How To Build An Effective Advertisement

Effective advertisements yields a strong ROI. Therefore, the key to a successful marketing campaign is an ad that communicates, to your target market, the services you offer. Switching marketing tactics midway is not uncommon when trying to reach your target audience more effectively. Take different avenues when advertising; place your ads in various mediums. If your target market ranges in age, then know that an ad for a 20-year-old will not be as effective on a 50-year-old. Study your market. CONTINUE READING

Connecting With Consumers: The Secret To Social Media Success

We have spent the last month explaining how social media can help your business and what platforms you as a contractor should take advantage of. With both in the rearview mirror, it’s time to talk about the type of content, imagery, blogs and videos you should be sharing on social media.

The key to social media success is connecting with consumers. A homeowner needs to feel as if you are talking to them and only them with every single Facebook post, Pinterest image, tweet, video and blog post. Your target audience may be broad, but each message needs to feel individualized. CONTINUE READING

“Contractors Need Reviews”

Homeowner reviews are one of the best marketing assets you have at your disposal. You have heard from us via our blog, newsletter and account managers, but needless to say, we are not the ones paying your bills. Homeowners are. That is why we went out and talked to an actual homeowner who recently hired a CraftJack contractor for their bathroom remodeling job. CONTINUE READING

A Step-By-Step Guide To Business Blogging

So we’ve told you why it’s important to start a business blog and even given you key stats about them, but what happens after you join the blogging community? Is it getting harder to keep up with the competition?

If you answered yes to the above question, it’s simple; to keep your blog enticing, your content must be relevant and up-to-date. Remember, the conversational tone of a blog is what drives search engines. Because you started your blog to draw your customers even closer to your brand, focusing on the content should be a priority. Who knows, maybe you’ll even catch the eye of a new customer. CONTINUE READING

Why All Contractors Need To Be On Pinterest

Pinterest is now firmly the 4th largest social media network in the United States, but it could be the most efficient and practical outlet to expand your business and promote your brand.

Of the four dominant social media networks (Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), Pinterest is by far the most visual. As I pointed out in Social Media 101 For Contractors, Pinterest is actually the only network that really highlights visual work.

Nonetheless, while your competitors are trying to get a handle of Twitter and LinkedIn, you should be taking advantage of the social network that will really move the needle for your company. If you don’t believe me, below are five reasons you need to be on Pinterest. CONTINUE READING

Social Media 101 For Contractors

Believe it or not social media is not meant for all businesses, but it is the perfect ally for contractors like you.

Social media extends your voice. Social media extends the lifespan of that terrific bathroom remodel you completed last month. Social media connects you with current and potential clients. All in all, it can do wonders for your business. CONTINUE READING

How To Use Customer Complaints To Enhance Your Brand

Dealing with an irate customer is usually not the most pleasant task. However, it’s something we all have to deal with at one point. It is vital for you and your business to know how to take a customer complaint and turn it into a positive experience. Complaints are great because they tell you the services your clients are not happy with and also give you the opportunity to address the issues at hand. CONTINUE READING

7 Ways Your Website Can Generate More Leads

When thinking about marketing today, it usually involves some sort of digital media, like a Facebook, Twitter or a Instagram page. It also refers to a company’s website. In regards to the latter, it’s always good practice to ensure that you provide valuable information to those visiting your site. You don’t want them thinking they’ve wasted their time clicking on your link. If you are not technologically savvy, hiring a professional web designer may be the best option.

But, by following these seven tips, you should see a boost in the amount of leads you generate from your website. CONTINUE READING

Homeowner Survey: See Why They Remodel

The home remodeling industry has hit a dream run this past year, a welcomed reality after one of the great downturns in history. Homeowners are no longer afraid to spend money if it means improving their quality of life or increasing the value of their home.

In the second half of the homeowner survey conducted by our friends at HomeAdvisor, homeowners were asked about their ROI and the reasons behind their most recent home improvement project. Let’s see what they had to say. CONTINUE READING

Homeowner Survey: See Their No. 1 Fear

It’s always important to know your audience. Other than calling everyone in your area, the only way to find out how homeowners really feel about the industry is through a survey. Well, our friends at HomeAdvisor recently ran a survey, asking homeowners about the home improvement contracting industry. As you will see below, some of the results will not only shock you, but change the way you engage with your next referral. CONTINUE READING