Tips To Create An Effective Call-To-Action

Creating An Effective CTA

If you’re investing in marketing, you want to see results. Between your social media marketing to more traditional forms such as fliers and business cards, you want the person reading to become a lead which can eventually turn into revenue.

A call-to-action is very important to have in any of your marketing materials. It’s important to develop ones that work for you and your business. See a few helpful tips for creating a great call to action and generate more leads.

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What Is A CTA

What Is A Call-To-Action?

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, a call-to-action can seem intimidating. But, they truly are a part of everyday life. Think of the last TV commercial you saw. You may have noticed at the end, it instructed you to “call now.” Or, consider an online advertisement. Did it advise you to “click for more?” The more you look, the more you’ll find that you see many calls to action throughout your day.

Sometimes abbreviated as CTA, a call-to-action is a statement that gets a user or viewer to take a directed step towards a product or service. A great call-to-action can be the way to generate more leads.

What Makes A Call-To-Action Work?

You might be wondering if including a CTA actually works? Having clear direction can help a customer locate and contact your business. A compelling CTA provides that. Much like asking for reviews, a direct ask can be successful in your lead generation and marketing efforts. Today, having a CTA included with digital marketing platforms, like email and social, is more important than ever because a user can click and get connected instantly. Here are a few tips as you start thinking of what CTAs might work for you:

  • Create Urgency
  • Be Direct
  • Personalize It
  • Make It Easy
  • Keep It Short
  • Make it Stand Out

1. Create Urgency

There’s a reason “call now” is said so often in commercials, emails, fliers and more. It’s because it works. Using the word “now” creates a sense of urgency that compels the user to take the directed action. If you’re having a special or discount, you may want to include phrases like “limited time” or “get your free estimate” These phrases are sure to help you generate more leads.

2. Be Direct

While sometimes it’s intimidating to make a direct ask of what you want the customer to do, CTAs make it easy. The customer wants you to make your point and a direct CTA can benefit their time and your success rate. You’ll also want to provide value to what you’re asking them to do, give them a reason to click or call to take the next step!

Personalize CTA

3. Personalize It

Although being direct is important, don’t forget you’re talking to a person. If possible, try to make your CTA more personal by using second person pronouns such as “get your free estimate now.”

If you use email marketing, there are some tools and codes you can use to even insert the recipient’s name into your CTA.

4. Make It Easy

If you’re including a CTA in any digital marketing campaign, make it easy for the user to locate and click as instructed. It’s a good idea to let them know where that button will be taking them once they click your CTA.

For more traditional marketing tactics such as fliers or brochures, including an easy, direct CTA can result in more leads. If you want them to call or visit your website, be sure to include that as well as the value of why they’ll be taking that action.

5. Keep It Short

A CTA should sum up exactly what you want the user or reader to do next, quickly and efficiently. That’s why the best CTAs are between two and 10 words. Any more than that and it doesn’t stand out from the rest of your text or it will confuse the user.

Make CTA Stand Out

6. Make It Stand Out

If your CTA is short, it will already stand out from the rest of your text. However, adding color or a background will make it pop even more so as it’s the first thing the eye is drawn to. Put it at either the top or bottom of a page, where the eye will land first and have the context necessary to discover what your business is all about.

Social media pages, email campaigns and websites all have areas where you can include a CTA button.


Having a great CTA can mean more leads your way. Use these tips to improve the ones you already have or create new ones to see if it boosts your revenue. Either way, you’re sure to see results with a great CTA.

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