Welcome To CraftJack

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So, maybe you’re new to the idea of lead generation and you happened to find CraftJack through a referral or simply from researching how to find more construction leads. However you got here, you’ve come to the right place!

CraftJack is a unique lead generation service that’s here to help you grow your business. Welcome to a network that’s here for you and to see you succeed. There’s a lot to learn about lead generation and the resources now at your fingertips. In this new series, we’ll fill you in on all you need to know.

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What Makes CraftJack Unique?

There are a lot of lead generation sites that can help you succeed, but CraftJack offers unique benefits for our pros. From the account managers that are dedicated to helping you and the benefits, this is what set’s us apart from the rest. We’ve already published some articles you can read on our specific benefits. See more:

1. How To Use CraftJack’s Tools

As you can see above, there are many aspects that set CraftJack apart. In this guide, you’ll be introduced to each of the tools we have that you can take advantage of. One of the best parts of being a CraftJack pro is utilizing the tools to help your business succeed and we’ll show you how.

2. How To Know If CraftJack Is Working For You

It’s true, not every lead generation site will work for everyone. But, it’s important to not write it off too early. We’ll fill you in on how to know if CraftJack is the right lead generation service for you and what you can do to make the most of your leads.

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3. How Your Account Manager Can Help You

One of the best resources CraftJack can offer you is your dedicated account manager. They are here not only help you manage your account but to be here as a support for your business. They are happy to help with business dilemmas and suggest ways you can grow your business. They’re here for you to see you succeed!

4. How To Adjust When The Number Of Estimates Is Not Meeting Your Expectations

It could be the time of year or a decrease in leads, but how do you react when your lead generation service does not meet the expectations you have? We’ll speak with some of our staff on what to do when the number of estimates may not be meeting the expectations you’ve set and what to do if this happens.

5. Where Do CraftJack’s Leads Come From?

Have you ever wondered where CraftJack generates leads from? We have an entire team working to connect you with homeowners in your area. It’s no secret, we’ll fill you in on how homeowners and contractors are connected though CraftJack.

6. Getting Started As A CraftJack Pro

Whether you’re new to lead generation or you’re a seasoned pro, there are a few checkpoints you should hit to be sure you’re making the most of all CraftJack has to offer. The last part of this series will include a step-by-step timeline checklist of all you need to do to be sure you’re making the most of all CraftJack has to offer.


This new series is an exciting way to welcome you into the CraftJack family. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how you can utilize your CraftJack account to grow your business.

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