What To Include In Your Cleaning Estimate

What To Include In Your Cleaning Estimate | Cleaning Bid

There are many skills and tactics you need to utilize when you’re bidding for a cleaning job. Sales skills are essential to show why you’re the right choice for the job. Superior communication with the potential client helps them to really understand more about your work. Preparing a perfect cleaning estimate is the final touch to show them just what they can expect from your work.

Preparing an estimate is so much more than just the final cost of the project. It helps to set expectations and understanding of all factors within a job, so when the work is complete, both parties are satisfied. If you’re a cleaning pro, follow these estimate preparation tips to help win the job.

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See the Job in Person

Before putting pen to paper, always go see the job in person. While this may call for an extra investment of your time, the customer will appreciate the extra attention. You’re also able to see the area that needs your services for evaluation.

A customer can give you an approximation of what they think they need for the job, but they may not know if the work takes specific products or permits to complete. You’re the expert who can guide them in the right direction to accomplish the task the right way. Take note of room size, materials needed, type of cleaning project and any special care required to include in your estimate during your walk-through.

Contact Information

A customer must have a way to easily reference how to reach you, especially if they want to hire you for the job! At the top of your estimate, be sure to include your contact information so the customer can easily reach out if they have any other questions. Never send an estimate without your contact information prominently displayed on the estimate itself or with a business card attached.

Include Special Requests And Products

Payment Schedule & Specifications

Establish your specifications for payment upfront. If it’s a one-time cleaning project, like post-construction cleaning or move-out cleaning, determine when and how payment will be made and communicate to the customer so they are aware. If it’s a regular job like housekeeping, determine a schedule of payment that is agreed upon. Having a clear understanding of payment deadlines will be helpful to both parties upon completion and will ensure you’re paid for a job well done.

Customer Information

You may be surprised to learn that including customer information in an estimate could help you win the job. This communicates to the customer that the cleaning estimate you have prepared is custom to their individual project and not a standard form you send to everyone. Customers appreciate knowing that you have taken time and thought into planning accordingly.

Project Plan & Description

In many cases, the vital information a potential customer is looking for is the plan and costs for their project. Therefore, it’s important to thoroughly describe the work that needs to be done and organize the costs for the project as line items. You may think including a description of the cleaning project is redundant if you have already discussed with the customer, however, writing it in the estimate establishes that you and the customer have communicated clearly about the expectations for the project. If the customer reads the description and sees something that isn’t what they understood, it can easily be addressed before the job begins.

For regular cleaning and housekeeping jobs, be sure to include the schedule of items that will be done, such as trash taken out daily and floors mopped weekly.

Next, you’ll need to properly communicate the costs to the customer. Try to include as much detail as possible such as labor, special cleaning solutions and equipment. Leave room for any miscellaneous items that may need to be accounted for as the job begins.

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Permits & Special Requests

Some cleaning jobs, like post-construction clean up, may require permits or attention to detail for removal or materials. Be sure to include line items for dumpsters, containers or rental equipment. Additionally, include any permits that may be needed for the job as well, as the customer may not already be aware of this.

If the customer has asked for a specific request, like environmentally-friendly cleaners or product, be sure to include the cost of those as well if you’re able to accommodate.

Insurance & Licenses

Typically, cleaning pros do not need to be licensed by trade, but business licenses are often needed depending on city regulations. In addition, having insurance is extremely important if something is damaged during the job. Customers will appreciate seeing any licenses and insurance you have, noted in their estimate as added credibility to your name.

Guarantee of Work

A part of your estimate that will really differentiate you from the completion is a guarantee of work. This should be established prior to the estimate as a part of your business plan. By including your guarantee, you’re assuring the customer the work will be done to the best of your ability and to desired standards.


When preparing a cleaning estimate, it’s important to include as much detail as possible, not only to communicate properly to your customer, but also differentiate yourself from the competition. With these tips, you can be sure to include a great estimate that will help you win the job.

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