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What Our Contractors Are Saying

“Quality leads.”

- Tim Keith, CertaPro of Madison County

“Quality leads and no hassle credits.”

- Karen Beodray, 360 Painting of Cleveland

“One of the better online lead services.”

- Leo Sguera, Sure-Lok Homes

“Great company, great leads, fair prices.”

- Krisha LeClear, Long Island Handyman

“Quick response time and excellent job leads.”

- Mike Davidson, LLS Contracting, LLC

“Easy to use and nice ROI report.”

- Matt Harris, Oak Plumbing

“Excellent value for the investment. I've seen a huge return on my initial investment and highly recommend them. Local leads, responsive customer service.”

- Brendon Suraco, Clear Fork Services LLC

“CraftJack is my favorite lead service. Their leads are more accurate, and I close more of theirs than anyone else's. They don’t over charge, which is the best part.”

- Jennie Schmidt, Project Home Care

“Just started with CraftJack and already like the experience with them and their customer leads, thank you CraftJack. I’m looking forward to our new relationship together.”

- Troy Muncrief, ASAP Tree Service

“It's easy communicating with the account manager and while we're in pause mode we've still acquired some very productive hot leads.”

- Lisa A. Brown, LJB Painting INC & Home Restoration

We've Brought over 3,804,000 Leads to Our Pros

  • “Representative was very informative and touched all bases.”

    - Christopher M, 3CM

  • “Easy to train how to use and easy to use! What more could I ask for?”

    - Daniel K, Construction Solutions

  • “Excellent service.”

    - Jo G, Property Renovations and Construction

Find Carpenter Leads In These Categories

Install, Restore, Repair & Build:

  • Arbor, Pergola or Trellis
  • Carpentry Framing
  • Closets
  • Exterior Shutters
  • Gazebo or Freestanding Porch
  • Greenhouses
  • Trim & Decorative Moldings
  • Metal Ceiling Covers
  • Sheds, Barns or Playhouses
  • Steel Beams (Structural)
  • Windows
  • Window Frames
  • Wood Stairs & Railings

Carpentry Lead Pricing

CraftJack generates and finds its own carpenter jobs and brings them to you in real-time! As such, you can contact your carpenter leads within minutes of them submitting their project information.

CraftJack's carpentry job leads cost between $8 and $96 per lead.* The lead price fluctuates based on the service you sign up for and how quickly you call the lead. CraftJack will never sell the same lead to more than four carpenters. To learn more about CraftJack's pricing, fill out the form above, or give us a call at 866-332-7134.

What Makes CraftJack's Home Carpenter Leads Unique?

CraftJack is unlike any other lead generation company. We offer special discounts for calling quickly, assign each and every carpenter contractor a dedicated account manager, credit carpenters for bad phone numbers and an array of much, much more. All in all, these benefits don’t only decrease your carpenter lead price, but also increase your odds of winning the job.

Lead Quality

Simply put, CraftJack generates and finds quality leads you need. All our leads are verified, meaning we call every one to ensure they are in fact a real person. Ensuring lead quality means all carpenter contractors have the best odds of turning that lead into a job. Sadly, the same checks and balances do not occur with other lead generation companies.

Commercial Leads

Since our inception in 2011, CraftJack has solely focused on residential leads. While the residential home improvement market continues to grow, so too does the commercial market. Therefore, CraftJack decided the time was right to start offering commercial leads across every one of our service categories, including carpentry.

If you do not work on commercial projects, you are of course free to sign up for only residential carpenter leads.

Dedicated Account Managers

We assign every CraftJack contractor a dedicated account manager. That means every time you call CraftJack, you’ll talk to your account manager who knows your account, knows your schedule and knows what tips and tricks you can utilize to close more carpenter jobs.

If you choose a larger lead generation company, do not expect dedicated account managers. You’ll most likely talk to a different manager every time you call.

Free Reviews

Homeowners trust other homeowners. As such, when deciding between multiple carpenters, they will always look at your reviews. Fortunately, all CraftJack carpenters can receive free reviews.

Once you receive a lead, you can request a review in CraftJack Lead Manager. Once you do, an email will be sent to that homeowner instantaneously. If they oblige, that review will show up on your profile and hopefully, encourage future homeowners to choose you over another local carpenter.

Terrific Credit Policy & Credit Request Process

Despite elite technology, bad phone numbers can fall through the cracks. If you receive a lead with a fake number or end up talking to a renter, we will credit you back for that individual lead. In fact, you can even request a credit via your CraftJack profile without ever calling your account manager.

How Does CraftJack Find Your Quality Carpenter Leads?

CraftJack operates the website Local Carpenter Quotes, where homeowners are able to submit their project information and get matched with contractors in their area that are signed up for the specific service they need. As a CraftJack contractor, you should never receive a lead for a service you do not provide or a lead outside your service area.

To see how the entire process takes place, please watch the video below:



The cost of each lead depends on the size of the project and the service area in which it originates. We will never ask for monthly subscription fees or make you pay to sign up, so all there is to worry about is the price for each lead you choose. Because you can customize the leads based on specialty and service area, you won’t have to pay for any that don’t meet specific requirements.


We distribute our leads to a maximum of four relevant contractors because homeowners and businesses want to be sure they’re getting a good representation of bids from multiple sources. However, it also means that you won’t be lost in a sea of competitors. You’ll always get a chance to compete fairly for jobs with other companies in your area.


It depends a great deal on the service area you choose and the kinds of tasks you are looking for in that region. Selecting a wider service area and a larger number of specialties means you can expect to receive many more leads than if you keep the focus narrow.


Even with today’s technology, it is still possible for a bad lead to slip through the cracks and find its way to you. We understand that this can be a big waste of your time and resources, which is why we strive to verify each and every user who submits a project through our website. However, in the event that a bogus lead does get to you, we make it easy to get a credit for it. Just log into Lead Manager and click the “request credit” button to allocate the funds toward another lead in the future.


Whether you are expanding to a new territory or offering additional capabilities, we make it easy to get new leads that reflect these changes. Just log into Lead Manager and make those adjustments to your profile. We will make sure that the leads we send fit with what you do and where you work. This includes commercial and residential jobs.


Not only do we provide some of the highest-quality leads found anywhere, we also make your job easier. If you are ready to learn how our services can further your business, get in touch with us or sign up for an account today. We will be more than happy to show you what makes us a leader in this industry.

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