Video: Traditional Vs. Digital Advertising

The marketing landscape will always change and with it comes new and exciting avenues for contractors to explore.

While traditional advertising, such as newspaper ads, yellow pages and so forth, still have a place in the marketing arena, digital advertising methods, such as website marketing or blogging, are gaining steam. CONTINUE READING

5 Ways To Guarantee Referrals

Reviews and referrals are king when it comes to lead generation and home improvement. I have been chatting with some of our fantastic CraftJack contractors and when asked which marketing source generates the most business, the answer is almost always the same: referrals!

Friends trust friends and family trusts family. That is why word of mouth and referrals not only reign supreme in contracting, but nearly every other business as well. However, with home improvement, there are five ways to guarantee a positive review and/or referral. CONTINUE READING

Marketing To Millennials

Every industry goes through shifts and age plays a distinct role in that shift. In home improvement, much of your business is targeted to those 40 years of age and older. As time moves on, contractors will find themselves marketing to and working with 40-year-olds who grew up in different times. As a result, you must adapt.

The millennial generation, roughly those born anywhere from 1980 to 1999 (currently sits at 80 million), are quickly growing and will soon take up a majority of the new housing market. Even though first-time buyers accounted for only 33% of the nation’s housing market in 2014, millennials will soon be settling down, having children and buying fixer-uppers or new homes. Therefore, you must know how to market to millennials. CONTINUE READING

Video: How To View Your Scheduled Follow-Ups

While most homeowners are ready to start a remodeling project once they enter our system, the same can not be said for all 100% of our referrals. Some may reach out for price information. Some may want to hear a timeline. There are numerous reasons homeowners enter our system.

As a result, long-term follow-up is key in lead generation. In fact, as you have heard before, 53% of contractors make contact with a homeowner on the second call. Therefore, all CraftJack contractors should be using their Lead Manager to schedule follow-ups or reminders in the system. CONTINUE READING

What Needs To Be On Your About Page?

There are many aspects of a website, but few are more important than the About page. A good About page should be able to answer the who, what, when, where and why of a company. Within three minutes of reading your About page, a user should be able to learn all there is to know about your remodeling business.

If you are unsure as to what to put on your About page or are curious as to why it is so important, continue reading as I detail all there is to know about a website’s About page! CONTINUE READING

How CraftJack Came To Be

Every business has a story and our story started as a side project for Founder Ross Gordon.

After jumping in and out of the marketing arena, Ross came up with a way to make the lives of contractors simple and easy. Through various marketing channels and new contacts, he came up with CraftJack. See the full story below as Ross sat down with tastytrade, Bootstrapping in America. CONTINUE READING

What Is A Responsive Website?

When it comes to digital marketing, there are all sorts of big words thrown around and many fly over our heads. Nonetheless, the point of this blog is to simplify digital marketing, in all sense of the phrase, and today, I want to address “responsive websites.” CONTINUE READING

4 Reasons Digital Marketing Is More Effective Than Traditional Marketing

Having entrenched myself in the marketing arena for over five years now, I have seen quite a few changes. In the old days, billboard signs, newspaper ads, TV commercials and word of mouth marketing reigned supreme. If you wanted to get the word out there, all you had to do was utilize one of these channels.

Today, most of those avenues will not work (with the exception of word of mouth). Consumers are spending more and more time online and therefore, your marketing strategy must adjust. The companies that will withstand the test of time are blogging, interacting with fans on social media, buying digital ads on prominent publications and making YouTube videos. Clearly, these companies are adjusting. CONTINUE READING

Video: How To Effectively Use A Lead Service

Years of data and experience can say a lot and thankfully for our loyal contractors, it has sold us what tactics work and what don’t when it comes to lead generation.

CraftJack Founder Ross Gordon sat down with the 212 Marketing Group to discuss what tactics really work for contractors today and how the CraftJack Lead Manager, if used correctly, can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors. CONTINUE READING

2015 Construction Forecast

While the construction industry is not what it once was back in 2005, it is starting to inch back up to pre-recession levels and private construction is contributing.

Dodge Data & Analytics recently released their 2015 Dodge Construction Outlook. The report predicts that total U.S. construction starts for 2015 will rise 9% to $612 billion, a larger gain than the 5% increase to $564 billion estimated for 2014. CONTINUE READING