Unique Business Card Ideas That Will Help You Stand Out

As a contractor, how do you make a great first impression? While showing up on time and providing great customer service is important, a business card will help ensure that you’re memorable.

But handing a potential customer a boring business card will not help you win the job. While they are used for the homeowner to keep your contact information quickly on hand, you don’t want it to blend in with the rest. By staying in line with your company branding, you can create a business card that stands out. Here are a few tips that will impress.

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Why You Need A Business Card

If you don’t have business cards yet, hopefully you’re inspired to do so, as they can make a lasting first impression on the customer to win you the job. A business card represents your brand and the work you do. It helps a customer identify your services and easily contact you if they have questions, concerns, or they are ready to hire!

Having a business card that differentiates you from others is key. After all, if a homeowner is talking to other contractors, you want to have the card that’s distinct from the rest, giving you a better shot at winning the job!

1. Make It Colorful

Most business card options come in a standard black and white. While this is a cheaper option, a pop of color helps your card stand out from the rest. Keep in mind, however, your business card colors should follow your current branding. It’s a good idea to stay away from color combinations that imply holidays, such as red and green, or colors that are hard to read against a certain background, like white and yellow.

2. Add A Photo

If you love the work you do, why not show that to the customer! Becoming more popular with business cards is adding a photo of you or your work to the back of the card. This way, they can easily see the work you do. Some business card companies have settings where you can get different backs on your cards, so you could have various styles of card to hand out. Be sure whatever photo you choose, it represents your best work.

3. Change The Weight

The weight of the card itself could indicate quality. A heavier weight business card is sure to stand out among the rest. While most business cards are 12 pt thickness, printers usually have options up to 34 pt. Of course, this will cost you more to print but is sure to leave a lasting impression with the customer. Look at the options your professional printer has to offer and see what might best fit your brand and budget.

4. Think Outside The Box

When you think of a business card, what do you picture? Likely, a small rectangle with some writing in the center. That’s been the style for many years now, but recent trends show successful businesses are thinking outside of the box, literally. Circle and square cut cards are becoming popular and attract attention away from the standard 3.5” by 2” business card. Custom cuts are also something to consider. You can get business cards in the shape of a tool, like a hammer or a mop, to represent your specific trade. A custom cut business card is sure to be eye-catching for any potential customer.

5. Include A Special

Do you want your business card to not only stand out but get used? Include a special for the recipient! This could include a percentage off a first service or even a way to let them know you provide free estimates. Not only is the potential customer more likely to give you a call, but it has the potential to be shared with friends and neighbors, meaning more business for you!

6. Add Credibility

If you have any licenses, additional trade training or are a part of an organization, this could be something to include on your business card to help you stand out from the rest. This reinforces customer confidence and trust in your work, knowing that you’re going the extra mile in your training.

7. Include A Note

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your business cards personal. If you’ve added a pop of color to the front of your card, it’s perfectly okay to leave the back blank. However, you should fill that extra space with a personal note to encourage them to call or a bit more about your service. It’s a great space to really make an extra impression to hopefully help you win the job!


Business cards are essential for any small business owner, which is why most people have them. However, you need to be sure your business card stands out from the rest. Brainstorm a few ideas that will work best for your company and don’t forget to get creative! Incorporate a few of these ideas and see what works best for your brand.

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