Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

Ways To Improve Your Sales Pitch

Whether you see yourself as a salesperson or not, it’s a major part of any contracting business. To win a lead, you must be prepared to speak with the potential customer about why you are the right person for the job. While not every job is the same, it helps if you practice beforehand.

One tactic that some pros find helpful is developing a sales pitch and becoming familiar with it. Your sales pitch could be just what the customer needs to hear to differentiate you from the competition. If you’re creating a new sales pitch or looking to improve on what you’re currently doing, here are a few tips to help.

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Plan & Rehearse Your Pitch

1. Plan & Rehearse

Whether it’s in person or leaving a voicemail, a great sales pitch starts with proper planning. Write down a short script of what you might say to a potential customer. This should include your name, what you do and why you are the best person for the job. However, this should just be a template. Your sales pitch should be conversational, so practice makes perfect here. Rehearse your sales pitch with a friend and ask for their feedback on how you can improve.

2. Practice Listening Skills

While you may think that your sales pitch involves what you say, a large part of it really involves you listening to the customer and their needs. Good listening skills can help you stand apart from other pros who might not take the time to truly understand the problem and how they can be a part of the solution. Good listening skills include non-verbal signals like eye-contact and repeating back, in your own words, what you understand the problem to be.

3. Ask Questions

While it may not seem like it, asking the right questions is a great way to improve your sales pitch. You’ll need to use your active listening skills to show that you are paying attention as they speak. Ask the right questions to truly get to the heart of the problem. You might even want to ask questions like “what are you looking for in a contractor that can get the job done?” Their answer might help you reassure them that you are the right person for the job.

What Makes You Different

4. Explain What Makes You Different

Within your sales pitch, you’ll want to share with the homeowner what sets you apart from other pros. Do you offer a special guarantee of work? Are there any discounts you give for referrals? Maybe you have a special certification or belong to a trade organization. These are all things that set you apart from other contractors who are trying to win the job.

5. Include Similar Projects

If you’ve been working in your trade for a while, it’s likely you’ve done some work on projects that are similar. When you are explaining to a customer why you are the best for the job, you’ll want to prove it to them during the pitch. Use past examples and photos if possible, to show the customer your success. If you’re a remodeling pro, this might particularly come in handy if a customer is interested in a new look for their kitchen or bathroom. You’ll be able to not just tell them you can do it, but truly demonstrate it.

6. Be Confident

While you might have all the right words to say for your sales pitch, the way you say it matters. Confidence and clear communication are key when talking to a prospective customer. Be sure your tone is assertive yet friendly, so you can express that you understand their problem and can help them find a solution.

Schedule Follow Up

7. Plan A Follow Up

A successful sales pitch always has a strong conclusion. This is where you will prompt the next action such as winning the job or a follow-up call. You will have to be direct here. Instead of leaving it up to the homeowner, plan ahead to see what day you can give them a call. Ask, “I’d love to speak with you further about this. Is Tuesday at 7 PM a good time to call back?” This will help to guarantee another time to speak and give you another chance to land the job.


If you are a small business owner, you must know how to pitch yourself. A well-crafted sales pitch can help you win more jobs and even help in gaining customer loyalty. Practice your current sales pitch and evaluate if it could use a little work. If so, use a few of these tips to help set you apart from other contractors who might be bidding on the same job.

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