other tools take. Sort of. CONTINUE READING

How To Use LinkedIn To Increase Revenue

LinkedIn continues to see a boost in new users, as this easy-to-use platform offers professionals a way to develop their business and increase revenue. This site provides you with a ton of information necessary to make an impact within your chosen career via esteemed professionals and industry-focused groups. The following tips will allow you to explore the business development opportunities that LinkedIn has to offer as well as offer some advice in navigating the site.

New Products: March 2015

Contractors can only do so much with their hands. More often than not, we work with tools to get the job done as efficiently and quickly as possible. As such, it’s important to stay up to date on newest home remodeling tools hitting the market.

As such, every few months, CraftJack will be scouring the contracting world to find the newest products hitting the home improvement arena. If there are specific tools or manufacturers you want us to follow, please let us know in the comments section below. CONTINUE READING

Video: How To Guarantee Referrals

Many industries rely on referrals and no industry is more dependent on word of mouth recommendation or referrals than home remodeling.

However, in order to get those very important referrals, one must be on top of their game. To help you along the way, we found five ways to guarantee a good referral. Watch below as Noah explains those five keys as well as how to accomplish each one. CONTINUE READING

Industry News: March 2015

As long-time contractors, many of our loyal CraftJack pros know what’s going on in the home remodeling industry. However, with the 24/7 news cycle, it’s hard to keep up with relevant issues.

As such, every few months, CraftJack will be scouring the online world to find the most relevant, impactful and time-sensitive news in the home remodeling and construction arenas. If there are specific trends or news sources you want us to follow, please let us know in the comments section below. CONTINUE READING

6 Crisis Communication Steps

Crisis management is something we hope we never have to do, but have to prepare for nonetheless. Of the many industries out there, home improvement and construction needs to always preach and practice the phrase “better safe than sorry.”

To prepare for the worst, you have to practice. Much like a basketball team, everyone in the company or crew must do their part to minimize the harm from the crisis. Continue reading as I outline six necessary steps in crisis communication. CONTINUE READING

Video: Traditional Vs. Digital Advertising

The marketing landscape will always change and with it comes new and exciting avenues for contractors to explore.

While traditional advertising, such as newspaper ads, yellow pages and so forth, still have a place in the marketing arena, digital advertising methods, such as website marketing or blogging, are gaining steam. CONTINUE READING

5 Ways To Guarantee Referrals

Reviews and referrals are king when it comes to lead generation and home improvement. I have been chatting with some of our fantastic CraftJack contractors and when asked which marketing source generates the most business, the answer is almost always the same: referrals!

Friends trust friends and family trusts family. That is why word of mouth and referrals not only reign supreme in contracting, but nearly every other business as well. However, with home improvement, there are five ways to guarantee a positive review and/or referral. CONTINUE READING

Marketing To Millennials

Every industry goes through shifts and age plays a distinct role in that shift. In home improvement, much of your business is targeted to those 40 years of age and older. As time moves on, contractors will find themselves marketing to and working with 40-year-olds who grew up in different times. As a result, you must adapt.

The millennial generation, roughly those born anywhere from 1980 to 1999 (currently sits at 80 million), are quickly growing and will soon take up a majority of the new housing market. Even though first-time buyers accounted for only 33% of the nation’s housing market in 2014, millennials will soon be settling down, having children and buying fixer-uppers or new homes. Therefore, you must know how to market to millennials. CONTINUE READING

Video: How To View Your Scheduled Follow-Ups

While most homeowners are ready to start a remodeling project once they enter our system, the same can not be said for all 100% of our referrals. Some may reach out for price information. Some may want to hear a timeline. There are numerous reasons homeowners enter our system.

As a result, long-term follow-up is key in lead generation. In fact, as you have heard before, 53% of contractors make contact with a homeowner on the second call. Therefore, all CraftJack contractors should be using their Lead Manager to schedule follow-ups or reminders in the system. CONTINUE READING