Lead Generation Ideas While On The Job

Marketing your brand shouldn’t stop the minute you land a job. As a contractor you must continuously sell your services to prospective clients. Keeping your name (or your company’s name) at the top of someone’s referral list means constantly reminding them of your brand/services. This doesn’t mean that you spend so much time looking for new customers that you forget the job at hand. Always give your customers 100% of your time. CONTINUE READING

See How The CraftJack Lead Manager Works

Simplicity is the key to any business and lead generation is no different. As you recently read in What Lead Generation Is & What It Is Not, home improvement lead generation is different than other lead generation industries.

In short, contractors pay to get contact information of those interested in home renovation. Now that we have a basic understanding, it’s time to simplify the CraftJack Lead Manager system even further by explaining exactly how it works and how it can help you close your next deal! CONTINUE READING

What Lead Generation Is & What It Is Not

If you are reading this blog, then you have, are currently or are interested in investing money in lead generation. Nonetheless, depending on your industry, lead generation can mean a world of a difference.

For example, lead generation in the agency arena generally translates to extra traffic to one’s website. Lead generation in the journalism world means obtaining a new source for a story. Lead generation in the home improvement world is, neither.

That is why I am going to explain all there is to know about lead generation in the home improvement arena. I will explain what it is, what it isn’t and a few lead generation best practices. CONTINUE READING

See The Perfect Time To Call A Referral

With one side of the lead generation formula covered last week (persistence), it’s time to move to an equally vital aspect of lead generation; speed to call.

As we have advocated for years, contractors should call their referrals as soon as they receive them. CraftJack sends you the referral as quickly as two minutes after the homeowner fills out our exclusive online forms. That means their home remodeling project is at the top of their mind when you receive the notifications.

Enough explaining. Time to get into the numbers. New CraftJack research reveals the best times to call a referral. Below, I will explain the research and by the time we are done, prove to you that all leads need to be called within the first 30 minutes. CONTINUE READING

Calling Referrals Twice More Than Doubles Your Chance Of Contact

I have said it before and I will say it again; persistence and speed are the two most vital factors in closing more referrals. I have gone over the broad numbers in Persistence & Speed: Keys To Winning New Jobs, but today, I want to do a deeper dive into persistence.

In this post, I will prove how vital persistence is in lead generation and why the tenacious contractors generally win the jobs everyone else so deeply desires. CONTINUE READING

6 Public Relations Tips for Contractors

Public relations, whether it be newspaper articles, blog posts or even announcements on social media, is still one of the most effective ways of expanding your voice and building your brand.

If you’re looking to expand your business, disseminate your message or just want some helpful PR tips, then see my six PR tips for contractors below. CONTINUE READING

Announcing CraftJack Lead Manager Updates: ROI Calculator

CraftJack is pleased to announce multiple updates that will make your lead generation experience easier and more efficient. These updates are designed to make tracking your results as simple as possible. These enhanced tracking updates will ensure that you’re generating the greatest possible ROI. CONTINUE READING

7 Ways Public Relations Can Help Your Contracting Business

Even with new kids on the block, like social media marketing and the CraftJack Lead Manager, public relations remains a tried and true form of marketing in the contracting arena.

Understandably so, many of you reading this blog have most likely never made a public relations (PR) pitch to a newspaper, reached out to a local blogger, called a past client for quote or written a press release. Well, I am here to show you that all these tactics can and will help you grow your business if you take the minimal time to learn the craft.

Continue reading to the seven ways public relations can help your business. CONTINUE READING

5 Tips For Managing Angry Customers Online

Before the Internet boom, businesses could deal with negative complaints over the phone or in person. Now, one angry customer’s review can go viral with the click of a mouse, making it essential to respond and manage your negative reviews online.

Now that you know how to deal with angry customers on the phone, it’s time to move our attention online, where a simple customer dispute can become a PR nightmare. CONTINUE READING

6 Tips For Managing Angry Customers On The Phone

Angry Customer on Phone

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it be home improvement, auto sales or even professional sports, you’re going to hear your fair share of complaints over the phone. When people have an issue with your brand, they are going to call to complain. Since you can’t control how other people act, you must decide how you’re going to respond. CONTINUE READING