What To Do When You Don’t Win The Job

What To Do When You Dont Win The Job

We talk a lot about tips to help you win the job and hopefully, you find them useful. But the fact is, you may not win every lead you receive. Of course, you should always approach a lead with your best foot forward, but ultimately, it’s the customer’s decision of who to hire.

This can, of course, be upsetting for anyone. But instead of getting mad, use the situation to learn and grow your business. It can help you to gain even more jobs in the future! Here are a few tips you can use when you don’t win the job.

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Reasons Pros Dont Win The Job

Reflect On Why You Didn’t Win The Job

When it comes to winning the job, there could be other pros vying for the same work. While you never know what other contractors bring to the table, you should be confident in your skills and abilities to do the job as best as possible.

But for many other reasons, someone else can win the job. As frustrating as this can be, you should take the time and learn from the experience. Here are a few areas you might want to look at when you’re evaluating the situation:

  • Did you have great sales tactics?
  • Did you give the homeowner a follow-up call?
  • Did you give an accurate and professional estimate?
  • Did you show up on time?
  • Have you updated your website and social accounts?

Look At The Big Picture

You can turn a seemingly negative situation, like losing a job, into a positive one for your business, simply by taking time to reflect.

A great starting point is to first look at the jobs you’ve won. As a successful contractor, it’s likely that you’ve won more jobs than you’ve lost. Keep your focus on the big picture. What went well in those situations and what may have changed this time?

Work On Your Sales Techniques

As a contractor, you have to be an expert not just in your specific trade, but other areas of business as well. Becoming a salesman for your own work is important. When you’re interacting with a customer in person or over the phone, you’ll want to make sure you have your sales pitch down. Sharing your expertise and sounding confident is key. Read 5 Sales Tips That Will Help Win The Job to learn how you can improve.

Follow Up Calling

Improve Your Follow-Up Call

Calling the homeowner is important. Calling the homeowner quickly and following up can make the difference between winning and losing the job. It’s a good idea to take detailed notes and keep track of how often you call a lead. You’ll certainly want to try calling more than once and set a specific time to follow-up with them if you’re able to reach the homeowner. Want to learn more about improving these skills? Read The Art Of The Follow-Up Call for more tips.

Consider Your Presentation

It’s true, presentation matters as a professional. This not only goes for how you present yourself but what’s presented. Often, if you’re giving an estimate, you’ll want to make sure everything is accurate and proofread. Not to mention, all should look great with your logo and contact information on top. You can use various project calculators to help you accurately estimate the costs, which is what many customers are looking for.

However, how you present yourself to the homeowner says a lot about your business. Showing up on time as scheduled is a big part of this, not to mention wearing clean clothing, likely with your company’s logo on it. If you feel like this is one area you need to work on, read 10 Contractor Etiquette Tips To Help You Win More Jobs.

Improve Your Online Presence

Think About Your Online Presence

Homeowners now have access to your company info with just a few clicks. Have you reviewed what your business looks like online? Having an online presence and maintaining it can really help boost the impression a customer has and can make them more likely to hire you for the job. You may also want to check out what the competition is doing to see where you can improve.

If you haven’t yet, investing time into creating your own website and social media accounts can really differentiate you from other businesses. It’s a great way for a customer to learn more about your work and connect with you.

You may also want to take a look at what customers are saying about your business online. While a positive review can go a long way, negative reviews can hurt your business. Take time to respond to each review appropriately. Responding to negative reviews can be difficult, but doing it well can turn the situation around and benefit your business. Learn how to handle and respond to negative reviews in this video.

Ask The Homeowner

Sometimes, one of the best things you can do to improve your business is to simply ask the homeowner why you didn’t win the job. While you should still reflect yourself, asking them can help you to easily identify the areas you need to spend more time improving to win the job next time.


Losing a job is a disappointment. But you can turn a negative situation into a positive one by evaluating your business and what you could have done differently. Hopefully, by taking some time to reflect, you can improve and win even more jobs in the future.

Looking for more tips to help you win more jobs in your area? Read Sales Presentation Matters: Little Touches That Will Help You Win The Job.