5 Items All Lead Generation Platforms Need To Provide

The New Dashboard

There are certain tools all lead generation companies need to provide. A lead generation platform, or customer relationship management (CRM) system, should make your life as easy as possible. It should be your calendar. It should be your reminder service. If should be a review platform for your past leads. With the recent updates to the CraftJack Lead Manager, we thought it would be a good time to discuss the new dashboard and why lead generation companies need to provide all of these items to ensure your ongoing success. CONTINUE READING

5 Voicemail Assumptions Contractors Need To Know

Knowing your target audience is key when leaving a voicemail message and in the lead generation industry, it can be the difference between a missed or a closed job. Contractors can’t know everything about their leads before they actually get them on the phone, but there are a few generalizations you can make when it comes to leaving a voicemail message. Knowing these general assumptions about your referrals will give you a leg up on your competition and assist you in leaving the most engaging and informative voicemail message. CONTINUE READING

Voicemail Messages Unanswered: What To Do Next

Unanswered voicemail messages can be one of the most frustrating aspects of our industry. People are busy and they don’t always have time to call back right away. In the meantime, it is important to not lose faith and instead, prepare for your follow-up calls. These are just two of the four simple steps all service providers should take when their voicemail messages go unanswered. Following our four phases will not only increase your odds of gaining more referrals, but also ease the stress of waiting for returned messages. CONTINUE READING

Why Funny Voicemail Greetings Are Great

As a business, you should always be looking for new and creative ways to get people talking about your business. Many companies, no matter what industry they are in, fail to take advantage of the simple, everyday opportunities they have to create a fun, remarkable and unforgettable experience for their customers. A funny voicemail greeting has the ability to meet all of those qualifications. CONTINUE READING

5 Voicemail Message Myths

The best voicemail message is short, to the point, personal and original. Sadly, not everyone in the professional world knows this basic principle. However, there are many other misunderstood principles. These voicemail myths result in fewer callbacks and less jobs closed.

We decided to gather the five most relevant voicemail message myths. By discounting these myths, contractors will receive more callbacks and in return, close more jobs. CONTINUE READING

Announcing CraftJack Lead Manager Updates & Improvements

We are excited to announce some major changes to the CraftJack Lead Manager. These changes will provide you with more tools to win jobs and track your results as well as earn more discounts through CraftJack. CONTINUE READING

Document Projects Start to Finish By Photo Blogging

Our Toolbox contributors here at CraftJack have written several articles about the benefits of blogging, on topics ranging from reasons you should blog, to blogging stats, and tips on actual blogging for contractors. All of these can serve as great tools to help get you started with your own blog. But what I want to focus on here is the idea of creating a blog that specifically documents home improvement projects that you have completed and the building process from start to finish.

5 Reasons You Should Start A Contracting Blog

Numbers and data are great for proving a point, but oftentimes, they can’t tell the whole story. All month, contractors keeping up with the CraftJack Toolbox have seen the stats and tips of starting a contracting blog. They are all necessary to know, but no number can ever explain what contractors can learn from blogging. Stats can’t strengthen a relationship with a previous client. Data can’t challenge you to try something new. Therefore, to complete the full blogging narrative, I wanted to present five simple and qualitative reasons why you should start blogging. CONTINUE READING

9 Imperative Stats That Will Make You Want To Blog

Homeowners are getting smarter and the old tactic of shouting your marketing messages with the headline “SALE, SALE, SALE” does not work in this day and age. Homeowners are finding your services from all sorts of avenues, ranging from word of mouth, customer referrals and perhaps most importantly, online. When they do find your website online, they want to see your best work. They want to see why your company is the best in the business. They want to see your wealth of knowledge as it relates to their project. Enter blogging. CONTINUE READING

How To Leave A Better Voicemail Message

The goal of lead generation is to talk to potential clients. The underlying assumption to productive lead generation is the ability to leave terrific voicemails. As I am sure all our contractors have experienced at one point or another, all leads do not call you back. One reason could be an ineffective voicemail message. CONTINUE READING