The Importance Of NAP For Contractors

Your Marketing Strategy Name Address Place

The number one must-have and do for your contractor business to thrive is to make sure that your contact information is accurate, consistent, and prominent; it’s all part of search engine optimization that everyone is always talking about. It’s imperative that your name, address, and phone number, or NAP, are exactly the same in spelling and format every place it appears on the web; from Bing, Google Maps, Yahoo, and near me searches to contractor review sites and your website.

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Creating and fixing NAP consistency is extremely important, especially for local search engine optimization. Not to mention customer sanity when they are trying to find you because search engines rely on consistency in your listings when collecting and disseminating data. Utilizing these tips will ensure that when it comes to your NAP, you have got it right!


Company Name Consistency

The full name of your business needs to stay consistent. If you started as Jay&Jay’s Plumbing but have evolved into J&J’s in some friendlier or hyper-local circles, then you could be presenting a problem for your future customers. If your business is listed as J&J’s on platforms like Google Business, or anywhere online, then you may miss out on potential leads because not only are your potential customers confused, so is Google! Maintain a precise consistency across the board. Compare old listings with new and get on the same page!

Get Your Address Down To A Science

Your address has to be exactly the same, every time! Stick to one way of writing it on social media pages, on your contractor website, on contractor review websites, on local business listings, in email blasts, etc. If you spell out the word Street, always do it! If you always use NW, then don’t have Northwest on your Google Business listing but not on others. 

Phone Numbers: To Hyphenate Or Not To Hyphenate?

 The way you record your phone number is just the same way for business listings, online directories, social media, the website, and anywhere you show up on the web (and carry it over to your print media and publications). Whether you use  308-444-4444 or (308)444-4444 or 308.444.4444 doesn’t matter, all that matters is that you format it the same way whenever and wherever you list it!

TIP: Go to a Local Visibility System to check a variety of commonly used listing sites utilized by local customers. Check to see that your business shows up, and make sure that your listings (your NAPs) are consistently formatted.  Keep a list of all the directories you’re listed in so that you can change any of your NAP information if you should change addresses, etc.

Your Website Appearance Matters

You also need to be consistent in how you list the URL for your website. If you list it with the http:// then always list it in that format. For example, if you go with www.Jays&Jay’, then you always have to list it the same way, not Jay&Jay’ or http://Jay&Jay’sPlumbersOnCall.

You also need to prominently display your NAP in the header of your landing page, and it also needs to be presented in the footer! Likewise, make sure that it is in a text format instead of an image because Google needs NAP in text format. It is not only crucial to your customers who often go to your website for just such information but having your NAP in those prominent places is imperative to your Search Engine Optimization. When a potential customer Googles, “Gutter repair and replacement in Grand Rapids, Michigan,” you want your business to show up!  Google and other search engines will utilize the NAP information/data from your website to determine which sites they will show in geography-directed searches.

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