6 Tips For Managing Angry Customers On The Phone

Angry Customer on Phone

No matter what industry you’re in, whether it be home improvement, auto sales or even professional sports, you’re going to hear your fair share of complaints over the phone. When people have an issue with your brand, they are going to call to complain. Since you can’t control how other people act, you must decide how you’re going to respond. CONTINUE READING

How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 3

If you’ve missed Part 1  or Part 2 of using the laws of persuasion to help your business, I recommend you get familiar with them to understand some of the principles behind people’s decision making. While this is the final post of that information series, it will not fall short of sharing what you need to see improvements.  By evaluating and applying these next few laws of persuasion, you will be well equipped to see great changes in the present and future. CONTINUE READING

How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 2

We’ve seen from Part 1 of using the persuasion laws that it could greatly assist in people’s decision making process. As I will discuss more thoroughly in this post, we tap into a few that can make more of an impact in receiving a quality business turn around with clients. Could this work for you? You may seem a bit skeptical, but by applying these next few laws of persuasion to your business methods, you can yield some pretty incredible results in the long run. CONTINUE READING

How The Laws of Persuasion Can Help Your Business – Part 1

Have you ever reflected after a customer conversation and realized that your approach did not have an impact? Couldn’t close the deal? Do not fret, as there are a few laws that can work for you and your business. These are the laws of persuasion and they play a major factor in the human decision-making process. Using the following can be the difference between just “quoting” and truly “closing.” CONTINUE READING

5 Reasons Video Is Better Than Text Or Photos

Video is the future of marketing. It’s really that simple. The fact there has been an 800% increase in online video consumption over the last six years proves my point.

If you have kept up with the CraftJack blog lately, you know that I prefer visuals to text. If you need a refresher, check out These 7 Visual Stats Will Change Your Marketing Strategy.

Now that you’re convinced, I am here to show you why video, another form of visual marketing, is even better than photos and text. CONTINUE READING

These 7 Visual Stats Will Change Your Marketing Strategy

As sad as it is, the average attention span is only seven seconds. That means you only have seven seconds to grab your customer’s attention or it will immediately go out the window.

As time has evolved, companies and marketers have realized that the written word is not enough. People want to be entertained. If they aren’t, they will just move on to the contractor.

To entertain your potential clients, contractors must use visual cues, whether they be images or videos, to inspire action and convince new referrals to hire you and encourage old customers to return. CONTINUE READING

7 Reasons Contractors Should Give Free Advice

I was recently engaging and chatting with multiple contracting pros in one of my many home remodeling and contracting LinkedIn groups. As someone heavily involved in the industry, it’s always important to network and hear what other pros are doing in the field. However, after posing a question involving DIY kitchen remodeling, I was shocked to hear that many contractors did not want to share because they don’t want to give away free advice. Well, I am here that to say that it’s not only safe to give away free advice, but also beneficial to you and your company.

Below are seven reasons all contractors should give free advice on social media, their website and word of mouth. You may not get handsomely rewarded right away, but your good faith will pay off in the long run. CONTINUE READING

Advertising for Home Improvement Contractors: Setting Expectations

Lead generation has long been an advertising source for many businesses across a variety of industries. Most businesses participate in lead purchasing in one form or another, whether you’re selling cars, insurance policies, or home improvement services, they are paying for customer inquiries. In an ideal world, a company would have an influx of new customers at a steady pace, and hopefully, grow their business with each passing year. For most, some form of advertising is necessary and that’s where lead generation can help. It presents new prospects on a regular basis. The obstacle that many have difficulty tackling is they tend to disassociate lead generation from a more traditional advertising and marketing perspective; creating unrealistic expectations of performance and overall experience.

3 Steps To Complete Before Requesting A Credit

The credit process is part of every lead generation company. The CraftJack Lead Manager is one of the most accurate in the industry, but sometimes, fake numbers or renters do fall through the cracks. Afterwards, you as a contractor have a right to request a credit on your account. Depending on your situation, the credit may or may not be granted, but there are three simple steps you can take before you request a credit that will certainly help your chances. CONTINUE READING