Sales Presentation Matters: Little Touches That Will Help You Win The Job

A contracting business is unlike many other industries. However, you must have attributes that will help your business succeed such as financial knowledge, marketing expertise and sales skills. All of this work together to help your business succeed and win more jobs.

Consider the last time you pitched your work to a potential customer. What was your sales presentation like? Were you speaking clearly and confidently? Was your paperwork legible and neat? These are all things to consider when you’re creating a sales presentation. You’ll likely be doing most of this work during the estimate process. If you’re looking to make your business stand out, here are a few ways you can improve your sales presentation.

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Show Up On Time

You’ve had a great call with a homeowner and set up a time to come out and look at the project. If there’s one way you can ruin your chances of winning the job, it’s by not showing up on time. Its one of the simplest sales steps you can take to help win the job. Showing up on time tells the customer they matter, without even saying anything. If you think you may be late, give the homeowner plenty of notice or even reschedule. Open communication is key when trying to win the job.

Look Professional

Showing up on time is extremely important and tardiness could cost you the job. But if you show up in dirty clothes from your last job or not dressed in company attire, this could signal to the potential customer that you aren’t interested in the job. While it seems like a small detail, how you present yourself is in important factor in your overall sales presentation. Keep a clean company shirt and pair of shoes on hand to change if you need to.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

While you’re there to win the job, you don’t need to pitch your work to sell it quite yet. A great sales presentation starts with understanding the full scope of the project. While questions such as “When do you need the project done?” are important, you need to show the customer that you care about their unique problem at hand. First, start off by asking if anything about the project has changed since you last spoke. Then, start to get to the “why” of the project by asking open-ended questions. These are questions that won’t end with a yes or no answer, but rather, force them to explain what exactly they are looking for.

Not only do open-ended questions help you understand the project better, but it shows the customer you’re thorough. While this may not seem like an obvious sales tactic, you’ll be winning them over by listening.

Focus On The Customer

Asking open-ended questions is one way you can show the customer they matter. But, to truly focus on the customer, eliminate distractions. Don’t look at your phone or tablet while you’re asking questions. Use body language and eye contact to non-verbally show the customer you’re paying attention. Stay focused on the conversation and the customer.

Be Confident

As you listen to the customer, try to take note of important aspects of what they are saying. Present yourself confidently. If they have any questions, be sure to answer them. After all, this will reflect on to your expertise. If a question comes up that you may not know the answer to, don’t try and make something up. It’s a good idea to assure them that you’ll look into it to find the best solution.

Present Materials Professionally

Any paperwork or leave behind materials are a part of your sales presentation. The way you give them to the customer matters. Neatly place your business card with any documents the customer may need, such as a written estimate, in a folder or envelope. Be sure the paper and card is wrinkle and crease-free. Any marketing materials left behind should be clean and free of any damage. After all, this reflects on to you as a business!

If you don’t have a business card yet, now is the time to create one. They are essential to not only your sales presentation, but future referrals. Read 7 Tips For The Best Business Card to see why.

Go Above & Beyond

Contractors with the best sales presentations tend to go above and beyond to show they are the best for the job. It’s what separates them from others in the industry. Think out of the box. How can you show the potential customer that YOU are the best for the job? Is it a unique marketing material you can leave them with, such as a branded pen and paper? Maybe you can offer a discount for bundled services. Whatever it is, going the extra mile for your customer is what makes a sales presentation great, leading to you winning the job.


For contractors, sales strategy is part of the job. But you should always be striving to make your sales presentation standout among the rest. Prepare in advance how you plan to approach each potential customer with what you know about the project. Show them that you care by learning more about their needs and openly welcoming any questions they have. Finally, don’t stop looking for ways you can impress the customer in a unique way. With these sales presentation tips, you’re sure to win the job!

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