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“Quality leads.”

- Tim Keith, CertaPro of Madison County

“Quality leads and no hassle credits.”

- Karen Beodray, 360 Painting of Cleveland

“One of the better online lead services.”

- Leo Sguera, Sure-Lok Homes

“Great company, great leads, fair prices.”

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- Brendon Suraco, Clear Fork Services LLC

“CraftJack is my favorite lead service. Their leads are more accurate, and I close more of theirs than anyone else's. They don’t over charge, which is the best part.”

- Jennie Schmidt, Project Home Care

“Just started with CraftJack and already like the experience with them and their customer leads, thank you CraftJack. I’m looking forward to our new relationship together.”

- Troy Muncrief, ASAP Tree Service

“It's easy communicating with the account manager and while we're in pause mode we've still acquired some very productive hot leads.”

- Lisa A. Brown, LJB Painting INC & Home Restoration

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Find Disability Service Leads In These Categories:

  • Disability Planner
  • Disability Ramps - Build
  • Disability Ramps - Repair
  • Disability Retrofit
  • Remodel to Accommodate a Disability


If you install or repair ramps, alter sidewalks to accommodate the disabled or focus on other accessibility projects, CraftJack can help you find leads. We bring leads to you in real time so you can contact them within minutes of them submitting their information.

CraftJack’s disability leads cost between $8 and $75 per lead.* These prices can change based on the type of services you register for as well as how quickly you contact them. We never sell the same lead to more than four professional contractors serving the same field. If you want to learn more about our pricing and services, complete the form above or call us at 866-332-7134.


We stand apart from any other lead generation company serving professional contractors. We provide discounts for calling quickly, dedicated account managers for every pro as well as credit you for bad phone numbers and much more. The benefits we provide do more than save you money. They also help you win the job more effectively and increase your bottom line.


Whatever market you serve, the key to effective lead generation is speed. The quicker you are to reach out to a homeowner or business that needs wheelchair ramps or paving for handicapped parking spaces, the better the odds are that you may win the job. This is why we’ve instituted our speed-to-call discount. When one calls a lead within 30 minutes of receiving it, he or she gets a 20% discount on that lead. You save money and also put yourself in a better position to get more work. As of July 2020, our contractors have saved themselves more than $5 million by taking advantage of this.

The numbers back this up, as well. Contractors who respond to leads within a minute of receiving them can improve their conversion rates by as much as 391%. On top of that, more than 88% of all converted leads are contacted within the first 24 hours. This proves that speed is crucial for your business, and we’re the only lead generation company that provides this type of incentive to make the call as quickly as possible.


We’ve been providing contractors with quality residential leads since 2011. Since that time, however, we’ve seen the commercial market grow significantly. That is why we began offering commercial leads for every one of our service categories, including disability and accessibility services. If your company doesn’t serve commercial clients, that’s no problem – you still can enroll to receive only residential leads.


When we partner together, you’ll receive a dedicated account manager. This means whenever you call us, you’ll be working with the same person every time. The account manager will know your customer base, schedule, and any tricks you can use to attract more work. On the other hand, pros could register with a larger lead generation company and be bounced around from person to person every time they look for help.


Homeowners and businesses trust each other when it comes to recommendations for contractors. This is why we provide free reviews from your customers. Once a lead is obtained, you can request a review through your CraftJack Lead Manager. Then, your customer will receive an instant request for a review via email. If the patron agrees, his or her review will appear on your profile page and encourage others to hire you for their projects.


A bad phone number may crop up time and again, despite everyone’s best efforts. Fortunately, if a number you get from a lead is wrong or connects you with a renter, we will make sure you don’t lose any money over it. We will credit your account for any fake number that’s received. Just request it from the account manager or through your CraftJack profile.


We operate websites such as ImproveNet that provide interested property and business owners with tips and information about accessibility projects. Then, if they’re interested in pursuing such a job further, they can complete a form with their information. We only connect contractors to leads that are of interest to them. You’ll never receive a lead from outside the service area or for work you don’t perform.

To see how the entire process takes place, see the video below:


Now that you know what we can office, why not get in touch with us as soon as possible?  Complete the form above to start getting disability leads that can make a real difference for your company.

If you have questions at any point, give us a call at 866-332-7134.

*Prices are subject to change.

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