5 Reasons You Should Start A Contracting Blog

Numbers and data are great for proving a point, but oftentimes, they can’t tell the whole story. All month, contractors keeping up with the CraftJack Toolbox have seen the stats and tips of starting a contracting blog. They are all necessary to know, but no number can ever explain what contractors can learn from blogging. Stats can’t strengthen a relationship with a previous client. Data can’t challenge you to try something new. Therefore, to complete the full blogging narrative, I wanted to present five simple and qualitative reasons why you should start blogging. CONTINUE READING

9 Imperative Stats That Will Make You Want To Blog

Homeowners are getting smarter and the old tactic of shouting your marketing messages with the headline “SALE, SALE, SALE” does not work in this day and age. Homeowners are finding your services from all sorts of avenues, ranging from word of mouth, customer referrals and perhaps most importantly, online. When they do find your website online, they want to see your best work. They want to see why your company is the best in the business. They want to see your wealth of knowledge as it relates to their project. Enter blogging. CONTINUE READING

How To Leave A Better Voicemail Message

The goal of lead generation is to talk to potential clients. The underlying assumption to productive lead generation is the ability to leave terrific voicemails. As I am sure all our contractors have experienced at one point or another, all leads do not call you back. One reason could be an ineffective voicemail message. CONTINUE READING

15 Surprising Stats Contractors Need To Know Regarding Online Reviews

As you may have seen in a recent blog post regarding the importance of word of mouth referrals, consumers are putting more faith in fellow consumers and less faith in actual companies. As a result, the online review industry has seen a tremendous boost over the years and review websites like Yelp and TripAdvisor are seeing more traffic every month. CONTINUE READING

Persistence & Speed: Keys To Winning New Jobs

Whether you work with us or use any form of lead generation, you know the two most important factors in closing home improvement leads are speed and persistence. Consumers who are interested in renovating their homes want to hear from interested contractors as fast as humanly possible. Persistence and speed gives you the best possible chance of wining new jobs and beating out your competitors for those game-changing home improvement projects. CONTINUE READING

10 Tips To Start A Contracting Blog; Part Two

I was recently having a conversation on Twitter with other home improvement professionals about attracting consumers online. To no surprise, the most common answer among contractors, designers, builders and other industry pros was updated and relevant content. In other words, BLOGGING.

10 Tips To Start A Contracting Blog

The marketing world has drastically changed over the last few years. Not only are businesses encouraging their fans to push their products via word of mouth referrals, but many businesses are making a killing by publishing daily content, or blogs to their website and social media channels. After all, 81% of U.S. online consumers trust information and advice from blogs.

Find More Jobs Through Word of Mouth Referrals

Find more jobs through word of mouth referrals

Despite great advances in digital and social media, consumers trust the recommendations of their friends and family over any other form of advertising. In terms we care about, that means referrals, or word of mouth marketing, from our past consumers have a much larger impact on our business than advertisements or sales lingo. Let me explain.

Using Pinterest to Attract New Customers

Did you know that as of July 2013, Pinterest, the photo-sharing website for showcasing beautiful images, has over 70 million users? Despite its short lifespan, companies are already monetizing their profile pages and you as a general contractor can do the same.

Looking at at the ROI, the average amount per order that derives from Pinterest traffic is between $140 and $180. That outranks both Facebook and Twitter.

Old $29 Lead Turns Into $40k Job

I can confidently say that this isn’t even a rarity. I can recall the fist time I heard of something like this happening shortly after CraftJack first launched. I had signed up a contractor to receive small interior painting leads, as he was just getting started and his budget would not allow for him to afford larger service types. I helped him get acclimated to CraftJack with constant support and ongoing feedback to guide him through his first time purchasing leads. He was an independent contractor running a very small business, but with many years of prior work experience as a subcontractor and was now ready to launch his own company.