How Online Reputation Management Works

How Online Rep Management Works

How Online Reputation Management Works

Online reputation management means more than just looking at star ratings on Yelp or reviews on Angie’s List. If you’re a modern contractor, managing your online reputation can be an important way to promote your business and protect its image so you can draw in more clients and increase your revenue. Here’s what you need to understand about this important strategy for maintaining an effective internet presence.

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How Landscaping Companies Can Prepare For Winter


How Landscapers Can Prepare for Winter

Landscaping is a hands-on job. You tend outdoor spaces in spring, summer, and fall, offer garden design services to a range of residential and commercial clients, and trim hedges and keep weeds in check all over town. Between butterfly borders and patio installation jobs, you’re busy three out of four seasons a year.

Winter might seem like an obvious off-season for landscaping services — but actually, there are lots of things you can do when the wind blows cold. In this article, we’ll explore a few projects you can still do between November and March. Got snow? Great; we’ll tell you how to work the white stuff to your advantage.

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How To Respond To Google Reviews

How to Respond to Google Reviews

Responding to Google reviews is vital to connecting with your clients. It’s an important part of managing Google reviews because it provides clients with feedback and shows continued interest in the services you provided. Learning how to respond to Google reviews increases the chance that a prospective client will purchase your services and encourages continued use of your products.

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Finding More Paint Leads Near Me


Finding More Painting Leads Near Me

There’s nothing quite like a professionally painted room. You’ve got your techniques down pat — from sanding and scraping to wall prep, roller tricks, custom color mixing, and bespoke techniques. You have what it takes to transform any room from drab to fab. But what about painting leads?

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¿Cómo Pueden Prepararse Para El Invierno Las Empresas De Jardinería?


La jardinería invernal es una gran parte de las proyecciones anuales de negocios de muchas empresas de jardinería, pero por cada compañía de jardinería que se mantiene ocupada durante los meses de invierno, hay muchas que tienen muy poco trabajo. Esto no tiene por qué ser así. Este invierno es el momento justo para preparar un jardín para que llegue a su máximo potencial durante la primavera y el verano. Al adaptar tus servicios de cuidado de jardines al clima invernal, puedes mantener las puertas de tu negocio abiertas durante todo el año. De la misma manera, el mantenimiento de una buena lista de clientes potenciales te mantendrá trabajando aun cuando el suelo se encuentre cubierto de hielo y nieve. En CraftJack sabemos cómo ayudarte a mantenerte ocupado durante el invierno. Contáctanos hoy mismo para averiguar cómo.   


Manage Your Google Reviews


Manage Your Google Reviews

More and more people today use the internet to find the services they need. Having a Google Business profile is critical for your business because it allows your site to show up in relevant searches. Your business profile is a landing page for your prospective clients. It shows them your services, reviews, contact info, and a link right to your main website so they can find exactly what they need. CraftJack can help you build your online reputation and increase traffic to your site. Get started today. CONTINUE READING

Creating A Home Building Estimate

Creating a Home Building Estimate

Home-building estimates are tricky. Project too low and your funding could run out halfway through the job. Go too high and you might not get the project in the first place. To give your client a good idea of total cost, you need to account for every part of the project — from plot price to roof truss.

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¿Cómo Iniciar Un Negocio De Techado?

¿Cómo Iniciar Un Negocio De Techado?Una de las mejores cosas que nos puede suceder en la vida es tener la oportunidad de trabajar en una profesión que disfrutamos. Sin embargo, el convertir esa profesión en un negocio rentable que pueda mantenerte a ti, a tu familia y a tus empleados es algo completamente distinto. Si deseas iniciar tu propio negocio de techado, los siguientes consejos son exactamente lo que necesitas.

Uno de los puntos más importantes para iniciar un negocio de techado es una buena lista de clients potenciales. En CraftJack hacemos el trabajo por ti. Contactanos hoy y averigua como te podemos ayudar.


Why Is Reputation Management Important?

Why Is Reputation Management Important

When individuals needed contractors, they used to flip through the Yellow Pages to find a local business or asked their neighbors and friends for recommendations. Today, they simply plug the services they need into Google and look for a local listing. If your business doesn’t have an online presence, you may miss new and vital connections with your clients. CraftJack can help your business flourish with an online reputation management tool. Get started today.  CONTINUE READING

Lead Generation Tips For Handymen

Lead Generation Tips For Handyman

Unfortunately, discovering new customers isn’t as simple as Googling finding handyman leads near me. Because a handyman typically performs a wide range of household repairs and maintenance, generating leads can be challenging. Thankfully, creating a marketing strategy to find local handyman jobs doesn’t have to be difficult. Here are a few lead generation tips for handymen that can bring in business without overtaxing your marketing budget.

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