5 Steps Toward Planning a Live Seminar

There are many contractors in your area covering similar, if not the same, services that you provide to your customers. Homeowners will likely make a decision as to which contractor to hire based on a combinations of factors: the cost estimate that was provided, the impression of confidence in one’s ability to do a good job, as well as reviews from past customers. Assuming you have all of those factors down to a science, it can be difficult to differentiate your business from others out there like you. You can build a sense of confidence for your company’s reputation while creating awareness within your market by distinguishing yourself as an expert in your field. One way to accomplish this is by hosting a live seminar covering topics with which you have experience and services that your company continues to offer. Here are 5 easy steps to follow when planning your live seminar:

5 Signs It’s Time to Hire a Salesperson

One topic that seems to pop up often is whether or not contractors should hire salespeople to handle their leads. Contractors often ask themselves if they really need one or can afford one? Sometimes the answers to these questions are sitting right in front of you. If you are unsure when you should hire a salesperson, ask yourself these 5 questions:

Your 3-Step Checklist For Every Job

Most contractors don’t set out to do a┬ájob with mediocre end results. They want their work to shine. To speak for itself. To look so good ┬áthat homeowners can’t stop talking about it with their friends. This seems obvious when we stop and think about it. The problem is, we don’t often stop and actually think about it.

You may find yourself caught up in the rush of the day-to-day events and tasks, getting from one job to another, picking up supplies, and tending to your own family’s needs that the quality control check list of any project has the potential to fade and fall by the wayside.

Here are 3 quick points for any contractor to rate themselves on before completing any project:

Simple Tips To Create Your First Video


Let’s talk about video content for just a moment. These days, video reigns supreme for driving traffic to your website and delivering search results. YouTube is the second most popular search engine (and quickly becoming the #1 place) to seek out information. Posting videos online enables more people to find your company, allows for direct interaction with potential clients (through comments), and shows off a more personal introduction into who you and what you do. Here are some different ways you can easily produce a video, someone which you may already have all the necessary items.

Put Your Profile Page to Work

I know we’ve mentioned the CraftJack profile pages before on our blog, but I wanted to quickly highlight the importance of having a completed profile page and explain why we feel so strongly about them. After all, your public profile page is the first interaction that a potential customer has with your company prior to you speaking with them. Why not make that experience the best it can be?

5 Rules for Contractor Blogging

Having a blog can be a tremendous asset to your business, providing valuable information to homeowners and contractors alike. It will also help you connect with other people that are currently not in your current network. Blogs make it easy for contractors to update customers, prospects, and others about their industry. Here are 5 rules for contractors to follow when writing a blog:

Demographics For People Seeking House Painters in 2011

Well, 2011 is behind us. Smart contractors will look back on 2011 and spot trends in their industry so they can make changes for 2012. And we wanted to help by providing some demographic data for all the house painting leads we received in 2011.

Here is a breakdown (highlights below the chart):

6 Tips To Get More Work During The Slow Season

Ah, the winter. A festive season full of holiday joy, family bonding, and gift giving. And while gift giving tends to mean the high-point for many retail stores, it also means a major dip in home improvement spending.

November through January tend to be the slowest three months for almost every home improvement trade as people save their money for holiday gifts. Add to that the fact that the winter makes it near impossible to do any exterior home work in many parts of the country and you can understand why your lead volume drops this time of year.

Here are six ways you can drum up more business during the slow season.

Why A Contractor’s License Could Mean More Jobs

“License and Registration, Sir.” “But I Don’t Need One…”

I was speaking with a contractor a little while back who was explaining to me the whoas of not being hired for several job because the homeowner only wished to work with fully licensed contractors. The state in which he works is not one that requires all contractors to carry a license so he never felt he needed to spend the extra cash and time dealing with acquiring one. Upon asking about the costs and time involved in becoming licensed, it quickly became apparently clear that he had not inquired at all and therefore knew very little about the whole process, but had decided long ago that it was not worth it.

First Come, First Serve

I know I’ve had prior posts all about calling leads asap and the importance of having a standard follow-up schedule in place, but I think it bears repeating. Calling a lead minutes after receiving the notification, even if you are in the field, gives you the absolute best opportunity to speak with that homeowner while hoping to be the first to call. The contractor who establishes contact first has a real head start on building a relationship with the homeowner while reserving the opportunity to make the first impression.