What Your Customers Are Looking For In A Contractor

What Customers Are Looking For In A Contractor

Do you ever wonder what matters most to your customers? While the completed work is one of the most important parts, there are plenty of other factors that are important when it comes to a customer choosing the right contractor for their home project.

From a fair price to professional demeanor, customers are paying attention to a lot more than you might think. See a few things customers notice when looking for the right contractor for the job.

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Great Contractor Traits

Great Contractor Traits

The way you carry yourself is a big part of your business. While your work matters, the way you present yourself and your business also is a big part of not just winning one job but getting referrals for many jobs ahead. Here are a few areas you should focus on that customers look for in their contractor:

  • Timeliness
  • Quality of Work
  • Responsiveness
  • Honesty
  • Expertise
  • Cost
  • Friendliness

1. Timeliness

When you get a new lead, homeowners want to hear from you quickly. It also increases your chance of winning the job. We believe that timeliness is an important trait to have when you want to win the job, so CraftJack encourages you to call leads when you receive them.

Timeliness doesn’t stop at just contacting leads. Don’t forget to show up on time to provide an estimate and for the job itself. They’ll notice if you don’t show up on time and it could leave a lasting impression on your business.

Quality Of Work

2. Quality Of Work

Of course, the quality of your work is highly important. Not just the quality of work you do on the customer’s home, that could increase repeat business, but also the projects in your portfolio. Make sure when you’re picking out what you’d like to feature, that you’re choosing the work you’re most proud of. It will show. Having a quality website and photos will also help reinforce your professionalism and impress your potential customer.

3. Responsiveness

Customers can reach out at any time through various mediums such as email, text, phone call or even Facebook messenger. Don’t delay on responding back to these messages, a quick response will impress them and they’ll likely give you another call when they need a project done.

4. Honesty

When you’re meeting a customer, honesty is one of the first things they look for. They have fears about their home and where their money is going. One of your jobs is to relieve these fears with your honesty. Be respectful and don’t fib about how the problem can be fixed or the cost of the project. Try to provide the most accurate estimate possible.

Contractor Expertise

5. Expertise

If you’re a pro, you likely have knowledge in a very specialized subject. Don’t be afraid to share this information with prospective customers who might be curious about their home. Giving advice or even different solutions to fix a problem not only helps the customer, but it increases their trust in you as someone who knows what they are talking about.

6. Cost

Of course, cost is a factor when it comes to who customers will hire for their project. Much like building that trust, you’ll want to be fair and honest in your pricing. Let them know, with line items in your estimate, exactly where their money is going. If they have any questions, kindly explain so they better understand. It will be helpful in the long-run and even increase your chances of getting hired again based on your fair cost.

7. Friendliness

Customers won’t hire a contractor they don’t feel comfortable with. They’re looking for someone not only who they trust, but who they feel comfortable enough letting into their home. And since the home is such a private space, you’ll want to make sure you’re as friendly as possible. Ask them how they are and more questions about the issue to get a better sense of what’s actually going on and how you can best help them. A little bit of friendliness goes a long way!


Think about these qualities and evaluate if there’s any areas you can improve. Keep these in mind the next time you’re meeting with a prospective customer, because it will be what they’re looking for in their next hire!

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