See How The CraftJack Lead Manager Works

How CraftJack Works

Simplicity is the key to any business, and lead generation is no different. As you may have seen in The Dos and Don’ts of Lead Generation, home improvement lead generation is different than lead generation in other industries.

In short, contractors pay to get contact information of those interested in home renovation. Now that we have a basic understanding, it’s time to simplify the CraftJack Lead Manager system even further by explaining exactly how it works and how it can help you close your next deal!

You Choose the Leads

Window contractors can’t do anything with roofing or paving referrals. Even if you hired the best salesperson in the world, there still would be no value in this referral. That is why any interested contractor can choose the exact type of leads you want to receive. The range of projects is endless, from one-room interior painting jobs to full kitchen remodels.

As it should be with any lead generation company, you will only receive the types of leads you request.

Location Diameter

You Choose the Area

There are bathroom remodeling projects all over the United States, but sadly, your business can only go so far. With the CraftJack Lead Manager, you can choose a designated area to accept referrals.

For example, let’s say your business is located in Chicago. A prominent area code in Chicago is 60614. This would be your center. You can then choose your lead diameter. It could be five miles; it could be 25 miles. Once you set your center zip code and diameter, you can rest assured that you’ll only receive referrals within your desired territory. Reach as far and wide or stay as close to your home base as you desire.

You Can Receive Discounts

Of course, different leads come in at different costs. For example, a carpet repair job is not as expensive as tile installation so therefore, carpet repair referrals are cheaper than tile flooring referrals. However, one way to offset some your lead costs is by calling quickly.

As our research indicates, contractors have a much better chance of closing the job if you call within the first 30 minutes of receiving the referral. On top of this bonus, we thought of building in even more incentive to call within the first 30 minutes. All contractors who use the CraftJack Lead Manager system receive a 20% discount on that lead if they call the homeowner within the first 30 minutes

So, if you normally pay $50 for referral and called in the first 30 minutes, your lead price falls to $40. It may not seem like much, but over the course of a month, year or five years, it certainly adds up.


You Choose the Budget

We would never want you spending more than you could afford. CraftJack contractors can set a maximum budget (monthly) to ensure that you don’t go over your absolute means.

There is no maximum budget, so when times are good, you can increase your budget as much as you want. The minimum budget is the cost of one lead in your designated category. Therefore, some minimum budgets may be as low as $9, while others may be as high as $65 per month.

You can adjust your maximum budget at any time by simply logging into your CraftJack Lead Manager.

You Can Receive Credits for Bad Leads

The credit process is part of every lead generation company. The CraftJack Lead Manager is extremely accurate, but sometimes, fake numbers or renters do fall through the cracks. In this case, you as a contractor have the right to request a credit.

You Can Access It with the CraftJack Pro App

And to make everything easier, CraftJack has the CraftJack Pro App so that you can do everything on the go. This will allow you to access your Lead Manager wherever you go. You can track your leads, leave yourself notes if you need to come back later, and track those that you’ve called.


Of course, there are many other advantages in using the CraftJack Lead Manager. If you want to learn more about your account or interested in started a new one, feel free to give us a call at 866-332-7134.